Create Section Headings By Field

I want to list my entries by state and the view does not appear to allow using one of the fields to create this dynamically. can that be done at all? It would sure help readability of the view if we could

get file name in multiple upload

hello, in a view i want display file name in the code  : <a href=”[113 sep='"> file_name_here</a> <a href="']“> how can i do please ?   thanks

Data form entries help

I have a registration form where my user enters all of there personal information. I then have a second form they fill out that they need to enter the same information, is it possible to make it so it autocompletes this information and then still shows up in entries?

reCaptcha only showing up on one form

I have 2 forms where I need reCaptcha to show up. I have a New User Registration form and a Request New Password form. Both are one my User Account page. The reCaptcha only shows up on the New User Registration form. I have looked through Support and tried various things to solve the problem […]

Mixed conditional logic

Hello, I have ran into a situation where I want a field to appear if : field1 == X AND (field2 == Y OR field3 == Z) is there any turnaround to this with formidable pro conditional logic? thanks

JavaScript Callback

When using AJAX’d forms, is there a way to create a call back in JavaScript? I looked but couldn’t find anything concrete. Thanks!

Is there a way to get the “Edit Link” URL only, without the HTML link code?

Hi, I am looking at ways to customize Formidable’s “Edit Links” shortcode.  Ideally, I would prefer to not use the default “Edit Link” and create my own link using the “Edit Link” URL only.  Is there any way to retrieve this URL without the surround HTML link code? Thanks, Matt  

Show only record with creation dates of 3 days ago

Dear Steph, I have thiw View that I want to display only records from 3 days ago. Can I use a Condidition stating Creation Date less than NOW-3?

a graph of the cumulative sum of entries over time

This could be useful to show the increase in responses for any form over time. Currently you can only show the number of posts per day, but you can’t show it as a cumulative total. This could be useful to show statistics regarding growth, a valuable graph for any web/tech startup. Might be best shown […]

View Results with alternating background color

Is there any method for making each result in a view have alternating background color attribute like “hr.nth-child(2)” in CSS? Just wondering.  I have a look I am relatively happy with, but I was wondering the accessibility of of CSS with formidable views. .entry-content table { border: 1px solid #669999; border-collapse: collapse; border-spacing: 0; border-radius: […]


can I add text paragraphs in-between for fields ? so I can have a page of text and a name field at the bottom so I can then include the text and form data entered onto a print or pdf option ?

Populate drop down with user meta

Hi Thanks for the great plugin I want a users to select a company from a drop-down list (formidable field id 425) The drop-down needs to be populated by a custom user field list. The field list is created by the Pod plugin, it is custom taxamony The taxamony for the field is integrator, (id […]


Hi, I have a form where in one of the fields a date is present. I would like to to count the entries with todays date. In mysql this is curdate() How can i get this to work in the shortcode?   is not working.   Thanx Frank

Figured out how to set Data From Entries object from another form

OK, after many tries, I finally figured out how to set the Data From Entries object from either another form or a view. The documentation was a little confusing at first. Here is what you do. Create your form that you will enter records with Add another form that has your Data From Entries object […]

Suggestion for registration add-on

Hi, when we have added user_meta field, we can not change the order (just like with buiding the form). I would like to be able to do that. Kind regards, Willem