Conditional Logic

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Conditional logic can be used to conditionally show/hide fields or sections of your form based on information added or selected in previous fields.

How to Use Conditional Logic

Conditional logic can be added to individual fields in their “Field Options”. Click the “Use Conditional Logic” link to add conditions. You can conditionally show or hide a field if any or all of several criteria are met. Click the “+” button to add more conditional logic, then update your form. To hide or show a section of your form, add a Section Heading field which uses conditional logic. All the fields under this heading will hide or show with the heading. For a demonstration video, see the video at the bottom of this page.

Conditionally Display Sets of Fields

If you would like to give your user the option of filling out an identical set of fields multiple times, such as a competition registration form where multiple people can be registered with one entry, follow these instructions to set this up.

  1. Add a dropdown field for selecting the number of sets to show. The options for this field would simply be numbers: 1, 2, 3, etc. For this example, it will be called “Number of applicants”.
  2. Add a Section Heading field followed by a field for each piece of information you would like to collect. For a competition registration, you would put a Section Heading field, then a name field, email field, etc.
  3. Use the duplicate icon duplicate-1 in the upper-right of each of your new fields to create another set of fields. Continue duplicating each field until you have the number of sets that you need. For example, if your user can select up to five options from your dropdown created in step one, you need create five sets of fields.
  4. Add conditional logic to each of the Section Heading fields.
    1. Conditional logic settings for Section Heading 1:
      If you want your first section to always be visible, do not use any conditional logic for this heading.
    2. Conditional logic settings for Section Heading 2:
    3. Conditional logic settings for Section Heading 3:
  5. Repeat this process for however many sets you have.
  6. At the end of your last set of information, you need to add a Section Heading field. This prevents any remaining fields in your form from being conditionally shown/hidden with your final information set. You can set the label position of this heading to “none” to prevent it from showing in your form