Financial Formatting

I am building a form/view based on entries imported from an existing csv exported from Excel. A couple of the columns show negative numbers in “Financial” formatting, so they display “($0.07)”. The closest I’ve come is “$-0.07″. Any ideas on how I may accomplish this? I’ve searched the docs and helpdesk questions to no avail. Thanks […]

Load Entry Data into a Form Based on ID

Hi there!  First off – great plugin!  We just really started using it, and are loving it. We’re building a system that allows users to create an “application”, then fill out a series of forms related to that application, then pass it along through a workflow.  During that workflow, multiple users will need to view […]

Filter view by values in another form

I have the User Events Catagories database form where users maintain what categories they follow through an array of checkboxes. I want to filter what they see based on those elected categories. In the filters setting on the view, can I reference another form->field to test against that array of values? Let me know if […]

Typed signature does not transfer well

Hi there, we had a client fill out a form and signed it using the “type” feature rather than “draw” but when we recieved it in the email, it looked like regualr typed font, not like a written signature how it shows on the website. So I need 1 of 2 things. either, help making […]

compare values & group duplicates

I am wondering if it’s possible to find duplicate values of a field ID within a form, and then “group” the views by that common value. Simplified example: A business directory with entries: entry 1: The Red Store – Pasadena, CA entry 2: The Red Store – Burbank, CA entry 3: The Blue Store – […]

Form Entry Limit for particular question

I’ve read the article that talks about limiting the “total” number of entries, however, I’m wondering if there is a way to limit certain field entries? For example: you offer a class in three different locations at different dates but you want to cap each location and date at a certain number…is this possible?

Automated file upload from FORMIDABLE to CRM

I would like to collect CV’s (files) via Formidable and push them automatically into a CRM (preferably into Highrise) How can I do that?  

Redirect based on user’s input in text field

Hi, I want to display 2 fields in front end, Email and Code. In back end, i want to be able to enter list of 100s of codes. Front end: User types in their email (validate the email to make sure its a validate email address) and a code, then user press the submit button. […]

Data Lookup Field

Will there be any capability in V 2.0 to have a “Data Look-up Field”? Works like a Dynamic Drop-down but the choice is permanent and not linked to the source data. Would work exactly as a typical drop-down field but instead of entering the choices within the form they are selected from another form’s content. […]

Formidable Pro does not work with S3 CDN

someone can help me with this problem Tale styles form this using Amazon S3 CDN do not work. I tried manually upload the file but does not work someone help me?

Post link


Is there a way to add shortcode to the post that is being posted in the Customize content section. Right now a quote on my site doesn’t allow you to click through to the post itself, so I would need to add another link for that. I am allowing people to post quotes on my […]

Categories and sub categories display

Hi! I’m using a dropdown menu to let users choose in which category their post will be, and I would like to ass another one (when selecting a category) to display the sub categories of the chosen category. I managed to have the 2nd one appear, but I can’t choose to display only the categories in […]


How do i create a checklist that shows a liste of entries and with a checkbox next to each one. We want to update a fields inside each entry with this checklist

Custom Validation/Flow Help

Hello, just diving in to Formidable Pro for the first time and looking for advice on how to approach the following situation/needs: We are creating a User Registration Page and need users to have the ability to register product serial numbers. The user registers their contact details and creates an account, then needs to enter […]

Save only one or two fields of a form

Is it possible to only save a few fields on the server or website and not others? It seems as if I only have a choice as to either save the form or not using the checkbox under general settings. Some of the info is sensitive but I’d like to at least store the name […]