Great tool, great support

We've been using Formidable Pro for a while now for both proof of concepts and commercial applications. We've used the actions and filter hooks extensively but we're also using the form creation and editing admin pages for all our forms. All in all, this is a great tool. It does what it is supposed to […]

Top Team!

Just to share with other Forum users how pleased I am that I selected Formidable, and to recognise the top class support that the Strategy11 team deliver. I've had great responses to everything I've raised, even when the issues have been basic errors by this newbie! These guys are patient and positive, they want their product […]

Phenomenal support. Much appreciated.

Formidable is not an easy tool to use for a beginner, but the support from Steph and the rest is excellent.  I'm afraid I'll be using the support heavily until I get the hang of things.  So far they've been very patient with me. Not only are the support comments helpful; the response time is […]

Great product! Wow.

I have only used the product for a couple hours, but so far I am very, very pleased and impressed. The support feels solid as well, given I already received help (and the solution) with one thing I was working on. I really hope you guys continue to develop and create awesome 'front-end' features/uses for […]

Excerpt field

Dear Formidablers, I was just about to ask a question - I must send praise first! By chance I discovered that it is possible to determine the excerpt from a designated field. I had struggled to find a way of displaying excerpts of varying length without changing the post content. Without great success. Now I […]

By Far the Best and most powerful form system for WP

We have been using Formidable for several years now and can say without hesitation that no other form/database add-on for WP comes close. Each year we review other form add-on's for WP and Formidable always comes out on top for the ease of use, power, flexibility and most importantly the support provided by the formidable crew. […]

Great product, great support

First, and to me this is obvious, this is a great product. It makes the few forms I use simple to create and style. Formidable Pro has just the right amount of simplicity and flexibility / power. IMO, this is by far the most important thing. That said, great support is like a cherry on […]

BEST Plugin with support to match

I've been using Formidable for a long time, but only recently did I need to test the boundaries of all its capabilities and only then did I truly appreciate all of the value it can deliver to a WP site that does a lot of heavy lifting in terms working extracting value from form-driven databases. […]

Saved me thousands of dollars!

I have been using a competitor for years... silly me. I was about to engage custom development to build a data retrieval and graphing solution for our site when I stumbled across  Formidable.  Purchased, installed, built my form, graphs... the lot in less than 5 hours.  So simple to use. Thanks! Steve

Auto filling forms

Steve guided me through the operation in a way that made it easy for me to apply his help in additional ways. Thanks, Steve! Jim

This is the best plugin I have purchased.

Just some encouragement because I have asked a few questions in the forum with problems I am trying to solve for myself, not problems with the Plugin and thought it good to make this post as a way to balance things. So here goes. This truly is a great plugin and it gets better and […]


Just wanted to thank you for such an amazing plugin! I spent about 7 hours updating a custom coded registration form yesterday which involved multiple php and css files, which ended-up giving errors. After reading on Gravity Forms and Formidable, I installed Formidable and tried it out. I quickly came back to purchase the Unlimited […]

Awesome Support

Wow! This plugin is simply amazing! aside from wonderful functionalities and capabilities, the support is really awesome, they won't let you stuck.. Stephanie for President!!!

Praise and Solution Suggestions..

Hello, First I think this plugin rocks. It's already greatly simplified a key task for me and has already reduced our workload by 4 hours a month by automating tasks and showing great graphs! I'm hoping to get some feedback or hints on how to use FP even better as I am sure I am […]

Customer Service

Phenomenal customer service support. Great product!