Can I Email a Formidable form on Completion

HI Guys is it possible to email a completed PDF when a user has filled out a Formidable for online? thank you Craig R. Brisbane, Australia

How to create a dynamic form with fields defined from entries

Hi, I am looking for a way to create a form whose fields would be dinamicaly created from some other form entries. Basically I want to use products (created by products form) and populate another form to apply prices and create many price lists as negotiated with different customers. Is there any way to use […]

Text Area Word Count

I've set up an online submission form for abstract using Formidable in WordPress.  The limit for the body of abstract is 250 word and I'm trying to limit it to this. I found this php on this site and used it modifying what I need to <?php /* Plugin Name: Word Count Limiter Description: Limit […]

how can start with pdf extended

Hello Have a nice day can you please tech me how can I use pdf extended from the beginning ?? many thanks

Multi Level Dropdown Menus

Is there a way to create a multilevel dropdown menu?  I would like to give my users the ability to choose a category and then choose subcategories from those categories.  Is this possible?

Formidable Registration illegal characters

Hello, Formidable Registration checks for invalid characters in new usernames. Is a problem for us because our site is in spanish and many names have accute accents. I've have found the instruction on FrmRevValidate.php: else if ( ! validate_username( $value ) ) { // Check for invalid characters in new username $errors['field'. $field->id] = __( […]

[input opt=x] Maximum number?

I have ten options for a radio button. I customized the html using the [input opt=X] shortcode with the correct number for each option, and it displays for options 1-9 but not for option 10. How do you number options above 9 in the shortcode?

[auto_id start=1]

Hi All I am loving this plugin!!! A quick question however, I am using [auto_id start=1] in a field on a form.  I've entered data and submitted the form and all worked well with my [auto_id start=1] incrementing a repeating section as necessary. However when I open the form a second time the [auto_id start=1] starts from the […]

Count Values of all Answers for conditional Follow-up

My problem is this: I have a set of 12 questions with 3 Answers each, let's call them A, B, C. Answer A has 1 point, answer B 13 points, answer C has 145 points. I assign those points via "separate value" in field options. Depending on the sum of all those answers I want […]

Delete All Entries


Dear, I import data on regular basis and now I want to delete all the entries. Total Number of entries are approx 95,000. When I click on "Delete All Entries" I got blank window and nothing happen. Kindly check the attached screenshot of blank screen for your reference. Also let me know if there any […]

Updating Price When Coupon Is Entered

Hi there, I have used the following link to set up a coupon system: I have this working if they click purchase it takes off the value of the coupon if they enter the correct words when they get directed to PayPal, but it does not change the Total Price before they click purchase, […]

Using multi-image upload as source for a slideshow

I've been researching slider plugins to see if there is anything that could perhaps use the images from a multi-file upload field in a form as the images for the slider. Haven't found anything so far. Do you know of a way to use this content in a slider or a view that, in effect, is […]

Enhancement: Bulk editing of form fields

I use another program that relies on multiple fields and they have a neat time saving way of bulk editing. Right now I create a form, enter a bunch of fields then start playing with layout and conditionals, etc and lets say I want all form labels to be inline to the left, I want […]

Page Break

Added a page break and I can't delete it.  There is a delete/trash can option for every other field on the form.  But when I hover over the page break, only the move icon appears (but I can't even move the page break).  I can move field above the page break.  But I absolutely positively […]

how to limit number of repeatable fields

Hi, Is there any way to limit number of repeatable fields (upload and single line text field, for example) that users can add when filling a form ? For example users are allowable to add maximum 5 upload and text fields. If it is not built in features, can you please let me know how […]