How can I save a Form to use latter on another Website?

Can this be done online to my formidable account or saved in zip ?   Please Help   Thanks

Uploads not working

I am using 1.07.11 and have found uploaded files are not being uploaded. They were a few weeks back, but I have tried everything I can think of today with no luck. Any ideas?

Export PDF issue

Screen Shot 2015-03-02 at 9.50.50 AM

Hi, I am using the PDF extended plug in and I am having issues getting the PDF to export. I keep getting a blank white screen from the export. I was hoping since they have recently stopped supporting it you could try to help. I put it in Debug mode and got the attached error. […]

IE 8 Windows xp


Hello, we have detected this error “A script on thes page is causing Internet Explorer to run slowly. If it continues to run, you computer might become unresponsive.” using IE 8 and IE 7 on Windows XP. How we could avoid this javascript warning?. Is there any path that solve this?.

Paragraph Text field

Hi 1. I have all fields set to: Field size: 32 : columns wide and all Field Types adhere to this except except one designated to : Paragraph Text Same Field size: 32 : columns wide It stretches to whatever window width? 2. Is is possible to ‘center’ the entire form within a page as […]

PDF add-on

Hi Formidable friends, Wanted to let you know that the add-on “Formidable Pro PDF Extended” is no longer being supported by the developer and they are looking for someone to adopt it. I don’t know if you can adopt it, or know someone who can, but you might want to remove it from your add-on […]


I’m not sure paid version has enough features to build my site. Is there an opportunity to buy formidable forms pro license with moneyback period?

use field key

hi,   I am looking for how to use field keys.  I would like to pass an address into a custom html block displaying walkscore.   something like this: <script type=’text/javascript’> var ws_wsid = ‘2ef0bb7b7ce64286856da24d66ee6187′; var ws_address = [i8o8tc] ; var ws_width = ‘600’; var ws_height = ‘444’; var ws_layout = ‘horizontal'; var ws_commute = ‘true'; var […]

How can I see entries in the free version?

I just downloaded the free version of the plugin to my site. I just figured out that I can’t see the entries. Is this correct or have I misunderstood?

Text input field

Capture d’écran 2015-03-01 à 13.31.32

Hi ! There is a text field in my form, but users can’t choose Bold/Italic/quotations etc like when you create a post in the WP admin, is there any way to do this ? I attached files to help Thank you so much ! Matthias

Email Subject Line Scrambled

Hi, My email subject line is coming through as =?UTF-8?B?T25saW5lIEJvb2tpbmcgZnJvbSBXZWIgU2l0ZQ==?= instead of ‘Online Booking from Web Site’ What is happening? Thanks,  

How to “Style” the Formidable Buttons

I am using the Cyberchimp “Responsive Mobile” Theme and it is working just fine although I have not “stress tested” it with Formidable. I am also using for my Buttons. So a typical “shortcode-ultimate” button on all the Pages I have so far created is backed as follows: e.g. [su_button url=”” target=”self” style=”default” background=”#2D89EF” color=”#FFFFFF” […]

Twilio plugin sms autoresponder


I am trying to put together a way to pass a parameter to twilio and get it to respond to a specific page. so someone texts to my twilio number using a formidable form… done… in that the “refer=userid” is added to the link I want to send them back to get that specific page […]

Option Label in calculations

Hi, I have a field that requires calculations from both the Option Label and the Saved Value in a drop down. (One is cost and one is quantity) Do you know of a “hook” with javascript to the Option Label, that can then be used the calculation field Thank You Daveed

Distorted Thumbnail Images

Screenshot 2015-02-27 12.09.22

I am using the Art Contest Demo code and it’s working great except that the thumbnail images of my tests are distorting. Is there a way I can just have them cropped?