Integration with MyMail

Hello, I was wondering if it is possible to assign email adresses from a form to MyMail autoresponder from CodeCanyon? Someone have ideas or work arounds? Thanks in advance!  

Translation string for Formidable Registration login form

Hi, I’m using Formidable Registration and WPML (with the Formidable Mulitlingual plugin). All’s gone really, really great – thanks for making Formidable so compatible. I have a page where I use the Registration plugin’s [frm-login value_remember=1] shortcode. This displays the username/password/Remember Me box. Unfortunately, I cannot find the strings of these labels in WPML to […]


I will like to create a report for each user entry and be able to send mail to a particular email address so they can view it.thanks

Forms to complete by another User

I am wondering if the following is possible with Formidable Pro on the front-end only: User A has a drop down with clients. He select one client and check which forms this client has to fill out. Client (User B) will log-in and see a list of forms he need to complete.

Option to make an entry viewable by logged in users only

Hi there, I want to create a form that lists dog breeders, I have worked out the basics for it but have one problem. I want all of the entries to be viewable by the public, but want to have a check box or an option that the person submitting the listing can tick if […]

number of fields

I will like to ask can add up to 70fields or more in one form or is there a limit to the number of fields one can insert in a form.thanks

Possible to change name attribute of a field?

Is there any way to change the name attribute of a field ?

Image instead of a link to it on frontend / views

Hey all, I have been searching for a solution for this and I have found that adding html=1 should work for this, but no results in my case I use this shortcode to display uploaded files: [25 html=1] (25 = id of the field). In my case not only images are uploaded, users also upload documents, […]

search and print and update link

How do I create a search form for my form that allow the display of data and the possibility of embedding an edit link,update link,delete link and print link to the search result…thank you.

Detect change in values

Hi, I have a form that has a number of text boxes, dates and dropdowns. Their values are concatenated into a single value and presented in a ‘Preview’ textarea at the bottom of the form. I need a way of detecting any change in value for any inputs on the form so that the Preview […]

Display a single entry in a table

I want to put a link in a page (page #1) pointing to another page (page #2)  displaying an entry in a table. I have not clear the value I have to put in the URL of the link in page #1 in order to display the table of certain entry in page 2. I […]

Foundation Framework

I see there is a Bootstrap Addon.  Cool. What I am thinking is that Foundation is becoming very popular and more and more developers are creating Themes with it. I think you might avoid a lot of conflicts if a Foundation addon was created.  I am not an expert at this, but from looking at […]

Prevent one field from being the same as another field

One of my fields is a dropdown for “event times”. User selects from the dropdown, the time that they would like their event to start. There is a second field, also a dropdown for “alternative times” (basically their second choice). Can I prevent the user from selecting the SAME dropdown item on the alternative as […]

Display multiple fields in data from entries drop down

I have a drop down field which shows data from another form – data from entries. The other form has multiple fields, one of which is a help or explanation field. I’d like to display the field that the user needs to choose and also display the field with the help information. I am only […]

stellar support

If you use formidable you probably already know this, but its worth saying again.  Team Formidable provides stellar support! Kevin