Headway Themes Plugin Request…

If you’re a fan of Headway Themes, you know how powerful it can be to quickly find and change CSS for most aspects of a web page. However, that power is not available for Formidable Pro unfortunately. Considering how Formidable Pro and Headway Themes are my favorite things about WordPress, it would really make my […]

FrmEntry::destroy($entryId) in PHP

Hi, I’d like to put FrmEntry::destroy($Id) in a php file and call the php file using ajax. I’ve tried the following and it returns a 500 error: <? php global $frm_entry; FrmEntry::destroy($Id); echo $entryId; ?> Thanks.

To pass a Page Template attribute – can this be done…?

I want a user to be able to create a page via a form with: – option a – option b – option c (which is the page template attribute for the page) 1. I’d like to create a visual for them to select from. Thumbnails of the template layouts. Assuming this would be done […]

Changes in post make with a form can’t be save

Hello, i’m french so I can’t be clear and i’m sorry about that.   I’ve created a form, which the answers are published in a post! (it’s an interview, always the same!). The personn who answser to the form can uploaded some pictures. But when I want to change some things on the post (put […]

Dynamic Maps Using FP Views + Google Map Plugin

Here’s a tutorial I just posted on my blog based on recent experience. I had trouble finding good examples and other map plugins each had their issues. This worked well and the tutorial is intended to give you the basics to get started, but you could expand this to work in any variety of ways. […]

Email actual file when using file upload field

How can I upload a file (pdf) to a form and have it be sent as an attachment when clicking submit?   Right now, it created a url of the file that is stored in my uploads directory.  I have protected that directory from public view and instead need to be able to email the […]

HTML not saving in form entries?

Hi   I have a paragraph field that allows users to insert google maps embed code that will then display on one of my view pages. Every time I try to save an entry with the iframe in the paragraph text field the entry doesn’t save. What can I do?   Thanks

Change default upload directory for files added to formidable form

How do I change the upload directory? What would be the specific code that I need to enter in functions.php to make this happen?

Question about Creating Page

Right now I have my recruiting database that list all the football recruits at the url www.bulldawgillustrated.com/recruits/ I have the dynamic content with a url of <a href=”http://bulldawgillustrated.com/prospects/?recruiting=[key]&class=[get param=class default=2015]“>[227]</a> With all of the recruits being on the prospects page, I am getting no SEO for the individual prospects. So I was thinking about creating a […]

Inherited site with Formidable Pro, and need to update using my license

Hi Guys, Love this plugin, have installed it on several sites and it rocks. I have just inherited a site from someone else who has gone awol, which has Formidable pro on it. The data in their forms is of great importance to them and I want to update to the latest version of Formidable […]

[SOLVED] Filtered View has Entries But None Are Displayed


I have a dynamic view that filters a form’s entries. When I visit either the view or page’s URL I get the “Message if nothing to display”. I have confirmed that there are entries that match the filters(I’ve even removed all the filters) and when you visit the page, the Before Content’s [entry_count] shortcode functions […]

Bulk add conditional logic to one specific field

Hi, A customer of ours has a field that functions like a ‘coupon code’ and show other fields only if the code is equal to a pre-filled codes (conditional logic). Currently we have this working with 3 codes, but our customer would like to bulk add about 500 codes. Is it possible in any way to […]

Data from entries

screenshot 2014-07-18 a les 9.30.30

Hello, I have 2 forms. One for user registration. In the second form I want Name, surname and email will be automatic from the first form. I am trying to use Data from Entries, but it only works with dropdown. If I choose ‘Just show it’ the form will be in blank. Is it possible […]

Custom reCAPTCHA Theme – Responsive

Could you add the option to use your own reCAPTCHA theme? Or, if not, at least add a responsive theme option? Thanks!

Extracting form data for use in a filter

Hi folks, I’m using Formidable to create a public profile system and custom views are used for displaying a list of entries and the detail of the profile when clicked. However, the title tag of the page stays the same from: http://www.site.com/page-title-with-custom-view/ to http://www.site.com/page-title-with-custom-view/?entry=XXX For SEO purposes, we would like to be able to force […]