Radio button defaults

I've seen other topics on this. However I cannot remove the default at all as soon as I've added any additional radio buttons and saved the form, the last option is automatically selected. Even if I change to checkboxes, save, remove any default there, save again and then change back to radio buttons, and save […]

Need a better way to default radio buttons to OFF

To reset radio buttons to all OFF... I've read that we need to first change it to checkbox then save and then again to radio button then save again.   This is crazy!   I have lower level techs making changes and they continue to have this problem.  Can you please find an easier way […]

Radio Buttons with Images

I've worked out I can create radio buttons with images by putting the <img /> details in the label field. Now I would like to set the height of the images so that they render nicely - each image will have a slightly different shape....but I want it to look symmetrical? So by setting the […]

Shuffle fields within a radio group

Is it possible to re order/shuffle the fields within a radio group. For example I need to add a new field into a large group within a radio group but it must be in alphabetical order.

Bulk Edit


Hey guys, I was going through a long process of changing the values in my dropdown field and thought it might be nice to have an option for "Bulk Edit Values" for dropdown, checkbox, and radio fields. Cheers

Radio Button selection goes to Next Page?

Hi, I just purchased Formidable Pro and have been poking around, but I've hit a roadblock and would like to see if a certain option is possible. I was wondering if it is possible to have a Radio Button automatically go to the next page when selected, rather than selecting/highlighting the Radio Button, then selecting […]

Conditional Logic Broken (Radio Buttons)

I'm experiencing a conflict with WPMUDEV's Ultimate Facebook plugin. When I activate the Open Graph option, the Conditional Logic breaks. I've tested this with the Twenty Fourteen theme, while turning off all plugins. I was hoping there might be a similar fix as provided in the thread below: Other Items: I have a page […]

Filter hook for $input

Hi guys, I'm in the process of writing css for the forms I've made on a client's site, but I've hit a bit of a snag when it comes to radio boxes: my problem is quite similar to that discussed here, so is really an expansion of that existing thread. Rather than strip out the […]

Remove label tag around checkbox / radio

By default the markup for checkbox or radio groups is: <div id="frm_field_[id]_container" class="frm_form_field form-field [required_class][error_class]"> <label class="frm_primary_label">[field_name] <span class="frm_required">[required_label]</span> </label> <div class="frm_opt_container">[input]</div> [if description]<div class="frm_description">[description]</div>[/if description] [if error]<div class="frm_error">[error]</div>[/if error] </div> [input] outputs: <div class="frm_checkbox" id="frm_checkbox_NNN-0"><label for="field_NNN-0"><input type="checkbox" name="item_meta[NNN][]" id="field_NNN-0" value="yes"> FIELD NAME</label></div> For my CSS styling to work correctly I need to remove the […]

unselect radio default option

I would like there to be no radio button selected by default for my field.  However I accidentally clicked on one of the radios during the edit form and now I can't seem to unselect it to be a blank default.

Labels appearing Under Radio Buttons in Horizonal Mode

I'm sure it's got to be a theme CSS issue, but I can't get the labels to appear to the right of the buttons no matter what I do.    I tried <label>[input opt=1 label=1]</label>... but it still sticks the labels below the buttons instead of along side them.  Someone have any idea what I am […]

How to create multi-dimensional array radio button


I want to create radio button with multi-dimensional array value. How to do it?

Problem with saved value in radio button field

Hi, I have a group of radio buttons where I have selected the 'Use separate values' option and set numeric values. When I use this field in a calculation in another field it works fine, but when I look at the stored values it has the text description from the original Option Label, and likewise […]

Merging form fields for 'other' option

Hi - I currently have a radio button group field, the last radio in the group is for 'Other'.. like so How did you hear about us.. [] Website [] Ad [] Other   Can I somehow attach a text field or textarea field to the 'Other' option so the user can enter their own […]

Score based on values 'right' and 'wrong'

Hi there I created a quiz with formidable pro. The questions are radio button fields with 2 possible answers, which have a separate value 'right' or 'wrong'. At the end of the quiz you get a resultpage where I would like to have a score for the user. I would think that  a simple count […]