Is there a way to list previous entries by title?

Is there a way to list a user’s previous form entries by title instead of date?  I used the following shortcode to create a drop down list.  The problem is the list is shown as dates instead of form titles.

Search Entries from your form

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 16.39.45

Hi, I have created a main form which is fine which is displayed and your can fill out the form and it saves. GREAT. I have also created a view for that form so it list all entries on that page. AWESOME. I have now set up and created a search form for me to […]

ENTRIES – default Form to show in Admin area

Is there an easy way to specify which Form of several shows in the Admin “Entries” area as default? I have three forms defined, only 1 active and I want that to come up as primary view, rather than having to select it from the drop-down. Can’t find reference to this in documentation. Regards Stuart

All entries for all forms arrive in Spam

Hello As explained in the title, all entries, no matter if I install Formidable Pro in different wordpress sites (which I have) arrive in my spam folder. Help please. Thank you Ben

How can I choose where the entries are displayed ?

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Hi ! I am creating a website on which users can share tutorials. I am using formidable pro forms so they can submit their tutorials. However I’d like those tutorials to be directly published on the website, not just to be submitted as “entries” . How can I do this ? Also, I want the […]

Data From Entries Dropdown Selection Then Populates an HTML Field?

Hi,   I was wondering if it is possible to retrieve “Data From Entries” in a dropdown and then display some correlating data below in an HTML field once a selection was made. For example, another form would have values entered for Show Name, Show URL, and Show Info. A separate form would display a […]

Entries list with drafts

Hi I’m trying to create a list of entries for the logged in user which includes both submitted entries and drafts. I’ve tried both , which only shows submitted entries, and , which shows submitted entries or drafts but not both. Can you tell me the best way to show a list of both submitted entries and drafts? Thanks […]

Rebuild Posts after the fact

I am importing entries from another website that uses formidable. The form didn’t have posts created with the entries. How do I bulk build posts from all the pre-existing entries?

Combine all attachments into one zip file

Hello, I am using Formidable Pro and I was wondering if you might know how we can zip all of the attachments into one?  If somone submits with 3 attachments, the admin needs to download all 3 individually.  if we have 20 entries then that is a lot of downloading, is there a way that […]

Meta title for views

meta title

Hi everyone! Loving the plugin – it just keeps getting better! I’m stuck on something, though – was hoping for some help. What I’m trying to do is to have dynamic meta titles show up depending on what someone searches for. I’m putting together a business directory search site (using an advanced custom search form) […]

How to attach users to entries?

What’s the procedure for giving ownership of existing entries to users?  I am having to transfer a large number of entries from a different CMS into WordPress and Formidable Pro.  I have my entries, but now I am going to bulk import the users, and I need to attach their entries to these new users […]

Conditional entry default value

Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to compare two fields and have a third entry state “Yes” if the two entries are equal, or “No” if not. I am also wondering if it is then possible to add up all of some specified entries stating “No” and provide a number in a new […]

Let users with the same role see / edit entries

Hi, I created a simple event-management tool with Formidable Pro and everything seems to work fine so far. The only thing I can’t get to work is that only user which are in the same group / or have the same role (for example: Contributor) can edit and view the events. Example: Entry A created […]

max entries per export or delete

I don’t have any entries yet since I am still setting things up to test with but I’m curious as to how many entries you can export or delete in one operation? I would assume it’s limited by how many entries will show on one page, is that correct? I would like to be able […]

Cannot view entries from a form

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 7.42.01 AM

I have a form that shows it has 73 entries. When I click to view them, it shows there are 4 pages of entires, but all are showing the “You don’t have any entries in this form” message. (View Attached Screenshot) Only other plugins are WordFence Security and InifiniteWP, both of which I temporary disabled […]