image display

Hi, I am using this solution <a href="[x size=full]"><img width="400" src="[x size=medium]"></a> but this displays the image 90° on the right ... do you know why? Thank you

A/B Testing AddOn

Hello, I'm getting this notice on the A/B settings page: Notice: Undefined offset: 0 in c:...pluginsformidable-ab-testsfunctionsfunctions_admin_display.php on line 201 And I'm also showing errors sometimes in both the admin screen and front end that prints this (This seems to only happen with the A/B plugin active) : [Error on rename of '.mts@002dv2#sql-22b0_10b7.frm' to '.mts@002dv2mts_inmab_data.frm' (Errcode: 13 - […]

Change menu position

Hi,   I want to change the menu position within the admin dashboard. How can I make the change?   Thanks

Multiple PayPal Accounts

The email for the PayPal Account needs to be part of the Form settings, not the Global Settings.  Our clients have multiple forms for various purposes and they go to different PayPal accounts. Coming from Visual Form Builder Pro, I had taken this for granted that everyone would of course do it this way.  But […]

Include all option in pie chart legend

Is there any way to include all options in a pie chart legend, even options that have a count value of 0?  I would like all options to show up in the graph legend, even if no one chose them. Thanks in advance

Trigger Form Update on User role change & MailChimp Addon

Hello - I'm using both your MailChimp and Registration addons. I'd like people to register for my site and require the confirmation email. Once they confirm their email - I'd like to trigger the "update" function in the MailChimp Addon so that action is then sent to Mailchimp so the user can get their welcome email […]

Problems formatting a field


I have a calculated field which I want to display in a bigger size, different color and bold. I have searched the forum and customized html. Only the top half of the field is shown and the fields extend to the right of sidebar. I enclosed a screen dump which also includes  the custom html […]

Numeric formatting of calculated fields

It would be nice to have some more formatting options for calculated fields, such as be able to choose thousand separator, decimal separator and add a suffix or a prefix (for instance a currency symbol).


hi i want to purchase Slandered package, i want to know this is one time payment for life hanks


I just created a second Formidable style for a separate form on a site I'm working on. I assigned that style to the new form, which is fine. BUT now my old form is assuming the new form style, which is fairly different. I've triple checked to make sure the old form has the old […]

Limit the number of Checkboxes

Since the ability to create a "ranking question type" isn't available, I was wondering if the more simpler option of just being able to limit the number of checkboxes a user can select. Nothing fancy. Let's just say there are 10 options and I want them to choose up 5, but no more. Is that […]

Can't filter frm-graph by Email


Hi, Can you please help me figure out how to filter a graph by the email field linked to the form?  Here's the context: Using the instructions on this page, I created a form that allows users to select a region, select a corresponding regional superintendent, then select a Purpose of Visit from a regular […]

Youtube Links not automatically embed

Hi ! When a user adds a youtube links in a text paragraph field and send the form to create a post, the video isn't automatically embed. How can I fix this ? Should I add a particular field instead of just letting them paste the link into the paragraph field ? Thanks for your […]

Ranking Question Type

I would appreciate even the most rudimentary "ranking question type" feature be added to Formidable Pro. Its a survey feature that's been around a long time and its kind of surprising its not something easily done within the Pro version. thanks.

Using a form to add to a custom post

I have Formidable set up to create a custom post under the CPT "Track". The form is displayed on a general page that many users can use to track whatever it is they like. When I submit the form it creates a "track" and I see all the information displayed when I goto it. Is there a way to […]