I did make 3 forms with Formidable-Pro, for registering of certain professionals and tools/product they uses . After a form is fill by a third-party and send to us, this registration form will be check and gets an unique “Reg.ID No.” such a field existed already as a “Read Only” field in the form. That […]

Setting up private views

I just want to know if and how you can set up a private view? For example I want to show different reports based on the same form and same view for different users. What reports they can see should be set by a dropdownbox in the form where I create the reports. So for […]

Validation Field A Must be less than field B

Hi, is there anyway to validate that Field A (number) Must be less than field B (number) e.g. Field A (50) Field B (100) – This will be OK. Field A (100) Field B (70) – This will be Bad.

Crear multiformulario

Hola quisiera saber si puedo crear un formulario con prestañas y en cada pestaña me muestre un formulario es decir me muestres tres formularios en un solo dinamicamente.

Ajax Fill form from database table

auto fill example

I have a table with 20,000 records and I want to be able to have the table start auto completing the value’s of the form when the user begins typing.  Think google auto complete but for my table.  (see example below) The values on the table are First Name, Last Name, Ranking and when they […]

User types in a new value

Can a user type in a new value into a dropdown form if they do not see an option they like?

Image upload and passing URL to meta

This is probably a very simple question to answer but I haven’t figured it out. I have a form that creates a custom post. I am allowing  a user to upload a single image from a form in the build page. I have a meta that expects the URL of the uploaded image in the […]

Cambio cualquier parámetro a sus plantillas demo

hola coloque las plantillas demo de lista de trabajo pro digamos quiero cambiar los titulos solo con cambiar un titulo y ya no me aparece lña tabla sino todo aparece en desorden porque que hago?

Populating a field: performance

Hello! We used some code from this page to populate our field: How will this perform if you have more than 1000 posts. Won’t it hit the server pretty bad? Shouldn’t it only hit the server once someone starts searching for something?

questions about views

Dear guys, 1st, thanks for the amazing support, the answers were very helpful A. If Im making a view and want this view to link to the single post page, how can I do this?? which is the way of linking a [xx] field to the href=”” of the single content view? B. is possible […]

Counting Entries

Hello, I’ve a form with Releases. Each Release include a Category field. Releases can have the same Category. I’ve also a form with Categories which are used as a lookup for the form with Releases. I want to build a view with only the Categories that are used in the form with Releases. For each […]

phone field settings

Hi, I created a phone number field, setting it to put a number of identity carrying a letter, the fact is that the code I put is 99,999,999-a me for numbers running, but not for the letter and gustria me know how I can set this field to put any letters, thus it gives me […]

Is there animation options for showing/hiding fields?

Hi, I was wondering if there are animation options like fade or highlight for fields that appear based on a condition.  My fields all look so similar it’s easy to not notice a field appearing.  If there’s not a built in way, is there a trigger that I can hook into?   Thanks

Simple form that then redirects to more complex form (plugs in info from initial form)

I need a simple form for requesting quotes (name, email, state of residence), and can then redirect to the more complex form (name, email, state of residence, plan type, dates of birth, home address, etc).  People will be asked name, email, address, and a few other questions, then can have that content automatically moved to the […]


I am creating a form in Pro that I need to add a quantity option to. Can you please tell me how to do this. We are selling t shirts and prospective buyers need to be able to choose a quantity they want in a specific size. Then I need this to calculate the total […]