Relocate Success Message


How can I relocate the success message to below the form upon submission?

Conditionals displaying results of survey, not label text

Hi there, Trying to get this conditional bit to work in a view for a pretty simple survey: [if 102 greater_than=0 less_than=4]<a href=” [102]/” target=”_self”>Compliance and Risk</a>[/if 102] 102 is labeled in the survey as ‘compliance and risk’ but when we look at this in the view, what the 102 variable displays isn’t the label ‘compliance […]

For Permission Settings Based On Capability

Hi I see many plugins that allow restricted access to some parts always have an option to restrict access based on a capability. The reason this is so powerful is you can easily assign capabilities to different roles, making it much more flexible! Currently we can only allow access based on 1 role, but how […]

pass data from one form to another through URL


I have form A that contains a simple dropdown to select a project that should fill in fields on form B and setting a variable in my custom action hook. I am passing a value using your details provided here: i am having 2 issues 1.  getting form B to prepopulate with data based […]

How can I use frm_scroll_box ?

How can I use frm_scroll_box ? Is that to use with HTML field? Or any other field? I just want to show a Terms of Use field. Thanks!

Three tiered form – hierarchical views

Hello, I’m creating a form very similar to your Job Listings demo but I can’t for the life of me figure it out. I’m casting and  need 2 Form components and 3 Views FORMs 1. Casting Director submits a role connected to a project 2. Talent can submit to the role The problem I’m running into […]

Allow user to download csv of emails?

I have a couple of forms collecting emails for subscribers. How can I allow the logged-in user to download the entries in a CSV format?

one form for registration, another for meta fields?

i it possible to have one form for user registration (name, email, password). and when the user logs in their account, they see another form with several user attributes (gender, job, profession). i want to synchronize these fields with the user meta fields. the “register” tab in form settings seems to be useless now?!

Conditionally Store Entry in database

I am wondering if there is any way to conditionally store entry in database. For example if I have a dropdown field with two choices; Save entry Send Only Email If I select “Send Only Email” then Entry would not be saved in database. Currently I need to create a different form and to send […]

Registration email confirmation

Hi Steph and Jamie, hope you are fine. 1. I would like to know if formidable registration add-on has an email confirmation option before anyone can register. I don’t want people registering with If not, can you please guide me as to how I can implement such a feature myself, it it’s possible. 2. […]

Update data in Form 1 with some data in Form 2 on submission of form 2

I have a form (Form 1) with just an Organization Name, Address Fields, Phone, Email, and a drop-down selection of type (consists of 500 or so entries). I have a second form (Form 2) for site visitors (not users) to make requests. This form has fields for the requesting organization’s name, address, etc.  The visitor […]


In another post you made the suggestion to suggest, that integration with Polylang be made. I am making the suggestion Thanks

Easiest Way to Change Width of jQuery.chosen() dropdown

The chosen() plugin determines the size of the searchable dropdowns by reading the select’s outerWidth property. Unfortunately, the calculated width is just a little to narrow for a proper display. The easiest way to adjust the width is to change the size of the select field’s outerWidth property. The following code will do this for […]

Create a View over two forms using nativ ids

Hello, I’m using version 1.07.07. I have visited your website and I didn’t find a way to solve my problem. I have tried to create a view over 2 forms. It works fine with the examples you described in “Knowledge Base → Form Entries → Views → Set Up an Advanced View”. What I’m trying […]

Creating Filter Links as in “Last 7 Days”

8-15-2014 10-56-12 AM

Like so often, I started out looking here in the forum for what I was trying to do. This time I didn’t find a good reference to my exact scenario, so I decided to share it here. My Goal: A set of links in my view that look and work something like this: All | […]