Combine forms and search

How can I combine a few forms in one page (Without having the “Submit” button showing few times for every form? How can I create complex search that will search from a few forms? Thanks BR

Filter frm-stats short code by date range from search

Hi, I have build a form view with search filter function (as per Job Listings demo) and need to add totals to the bottom of each table column. These work fine using frm-stats, but show totals of all entries. How can I filter these using the short code? I know it would look something like […]

Option to make an entry viewable by logged in users only

Hi there, I want to create a form that lists dog breeders, I have worked out the basics for it but have one problem. I want all of the entries to be viewable by the public, but want to have a check box or an option that the person submitting the listing can tick if […]

Foundation Framework

I see there is a Bootstrap Addon.  Cool. What I am thinking is that Foundation is becoming very popular and more and more developers are creating Themes with it. I think you might avoid a lot of conflicts if a Foundation addon was created.  I am not an expert at this, but from looking at […]

Display multiple fields in data from entries drop down

I have a drop down field which shows data from another form – data from entries. The other form has multiple fields, one of which is a help or explanation field. I’d like to display the field that the user needs to choose and also display the field with the help information. I am only […]

stellar support

If you use formidable you probably already know this, but its worth saying again.  Team Formidable provides stellar support! Kevin

insert or upload image into post content via richtext field

hi. my client  cerates pages and posts with formidablepro forms. the form is using rich text area field for the content of post. but he especially asks me inserting pitures into content … i can use nicedit for this but nicedit is not very friendly and doesnt seem updated for a long time. And i […]

print button

I will like to insert a print button on the data a particular user view in the view page so has to enable them print their data Note:The print button to be in the view page for the particular user that login

email – conditional logic using “anything” – for radio button questions

cond logic

Hi, I have the attached settings as conditional logic for a form.  That is, it set up so that any checkbox that is selected should fire a notification, as the settings is set to “anything”. However, currently this is not longer working, no email is sent.  I can create a rule to have a notification […]

front end duplication

Hi all again, I’m trying to create a fron-end duplication following this User Tip: I put the code in my theme’s function.php, created the link, and added [entry_data field=125] to fields on the form I want users to duplicate.  The form duplicates but no data comes forward although the URL has the correct ID […]


Ajax indexed auto-suggest for search forms would be a good addition.

Save Draft redirects to Paypal in a form with two pages

Hi, first of all, awesome plugin. I created a form with a page brake and paypal payment at the end and have two issues with it: First, if user clicks on “Save Draft” option of the first page, he gets redirected to Paypal. Can I somehow set that he will get to the second page […]

Post category and tags from form

I thought this was going to be really difficult, but was quite simple. Hopefully I will save someone some time. Create form fields for keyword tags and categories and create them as ‘Tag’ type. I didn’t know it was there until yesterday. They can then be selected as input fields and mapped to the post’s […]

Collapsible Section CSS

If you are using Collapsible sections in your form, you may want to visually SHOW the user that they section is clickable. I use the following CSS: .frm_trigger {   border: 1px solid #ddd;   border-radius: 4px;   padding-left: 5px;   background-color: #eee;   font-size: 18px !important; } .frm_trigger:before {   content: “f139″;   font: […]

Linking variable in paypal notification


Thanks for your support, by now the best I know. I think that is my last question: What I need to know is how I should name the variable that comes in the message with the paypal confirmation. In the Form the name of the (linking) input field is DNI, and when submiting the form […]