Loading Animation Always Displayed

Hi, I have a problem with our forms when we don’t use the default Formidable styling. The loading animation is always displayed, and obviously that’s not correct See the bug here : http://www.nationhats.com/contact-us/ Waiting for your feedback! Regards, Bastien

Export- not all entries are included in download

Attempting to export form entries through the entries section and import/export feature. There are currently 1600+ entries and the export to csv is successful but only includes 280 entries. The download does not time out. Any Ideas?

Repeating Sections Email output

Image 3

I found this that seems to address my issue but couldn’t find a solution… https://formidablepro.com/help-desk/formidable-v2-0-alpha-email-output-repeating-sections/ I just need the data from repeatable sections to be shown on their own lines instead of bunched up in a comaa separated list.

Performance Issue with data from entries (40000 entries)

I have a form that has over 40000 entries and in some part of a form, I call a data from 40000 entries with “data from entries” but It seems that it really slow. Also other parts of the form faces performance issues Is this normal for 40000 entries or can be fixed?

Formidable stopped working after the last update

The contact forms on all my sites stopped working after the most recent Formidable update. All my sites said that Google ReCaptcha wasn’t entered correctly when trying to submit contact forms. I don’t have Google ReCaptcha on any of these sites, so I went ahead and set up accounts. All but two sites are now […]

Conditional Email Notifications Disappeared on latest update

Hello – I had set up 4 different conditional email notifications based on which items were chosen in the form. It worked perfectly – But after the latest update, all of those custom messages are gone. In face inside the “Message” field – it’s now empty. How can we get the previous messages we created […]

Upgrade to, all email templates are gone

We have lost all our email templates on a multisite installation after the update to version 2! Is there a quick fix?  

Dynamic Field Calculations


Hi, I tried to create a field in my registration form, which counts the number of students I have in each class. What I want to do is when I register a new student and choose a class that the student should be in, be counted a new student in the class and the new […]

Possible to add more options to color in Form Styles

I want to set the background of input fields to transparent. Of course I know how to do this with css, but it is cumbersome as I need to set it for regular and active. But what would be awesome is if I could set instead of just #hex settings also be able to set […]

Formidable pdf pro extended

Thank you Steph, to solve the problem for formidable pro pdf extended plugin, now it is working with formidable pro 2.0. Thank you so much.

Widget fields too wide after update

The widget fields are too wide after the recent update.  I tried changing the width on both the form and in the widget but neither made a difference.  You can see it at http://personalinjuryadvertising.com Thanks

Adding a delete button

Hi, I`m trying to add a delete button in “Customize content” I`ve tried “”, also without page_id and id. The delete button wont show in the post afterwards. Did the same thing with the “edit” button, and this works. Tried to find solutions https://formidablepro.com/knowledgebase/allow-users-to-delete-their-entries/ but without any luck.


Hi I just wondering to ask, is Formidable can do these following tasks (we just need simple database that shows the record, based on user role and tagging): 1. Show specific data based on user login. For example we wish to show record 1,3,5 for User A, record 5,7,9 for user B. 2. Is that possible […]

Formidable + Stripe

Hi bought the Stripe plug-in, however it unfortunately does not work with Formidable 2.0 (since it is not yet a stable release). If there is anyone who wants the license, I can transfer it over to you, just let me know. I am not eligible for a refund. Or if anyone knows of a relatively […]

Missing Voting Options in Reports

Hello – I had a form that had 23 voting options, but the report is only showing 10. And I checked another form that has 15 and the report for that is only showing 10. I think this is just since the latest upgrade. How do I find the results for the other 5 options?