Remove form styling programmatically

Hi, I know there’s a setting to enable and disable formidable styling, but is there a hook or a way to do this programmatically?  Based on certain situations I want to disable formidable styling. Thanks, Corey

How to “Style” the Formidable Buttons

I am using the Cyberchimp “Responsive Mobile” Theme and it is working just fine although I have not “stress tested” it with Formidable. I am also using for my Buttons. So a typical “shortcode-ultimate” button on all the Pages I have so far created is backed as follows: e.g. [su_button url=”” target=”self” style=”default” background=”#2D89EF” color=”#FFFFFF” […]

Limit on Repeatable Sections for v2.0 (or 2.1)

I think that it would be helpful to be able to set a limit on repeatable sections.  For example, if I wanted to allow a user to list up to 3 references, they could like 0, 1, 2, or 3, but no more than that.  I think this would be helpful for forms when gathering […]

Forms show differently on different browser

Hello We just recently purchased formidable pro script and it is installed on our website. The form we are using is installed at The problem I have is that the form shows correctly, like we did all the css styling through formidable pro back end so it is not any of our own css that […]

Checkboxes Options on Multiple lInes


Hi.  I am creating a checkbox option where customers can select(check) a product or service of interest, but I am having a problem with the text shooting down two or three lines below the selection box(See attachment).  I would like all of the text for each option to be on one line.  Does anyone have any […]

Contest questions – page break styling

Hi, i want to create a simple contest (3 questions with radio button answers, seperated by page breaks). I would like to ask how can i style each question segment (betwen page breaks) differently (for example, i need a different background for each question). Thanks!

How to style “submit” button independently from “next page”

Hi, I have a multi-page form.  I need to track the final “submit” button presses on Google Analytics.  The problem is, the “next page/continue” button is styled/identified identically to the submit button, and I do not see a way to separate them. Is there a way I can give only the submit button a unique […]

Button Text

Hi, I already searched the forums/FAQ with no answer. The main Submit button text doesn’t change if I enter anything other than “Submit” in the General settings. I tried entering “Send Inquiry” but the text stays “Submit”. Also, how do I change the styling of the form name, which shows at top of the form? […]

“Submit” button and how it lines up next to Text field

Screen shot 2014-02-14 at 5.15.35 AM

Hello I have 2 questions regarding styling: 1) How could I arrange the “submit” button to appear to the right of the text input field on a form? 2) How can I change the styling of the submit button itself? I have purchased Formidable Pro and I assume there is the ability to do these […]

Advanced Formidable Styling

I’m not totally sure what you’re asking. Do you want to start a new topic and give a little more specifics? For example what classes are you referring to specifically (I’ll just follow your demo) and what is the “selected item”? If you go to my example at you will see that: .button-left input:checked […]

Can you apply a css class to the <form> tag?

Hi I seem to have worked out ways to style just about everything in my forms to fit with a Bootstrap 3.0 template that I am using, but I can’t work out how I can add a class=”” to the actual <form> tag. This is crucial in Bootstrap for things like inline forms. Is there […]

Changing styling on radio buttons using custom css classes

Hi, I am updating my form styling using ‘Customize HTML’ so that it uses Twitter Bootstrap’s css classes. This has worked well but I can’t seem to get at styling options for individual radio buttons. I’ve looked at but this doesn’t help as my radio buttons are populated by the single line [input] without […]

Styling the drop-down selector arrow


A client wants the drop down selector arrow in the search box to use a custom image. I have found the css class  .with_frm_style select which lets me style the background of the dropdown but I can’t see how or where to style the arrow to the right. I am happy to add a custom […]

creating custom forms


Hi I’m trying to  create a form that looks like the attached  for the  form on this page Ive tried the styling  from but I’ve hd no luck please help as I need to do this asap. Thank you in Advance for any help Regards Jade

Styling select (dropdown) ?

Hello, I find the select default OS styling ugly  (doesn’t matches my with forms style) and there is no way to style this element without heavy tricks or javascript. I was looking on the internet for a good solution for this and I didn’t find something that will be integrated easily. I noticed today that […]