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Build Beautiful WordPress Forms - Fast
Build Beautiful WordPress Forms – Fast
With drag-and-drop form building, simple layout classes, and visual styling, you can create completely custom forms in less time than you spend brewing your morning coffee.
Create and Edit Posts
Create and Edit Posts
Allow users to easily create posts, pages, and custom posts types with your forms. Formidable Pro makes it simple for users to manage and edit their posts from the front-end of your site.
Display Collected Data
Display Collected Data
Display entries from Formidable forms in a completely customizable way. Flexibly integrate with any other WordPress plug-in that uses shortcodes in pages or posts without the use of WordPress custom fields. See a few demos.
Edit Entries and Save Drafts
Edit Entries and Save Drafts
Allow logged-in users to save drafts and edit their own entries, or even edit those submitted by others without seeing the admin area. You can optionally allow responses only from users who are logged-in.
Built-in Visual Form Styler
Built-in Visual Form Styler
Create beautiful forms without any coding knowledge. A few clicks of the mouse and voila: a gorgeous custom-styled and colored form.
Formidable Pro comes with many addons including Paypal, Math Captcha, Registration, Twilio, and MailChimp. Integration with hundreds of other services can also be accomplished with our Zapier addon.
Outstanding Support
Outstanding Support
Formidable Pro is supported by real people who provide high quality and timely service. We have a fantastic help desk where you can search previous posts or ask new questions in public or private.
Lifetime Updates
Lifetime Updates
If you purchase Formidable Pro today, that not only gets you the latest version but all future updates free. New features are constantly being added to the plugin.
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
30-Day Money Back Guarantee
We want you to be fully satisfied with our product. If you are not 100% satisfied within the first 30 days of your purchase, you may receive a full refund.

More Features


Formidable Pro offers many shortcodes, or shortcuts, which can be used to easily accomplish a variety of tasks. These shortcodes can do anything from providing an edit link to calculating a statistic from your form entries.

Plugin Hooks and Customizable HTML

As a developer, you can freely customize the plugin without editing the source code. Use the Formidable Pro hooks for your custom code and customize your form HTML from the WordPress admin.

Powerful Form Fields

Generate multi-paged forms, add collapsible sections, populate field options with entries from another form, upload files to the location you specify, and include fields with validation for phone, email, or website/URL.

Conditionally Hide & Show Fields

Hide and show fields conditionally based on input in other fields. If using a dynamically populated drop-down, radio buttons, or check boxes, data from the selected entry can be fetched and displayed with AJAX.

Customizable Form Layout

Easily customize the layout of your form using Formidable’s CSS and layout classes. Simply add the desired class to the individual field options.

Built-in Calculations

Easily perform calculations in a form based on user input. A statistics shortcode is also provided to help you calculate totals, averages, and several other customizable options without any coding knowledge.

Automatic Updates

Download, upgrade, and update from your WordPress admin. With Formidable Pro, there is no need to upload anything via FTP.

Dynamically Populated Fields

Enter a default value into form fields, with the option of using specified shortcodes to dynamically populate the default form data. Automatically fill form fields with data posted from another form or from variables in your URL.

Flexible Data Collection

Gather data from your Formidable forms in a variety of locations: your WordPress admin, via a direct link with or without integration with your current theme, or a page, post, or widget on your site.

Up-to-date Documentation

Maximize Formidable Pro by checking out the Knowledge Base where you can learn many helpful tips and tricks. The documentation is well-maintained and changes with every update.

Graphical Reports

View graphical reports for at-a-glance reporting for each field in your form, as well as a chart of daily submissions. Present your users with graphs from their entries in a survey or poll.

Email Notifications

Send email notifications and autoresponders when a form is submitted. Use conditional logic to route emails to different departments depending on a selection in the form.