Registration email confirmation

Hi Steph and Jamie, hope you are fine. 1. I would like to know if formidable registration add-on has an email confirmation option before anyone can register. I don’t want people registering with If not, can you please guide me as to how I can implement such a feature myself, it it’s possible. 2. […]

Update data in Form 1 with some data in Form 2 on submission of form 2

I have a form (Form 1) with just an Organization Name, Address Fields, Phone, Email, and a drop-down selection of type (consists of 500 or so entries). I have a second form (Form 2) for site visitors (not users) to make requests. This form has fields for the requesting organization’s name, address, etc.  The visitor […]


In another post you made the suggestion to suggest, that integration with Polylang be made. I am making the suggestion Thanks

Easiest Way to Change Width of jQuery.chosen() dropdown

The chosen() plugin determines the size of the searchable dropdowns by reading the select’s outerWidth property. Unfortunately, the calculated width is just a little to narrow for a proper display. The easiest way to adjust the width is to change the size of the select field’s outerWidth property. The following code will do this for […]

Creating Filter Links as in “Last 7 Days”

8-15-2014 10-56-12 AM

Like so often, I started out looking here in the forum for what I was trying to do. This time I didn’t find a good reference to my exact scenario, so I decided to share it here. My Goal: A set of links in my view that look and work something like this: All | […]

How to Use Scale Styling on Standard Radio Buttons


I really like the appearance of scale buttons on forms asking survey type questions. When Formidable Pr creates a scale, it inserts the frm_scale class into the individual options’ wrapping div tags. Unfortunately, scale field option labels are all numeric. You can’t have an option with the label N/A for example, which means you have […]

How to Enable Separate Values for Scales Using jQuery

If you want to use separate values for scale fields, you can do so with a little jQuery added to the After Fields box in Customize HTML. The following script adds separate values AND tooltips to each radio button. This code will not work for scale fields that you have configured to display as stars. […]

Allow filtering of views by “contains” or “contained within”

It would be incredibly useful to be able to filter views based on substrings, as in: Display if [color] IS CONTAINED WITHIN [get param=favoritecolors] (So you would get a match if [color] equals “blue” and favoritecolors equals “blue, green, purple”) or the inverse: Display if [favoritecolors] CONTAINS [get param=color] (So you would get a match […]

Hide all frm_display pages for good – without making them private!

In the thread here it was suggested that one hide the frm_display pages from unauthorized access by making them all private. But what if you want users who can’t view private pages to be able to access them, but not members of the general public? Or you have a ton of views you don’t want […]

Choose Form and Form Fields Dynamically and Securely from the URL

Hi, everyone. I wanted a way to be able to tell my form shortcode what form to load and what fields to include or exclude when it loads. Steph mentioned that allowing the URL to do this gave too much power to the user, and she’s right. So I created a simple system where your […]

select form id from acf dropdown


i am a big fan of formidable pro AND advanced custom fields I always try to keep my pages and posts save. save for the customers! and inserting a form as a shortcode into the editor is NOT save! therefore i prefer acf to provide dropdown fields where one customer can choose a value from. […]

Found a Great Solution for Nested Tab Forms

I found a great solution for creating nested tab forms in Formidable Pro. Please take a look at this demo page: The tabs are created with the Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes plugin. I tried several tabs plugins and this worked the best. There are a couple of little tricks that you need to […]

Plugin framework

I know this a far fetched idea, but I wish we could use formidable as a framework for creating WP Plugin forms.  Where we could create forms and then decide to use them for updating the options API.

bootstrap formidable with error messages

i found this post: The Problem: by default, the error messages won’t appear anymore. Steph’s code will show them again but it looks not nice. to achieve both styling and usablity i came up with some less code. this requires the usage of bootstrap.less ! you have to compile your own .css file with […]

TIP: Hide Content Based On User Role/Capability with Shortcode

If you’re using a membership plugin to manage your roles, you will probably already have the necessary shortcode(s) to hide/show content based on the user’s role or capability. However, if you are using roles and capabilities WITHOUT using a full blown membership plugin, you can easily create your own shortcodes. To create a shortcode that hides […]