Count Number of Times a Value is Selected Across an Entry

Hi, Here's my basic scenario: I have a grid form with 39 questions that asks user to rate their responses Least, Minimal, Moderate, Significant and Most, with Saved values from 1 to 5. How do I count the number of times each saved value was selected (so if they answered "Most" 11 times, I could count the number […]

Cannot display Forms or Entries

formidable version

Hi Gang, Getting this message " function WP_List_Table::get_columns() must be over-ridden in a sub-class".  Saw that it might have been a theme conflict but have tried a couple of themes and it doesn't seem to cure the problem.  Any suggestions? Using Suffusion Theme but now changed to Twenty Eleven.

List by User

Good evening! So i am working on this micro-site in which users need to submit their expense reports. On one end we need to have a front-end, regular user that can view his/her total, see what's pending, what's been paid, etc. But on the other end there is also a front-end admin. This admin needs […]

Form pulls in unwanted entry data

I created a form. When I add the shortcode for the form to a page or to a view it seems to pull in data from previous entries. I have read forums and docs until my head spins seems like everyone wants this functionality but me.

Retrieve entered data

This springs from topic (and see this: I have a form for which I would like two people be able to see and edit information for one entry. Two people, in essence, share one entry, and may access it from more than one computer. I'd like both of them to be able to review what […]

How to count the subscriber entries belonging to an radio button entry?


Dear all I am an absolute beginner, but I managed to build a beautiful form, I am very proud of it. The form is a registration to  a training day. We have a bunch of courses, to which each applicant has to choose from out of a radio button list. Now you can imagine, we […]

Entries not displayed using the Views Shortcode


I purchased and installed Formidable today. I want to use it for my clients to leave a testimonial on my web site. I have created a Form called Test and created 4 entries. I want to show these entries on a web page, so I created a view called Test View and put the shortcode […]

Max exported entries?

I am trying to export/download the CSV file for a form that has around 51,000 entries. However, when it downloads it only reached around 4MB and then stops. So I only end up with around 21,000 entries in the CSV file. Is there some kind of limit that is being reached?  

tutorial on viewing form entries

I just posted a tutorial on my blog about looking at entries on the backend of a website. It is a recurring issue, though I don't caused by Formidable, that email notifications of form submissions often are not received as intended. Particularly if the recipient has a or email address. Here's the link:

Entries disappearing back end, but visible in front end

For months Formidable worked fine. Just this week I've encountered an issue: when I log into the back-end, I cannot see any of the previous 900 entries I had listed. The result on the entries page is: "No items found." The strange thing is that all entries are appearing without a problem on the front end. […]

Is there a way to list previous entries by title?

Is there a way to list a user's previous form entries by title instead of date?  I used the following shortcode to create a drop down list.  The problem is the list is shown as dates instead of form titles.

Search Entries from your form

Screen Shot 2015-03-26 at 16.39.45

Hi, I have created a main form which is fine which is displayed and your can fill out the form and it saves. GREAT. I have also created a view for that form so it list all entries on that page. AWESOME. I have now set up and created a search form for me to […]

ENTRIES - default Form to show in Admin area

Is there an easy way to specify which Form of several shows in the Admin "Entries" area as default? I have three forms defined, only 1 active and I want that to come up as primary view, rather than having to select it from the drop-down. Can't find reference to this in documentation. Regards Stuart

All entries for all forms arrive in Spam

Hello As explained in the title, all entries, no matter if I install Formidable Pro in different wordpress sites (which I have) arrive in my spam folder. Help please. Thank you Ben

How can I choose where the entries are displayed ?

Capture d’écran 2015-01-17 à 12.14.18

Hi ! I am creating a website on which users can share tutorials. I am using formidable pro forms so they can submit their tutorials. However I’d like those tutorials to be directly published on the website, not just to be submitted as “entries” . How can I do this ? Also, I want the […]