Conditional entry default value

Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to compare two fields and have a third entry state “Yes” if the two entries are equal, or “No” if not. I am also wondering if it is then possible to add up all of some specified entries stating “No” and provide a number in a new […]

Let users with the same role see / edit entries

Hi, I created a simple event-management tool with Formidable Pro and everything seems to work fine so far. The only thing I can’t get to work is that only user which are in the same group / or have the same role (for example: Contributor) can edit and view the events. Example: Entry A created […]

max entries per export or delete

I don’t have any entries yet since I am still setting things up to test with but I’m curious as to how many entries you can export or delete in one operation? I would assume it’s limited by how many entries will show on one page, is that correct? I would like to be able […]

Cannot view entries from a form

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 7.42.01 AM

I have a form that shows it has 73 entries. When I click to view them, it shows there are 4 pages of entires, but all are showing the “You don’t have any entries in this form” message. (View Attached Screenshot) Only other plugins are WordFence Security and InifiniteWP, both of which I temporary disabled […]

Summing to shortcode counts

I have one form that has entries for all users and current user.  I want to show a count of all other users entries only.  So I basically need to do some simple math. – But that doesn’t seem to work.  It just shows 16-15, when I want it to show 1.  Am I missing […]

Recover missed entries by upgrading?

My client was using an SMTP relay to fire off emails with the free plugin version. That relay went down and many form submissions got missed. Will he be able to view the missed entries by upgrading to Formidable Pro?

In place edit and Ajax

PRO: Switch the cancel link to edit link after a form is submitted with in-place-edit and ajax So after the v1.07 update I seen that there is now in place editing available with ajax? How does this actually work and how do I enable it? Is it possible to in place edit/update fields of entries […]


Am I understanding that I cannot access any of my entries with the Lite version?  This is a bit misleading…does not say that anywhere in the Lite version…would have been nice to know ahead of time.

Can I acces my old entries if I upgrade to pro version

Hi ! I use the free version of formidable and I’d like to acces all my entries. If I upgrade, will I be able to acces the old entries ? Thank you !

Querying form entries

Hi there, Is it possible to query the entries for a form programatically?  I’d like to be able to fetch… Details of all the entries made Details of a particular entry based on it’s ID (which I’d get from the last query)

Customising the admin area entry details page

Hi there, I would like to be able to add an action button to the bottom of the Entry Details page, so that I can build a way of only converting certain entries to posts.  Is this possible at all? I’ll raise a separate post for how to query the entries data

Example: DataTables – display a table of a form’s entries

  Challenge – Displaying a sortable, searchable table of a form’s entries Solution: Use DataTables jquery plugin WP Plugins required: None Optional: TablePress (TablePress is not used in this solution but there is one change to this setup if TablePress is installed) Primary limitations: There is a conflict between using the nowrap parameter with […]

Import Entries from the front end?

Is there a way to do this? I see that it can be done from the back end but I couldn’t find anything about importing entries from the front end.

Restrict Form Access to Form Author

Hi and thanks for an awesome plugin. We have an office environment where multiple different people may need to create forms. But some form’s entries are confidential and the user would like their information to be restricted. So what I need it to restrict access to the form based on who created it or by […]

limit logged-in users to a limited number of entries per day works only if user logout

Hello, as referenced in i use the code snippet to limit logged-in users to a limited number of entries per day (specifically 2). I noticed that recently (maybe from when i have updated the plugin version) it doesn’t work well. If a user login and the submit a form he can do any number of […]