Entries not displayed using the Views Shortcode


I purchased and installed Formidable today. I want to use it for my clients to leave a testimonial on my web site. I have created a Form called Test and created 4 entries. I want to show these entries on a web page, so I created a view called Test View and put the shortcode […]

Max exported entries?

I am trying to export/download the CSV file for a form that has around 51,000 entries. However, when it downloads it only reached around 4MB and then stops. So I only end up with around 21,000 entries in the CSV file. Is there some kind of limit that is being reached?  

tutorial on viewing form entries

I just posted a tutorial on my blog about looking at entries on the backend of a website. It is a recurring issue, though I don’t caused by Formidable, that email notifications of form submissions often are not received as intended. Particularly if the recipient has a yahoo.com or aol.com email address. Here’s the link: http://goatcloud.com/2015/05/07/formidable-pro-how-to-view-form-submission-entries/

Entries disappearing back end, but visible in front end

For months Formidable worked fine. Just this week I’ve encountered an issue: when I log into the back-end, I cannot see any of the previous 900 entries I had listed. The result on the entries page is: “No items found.” The strange thing is that all entries are appearing without a problem on the front end. […]

Is there a way to list previous entries by title?

Is there a way to list a user’s previous form entries by title instead of date?  I used the following shortcode to create a drop down list.  The problem is the list is shown as dates instead of form titles.

Search Entries from your form

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 16.39.45

Hi, I have created a main form which is fine which is displayed and your can fill out the form and it saves. GREAT. I have also created a view for that form so it list all entries on that page. AWESOME. I have now set up and created a search form for me to […]

ENTRIES – default Form to show in Admin area

Is there an easy way to specify which Form of several shows in the Admin “Entries” area as default? I have three forms defined, only 1 active and I want that to come up as primary view, rather than having to select it from the drop-down. Can’t find reference to this in documentation. Regards Stuart

All entries for all forms arrive in Spam

Hello As explained in the title, all entries, no matter if I install Formidable Pro in different wordpress sites (which I have) arrive in my spam folder. Help please. Thank you Ben

How can I choose where the entries are displayed ?

Capture d’écran 2015-01-17 à 12.14.18

Hi ! I am creating a website on which users can share tutorials. I am using formidable pro forms so they can submit their tutorials. However I’d like those tutorials to be directly published on the website, not just to be submitted as “entries” . How can I do this ? Also, I want the […]

Data From Entries Dropdown Selection Then Populates an HTML Field?

Hi,   I was wondering if it is possible to retrieve “Data From Entries” in a dropdown and then display some correlating data below in an HTML field once a selection was made. For example, another form would have values entered for Show Name, Show URL, and Show Info. A separate form would display a […]

Entries list with drafts

Hi I’m trying to create a list of entries for the logged in user which includes both submitted entries and drafts. I’ve tried both , which only shows submitted entries, and , which shows submitted entries or drafts but not both. Can you tell me the best way to show a list of both submitted entries and drafts? Thanks […]

Rebuild Posts after the fact

I am importing entries from another website that uses formidable. The form didn’t have posts created with the entries. How do I bulk build posts from all the pre-existing entries?

Combine all attachments into one zip file

Hello, I am using Formidable Pro and I was wondering if you might know how we can zip all of the attachments into one?  If somone submits with 3 attachments, the admin needs to download all 3 individually.  if we have 20 entries then that is a lot of downloading, is there a way that […]

Meta title for views

meta title

Hi everyone! Loving the plugin – it just keeps getting better! I’m stuck on something, though – was hoping for some help. What I’m trying to do is to have dynamic meta titles show up depending on what someone searches for. I’m putting together a business directory search site (using an advanced custom search form) […]

How to attach users to entries?

What’s the procedure for giving ownership of existing entries to users?  I am having to transfer a large number of entries from a different CMS into WordPress and Formidable Pro.  I have my entries, but now I am going to bulk import the users, and I need to attach their entries to these new users […]