Data from Entries?

I’m trying to understand the knowledgebase article here: It says: “Add a Data from Entries field to Form 2 with the following settings:” Where is that?

Customize page for people not authorized

Hi ! Only logged in users can see my form, so when non logged in users try to see the page, they have the message saying they’re not authorized. I’d like to add a few things to that page, not just the sentence. Can I customize it ? like a regular page ? I wanted […]

[deletelink] in post created by form

I am setting up a site in which I want a user with Editor role to be able to create and delete custom posts using Formidable forms. I have setup a form for each custom post type with a custom view to display each created post. I added a [deletelink] at the bottom of each […]

Weaver Xtreme prevents calculated fields

Just checking to see if you have run across this issue. I use Weaver Themes for all my sites as well as Formidable 2.0. Never a problem. I have a couple of new sites that use the new Weaver Xtreme Theme and just discovered that calculated field in a form will not calculate if in […]

Data not saving in backend of wordpress

Have 2 forms. The info is being sent via email, but not being saved in backend. Want to download all info into csv file for client, but no info is showing. Need help!!! Amy

Quiz customization

Could you indicate if any of your plugin and add ons will allow me to provide my user the sort of detailed feedback I am looking for. In essence, I’d like each response field to affect to two indices, categories of indices to be available when creating the form and a graphical result to be […]

Registration Bar

Hi, Is it possible to use Formidable forms pro to create a registration bar like here: where the far right word الدخول gives a dropdown menu containing email and password, with a login button and “forgot your password?” question. and the second one: التسجيل drops down a registration form.

Two column view

I am trying to achieve a view showing all results but in two columns on the page. I’ve tried using the tools in the views  with [one_half] and [one_half_last] but it just repeats the entire list in each column instead if displaying record 1 then record 2 and so on.   Also is there a […]

Separate values and hidden number field

Screen Shot 2015-06-29 at 3.50.25 PM

Hello 1- When i select separate values for a radio buttons, the saved values only appears on page title but into a post appear form option label value 2- When a numer field is hidden, in to a post appear “0” as result  

Filter by User Meta

I need to filter entries by the user who submitted them’s usermeta. I currently do not have a dynamic field in the form, but I can add one, is there a way to go back and include that information? or filter it some other way?

Great form for WooCommerce

Formidable is great out the box when it comes to creating WooCommerce products on the front end. I haven’t seen any other competing forms that do it so easily! Highly recommended.

CSS path different?

On my multisite network, I see that the FP css with id=formidable-css for my parent page is: ../wp-content/uploads/sites/932/sites/932/formidable/css/formidablepro.css?ver=2.0.08 While on my child site the path is: ../wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=frmpro_css&ver=2.0.08 Do you know what is causing this disparity? Both forms have AJAX enabled and style template set to “Formidable Style (default)”.  

User-Agent/Referrer Not Working

Screenshot 2015-06-27 13.52.08

Hi, This was working fine on my forms and now no longer pulls in any information after an entry is submitted. The User/Agent will come up as “?” and the Referrer is simply blank. I do have the checkbox checked that says “Append IP Address, Browser, and Referring URL to message”. Also one other follow-up […]

Objects in the editor disappear when mouse over


When I am in the form editor, almost any object I mouseover disappears. If I hover over the move, or trash can on a field, it disappears. Same goes for the entire layout menu. The objects comeback after a refresh, but this is making it impossible to work with and I just upgraded to pay […]