How to update Mailchimp when receiving IPN?

I have a site that collects payments. Lot's of people don't pay on time so I send them emails using MailChimp. After they have paid I need to update Mailchimp so I don't keep chasing them. Here is my flow (that does not work) 1. User submits Formidable form with PayPal action that takes them […]

Mailchimp Addon does not accept auto populated dropdown field

I have a multisite with 7 sites. I autopopulate a drop down field with the name of each site. you can see it here, first field: my code: add_filter('frm_setup_new_fields_vars', 'frm_set_checked', 20, 2); function frm_set_checked($values, $field){ if($field->id == 397){ $blog_list = wp_get_sites(array('offset' => 1)); $values['options'] = array(); foreach ($blog_list as $key => $blog) { switch_to_blog($blog["blog_id"]); […]

Can't create MailChimp notification

Screen Shot 2015-06-18 at 15.17.13

When I'm trying to add a MailChimp form action (using the MC extension), I go through the configuration/field mapping etc and then when I hit 'update', the action disappears as though I never created it in the first place. Anyone else had an issue with this? The site is hosted with WP Engine.

Add multiple subscribers to MailChimp

Hi, when I add three actions that add three different email addresses to MailChimp, only the first appears in the MailChimp list. How can you fix that all three email addresses will be imported as subscribers? I use API key 2.0 and newest versions of Formidable and MailChimp plugin.

How to add mailchimp field?

Hi How can I insert a mailchimp field at the end of the form with a checkbox so users can accept the option? I have tried from form actions, but it seems to be un-available Thanks in advance Antonio

How do I pass the entry_id to Mailchimp

I use the Formidable Mailchimp plug-in to update a list in Mailchimp. I have created a field in Mailchimp called entry_id. I am assuming that the Mailchimp list is updated after the entry is created so the value should be available.  How do I update Mailchimp with the entry_id

MailChimp field mapping - dynamic values

I have a need to expand on MailChimp Merge Vars field mapping and not sure how to get the values I need. A previous question and filter ( frm_mlcmp_subscribe_data ) reference: I'd like to populate the merge_vars: $data['merge_vars']['FORM'] = ''; // get the Title of the Form being submitted... how to derive the Form Title from […]

Separate values and mailchimp sync

How would I be able to send the dropdown item instead of the value itself. Currently when sending entries from the form to mailchimp, the hidden value is sent. This is fine, but is there a way for the other value to be sent?

Formidable Pro & Mailchimp


Hi all, I love the integration with Mailchimp within the Formidble form. I do have one query though. Once the user signs up through the registration form and hits submit, a new subscriber is added to my list. What I'm also trying to achieve is that an email gets sent to that user who's just registered, letting them […]

Mailchimp vs. Formidable required fields?

Hi all If I have a required field in Mailchimp, does that field need to appear on my Formidable form, and does it need to be mapped to Mailchimp in order for the opt-in to work?

More elegant solution sought for additional Mailchimp Groups subscription

I would like users to be able to subscribe to multiple Groups in one of my Mailchimp mailing lists via different forms. This doesn't work with Formidable Pro out-of-the box as subscribers that already exist are not stored per default. In the Mailchimp API the Subscribe(); Method sends important attributes for the Mailchimp subscription. Two of them are […]

Error message displayed on submission of form

Hi there, I have set up an integration of my form with MailChimp.  The information gets sent to MC no worries but each time a weird error message appears at the top of my site which looks like this Warning: session_start(): Cannot send session cache limiter - headers already sent (output started at /home/razordigital/public_html/sample/wp-content/plugins/formidable-mailchimp/controllers/FrmMlcmpAppController.php:66) in /home/razordigital/public_html/sample/wp-content/themes/Divi-2/header.php on […]

Mail Chimp Campaign to Auto Populate Form

I'm trying to figure out how to auto populate the form with user data from an email campaign in Mail Chimp.  In other words the user receives my email from a Mail Chimp campaign, clicks on a link that takes him to a page on my site with the form and it auto populates the […]

Entry ID as merge field for Mailchimp

I have an edit entries link which is sent as part of a mailchimp campaign. I therefore need to be able to send the entry id to mailchimp but because it is not a field there is no option to send it to mailchimp. I was thinking to create a hidden field which would be […]

Mailchimp Integration

Screenshot from 2014-06-18 15:44:12

Hi   I am having trouble with the Mailchimp integration for a form and after submission of the form, nothing is added to my Mailchimp list. The form is a simple Firstname, Lastname & Email and I have followed the instructions in the docs. One of the first things I noticed is that for the email […]