Form actions – Email – plain text query

Hi I’m having difficulty formatting the output email alerts in plain text – if I have two or more text entry fields in the form and I want to display them as two more lines in the output email – without a blank line between them – what is the correct format in the form […]

Default Values Not Showing Using Conditional Logic

Hi Guys, I have been working on a form over the weekend and I have a couple of problems and a request. Form background: To enable employees to sign a vehicle and selected equipment out when going out to a work site. To sign vehicle and equipment back in when returning from work site. Problem […]

Filter by value url about information security

I build a form list like a1 ( with “a1″ parameter link ) b1 ( with “b1″ parameter link ) c1 ( with “c1″ parameter link ) When user click this link, then redirect another form to show entry filter by parameter. Then i have a question, if this user have a1 and b1 see competence, […]

Signature Field locked when entry is edited

The signature field funcationality has changed since the update. When a user edits an existing entry, the signature field is locked out. Prior to the recent version update, it used to be that the when a user edited an existing entry, they had to re-sign. Was this the plan? If so, how do I add […]

Dynamic field and uploads

I would like to use a dynamic field to select an existing uploaded file. But I need to see the file name not the location. Is this possible?

Registration notification prevents other email notifications

Hi, When I tick ‘Email confirmation’ in the User Moderation section of the registration settings, it prevents all other emails being sent (emails that are setup on the Emails tab). When I untick the Email confirmation box in the Registration settings, all email notifications that were setup in the Emails section arrive successfully. Thanks, John

Accesssing Entries in PHP

Dear Help Desk, I’m trying to access data from the last form submitted in php to process that data and transform it into a different output. Before switching to formidable I was using Ninjaforms where you could access form data like that: Is there any such syntax for formidable, too? I have gone through […]

search results goes to details instead of listing

I created a search form and put it on my dynamic view page and it worked correctly. But then I decided I didn’t want people to see all the entries just the  results of their search so I split the view and search form into separate pages. I adjusted the redirect url. Now when I […]

Retain Entry Data when Hiding a Field?

Is there a way to retain a users entered data in a field when the field is hidden in a form? I have a page with 5 sections and a corresponding radio field with 5 options to navigate in between each section (kinda like tabs). If I enter anything in the fields for Section 1, click […]

Dynamic total in form

Screen Shot 2015-05-26 at 10.24.58 PM

1. Could i calculate the two field value?   2. Could i set this  code in a form? Because the total will increase for each store,i need to check the dynamic total for each many store and build the form could easy search them. Every entry is the  dynamic total. Thanks

get display id in pagination html


Hello, hope you guys are well, There are multiple displays on a page and I need to perform ajax on them. Since the pagination doesn’t have a unique class or ID I was hoping to do something like this add_filter(‘frm_pagination_class’, ‘add_pagination_class’, 20, 1); function add_pagination_class($display){ $class = ‘frm_block_id_’ . $display->ID; return $class; } How do […]

close form after some conditional triggers

Hi, It should be better if a form or a field is automatically closed or disabled after some Conditional triggers met. Firts, form is automatically closed after predetermined number of entries has been reached. Second, specific field is automatically disabled after predetermined number of entries has been reached for specific conditions  like the number of […]

Group by in view


Hi, Please check an “attachment file”. How can i setup in view page like this. Its mean group all entries have same TERM and YEAR value. Thanks

Formidable + Stripe – Predefined Plan ID

Hello. My registration form is almost complete! FF, and F + S have been wonderful. I have set up Stripe actions to give users the option to pay once in full, or monthly. I have made a plan in my Stripe account, which is a subscription that will have to be stopped manually. Here’s my […]

Save multiple versions of the same form

I have a form on my site that I have setup so logged in users can save and then come back to. However, some users have to fill out the form multiple times with slightly different info. Would it be possible to set it up so that they could save multiple versions of the same […]