Plugin Activate and Deactive

Hello, I recently activated the formidable pro but i deactivate it for some reason..n0w I want to reactive but there is a notification showing this. > This site has been previously authorized to run Formidable Pro.Install the pro version or deauthorize this site to continue running the free version and remove this message.    what is the best thing […]

how to have a field (Checkbox) not considered as an update.

I have a form like so: Name:______  Email:______  Approval checkbox 2 email are set, the first upon update the second upon approval (when the checkbox is checked), in the edit view, when an update is made I will receive 1 email (the update email) when the approval checkbox is checked, I will receive 2 emails (the […]

Display results in a Table

I just purchased this and am trying to see how I can display my results in a table view… just can’t seem to find the right answer.  What I am doing is displaying a list of up to 8 fields with customers info in it, and I wand to display it in a table so […]

pagebreak to different wordpress page

I need to create a very large form, I currently can use page breaks but I need to get the page break to redirect to a different wordpress page so that I can show the user information specific to the area they are filling out. By doing this on different WordPress pages I have a […]

Image upload

Hi. Could you please provide me with detailed instructions on how to create a form that the users can upload multiple images, and that the images only appear in the formidable pro entries section (and not in the wordpress media folder)?   Kind regards Daniel  

Clickable URL not outputting the full link

I’m using a hidden field with ‘[server param="REQUEST_URI"]‘ to grab the URL of the current page and then using the [X clickable=1] tag to output it inside a form. Problem is that the tag isn’t outputting the full link, only ‘/parent/page’, neither this half-link is clickable.

Search using multiple values


Hello, I am not able to build a correct working search form. Two fields on the search form: Artist/Group and Label. The label does not give any problems but the other field does. In the main form it’s allowed to select multiple values. It’s data from another form. So, I must use somethineg like [25 […]

Using frm_where_filter in forms and views

Thanks to the info in this thread I have now achieved my goal of paid premium listings for my directory: Using Paid Memberships Pro I am able to filter views for entries depending on their author’s membership level. Users can upgrade/downgrade their membership, and their entries can be filtered accordingly. So the question is, […]

Searching across multiple levels of a field

Hi, We’re using Formidable to build a user CV/profile system that is searchable. One of the fields is languages and their proficiency in these (Home, Working, Limited). The advanced search form should then return all results that match the searched language and proficiency as a minimum (e.g. if searching for English Working, should return entries […]

drag fields while using mobile device

Hello, at this point I cannot drag or move any fields on my tablet or iPhone. It’s pretty annoying. Just thought I’d post that. Other than that great plugin, updates, I love formidable.   rachel

Displaying line graphs

Easy Screen Record 2014-09-12 12.12.16

I’m having trouble displaying a line graph for clients entries. Clients input their weight. Every time they fill out a form, I’m trying to let them have access to the changes in their weight at a page in a chart. This is the current short code i’m using:  I get graphs with those ranges however […]

Floating Contact Me Button

Is there a way to add a floating “Contact Me” button that opens a modal window with a FormidablePro form? If not do you have any suggestions on a plugin that I could use with FormidablePro?


It would be nice to encrypt all fields or specific ones like Social Security Numbers and other private data via a hashing method or private method.

Shortcode data doesn’t display

Here is a video which outlines the problem that I am having in getting the table data to display here  This is the video description

Truncate shows diamond question mark symbol in Greek lang

Screen Shot 2014-09-12 at 22.19.43

As described in the Topic title, there seems to be a problem with truncate, which I used in the Calendar view. A “�” was showing right before the “Read more” and this was happening when Greek characters were being used in titles. I solved it by using: <a href=”[detaillink]“>Read more</a> as Steph suggested here: but I thought I […]