Data from entries in views with multiselect

Hello, I am looking to be able to do something with data from entries and I’m unsure if it is possible. I want to be able to handle each selection of data from entries separately. For example, if I have a dropdown called “Authors” and can select multiple entries I’d like to be able to […]

Data from Entries and Post Title, Tags, etc.

Hello, I am wondering if there is a way to take information from “data from entries” and use it in creating a post? Ie. I’d like to take tags from data from entries, the title from there, and other information as well. Even if I have to create hidden fields that have this information that […]

Easiest Way to Change Width of jQuery.chosen() dropdown

The chosen() plugin determines the size of the searchable dropdowns by reading the select’s outerWidth property. Unfortunately, the calculated width is just a little to narrow for a proper display. The easiest way to adjust the width is to change the size of the select field’s outerWidth property. The following code will do this for […]

Figured out how to set Data From Entries object from another form

OK, after many tries, I finally figured out how to set the Data From Entries object from either another form or a view. The documentation was a little confusing at first. Here is what you do. Create your form that you will enter records with Add another form that has your Data From Entries object […]

Data From Entries – conditional logic fails when no JS

First of all I’m really happy with the plugin and it works great as advertised out of the box. But I have encountered a problem when Javascript is disabled. **NOTE** I understand that the conditional logic is NOT going to work when javascript is turned OFF, but in that case the field should at least […]

Data from Entries

I have two forms: the first has a Yes/No radio button and a UserID field. The second form is a User Profile form (with UserID). I tried adding a Data from Entries field to the second form in order to display a user’s choice from the first form. I don’t want users to have to […]

Filtering Data From Entries for a Q&A system

Hi, In my ongoing quest to use Formidable for *everything*, I’m using it to build a product Q&A system. I’ve got a working demo going but just wanted to confirm with you that I’m not configuring it more complexly than needs be. Hopefully this can also be another example to help anyone having difficulties wrapping […]

Autopopulate hidden field with data from entries

I have a form that allows a user to send a text message (using the Twilio addon) and I would like to have a hidden field that autopopulates a list of phone numbers separated by a comma. I can use the data from entries field type, but then I have a drop-down menu on the […]

ordering data from entries

Hi, Is there a way you can control the order for data from entries into a drop down box. Currently it automatically sorts all entries into alphabetical order, regardless of the order the entries are imported from a .csv.   regards  

Advanced search not matching fields with more than one word and &

Hi, I have built an advanced search form and it works fine on all categories that have a single word e.g. ‘Sales’ or ‘Engineering’. However, when I search for post under the category of ‘Charity & Voluntary’ or ‘Admin, Secretarial & PA’ for example, I get “No entries found” despite there being posts under those […]

“Other” Option for Data From Entries Field

Making a “state/city dependent dropdown” as described here, , I find myself in need of an “Other” option/field. Obviously I can make “Other” appear as an option by simply importing a city named “Other” for each state… but it appears that Formidable regards all the ‘other’ options as distinct for the purpose of setting […]

Make Data From Entries Field Entry disappear

I have a form collecting data for trees on site I use on my mobile phone In a Data From Entries Field diplaying as a Dropdown on a form In it I have Tree 1, Tree 2, Tree 3, Tree4 etc etc Say I have collected my data for Tree 1 and hit Submit Is […]

Data from entries auto update?

data child

I have a form with a chained drop down populated by a custom taxonomy using parent values for the first drop down and child values for the second depending which is selected in the first. It works fine, however, when a new child is added to an existing parent it is not being excluded in […]

Data from Entries – Remove Duplicate Values

I saw Robert had asked about this a while ago here, and I’m trying to find a way to do it right now. At the time, Steph didn’t see the justification for it, but I have one, however idiosyncratic. I’m using a data-from-entries in an Advanced Search Form with only one field. The values become […]

Data from entries returns a number

I have created a data-from entries form with country/region/xxx I create a post with this form – the value goes into a custom-field “xxx”. But the value that is saved in the custom-field is the number “21758″ (the ID of the entry for xxx) html generated: xxx how can I set the value of xxx […]