dynamic user dropdown

I am using the following code based on this topic: http://formidablepro.com/help-desk/dropdown-dynamic-user-roles/ The problem i am having is that when i create a new entry the value for the reviewer does not capture in the field.  what am i missing?   //populate the reviewers dropdown field add_filter(‘frm_setup_new_fields_vars’, ‘frm_populate_reviewers’, 20, 2); add_filter(‘frm_setup_edit_fields_vars’, ‘frm_populate_reviewers’, 20, 2); //use this function […]

Problem connecting with Aweber

Hi there, I’m located in Australia and am trying to integrate formidable forms with Aweber but I just keep getting an error saying there was a problem integrating with Aweber In Awebers troubleshooting guide it says something about Expired Timestamp. I am unable to change my server time, so how can I authorise with them […]

Sum of prior entries, same field displayed

We use a form with calculated fields to determine the amount of commission that is earned for a case.   I want to display a YTD, etc. sum of commissions for that same field when submitting a new entry. Basically, an email goes out after new entry is added. Commission on newest entry: [123] Total […]

Conditional if date field = NOW

I’m trying to display a form within a view only if a date in the form (field 309) is greater than or equal to the current date or if the field is empty. Since there is only <, > or = available I made the following entries. They all work except when the date is […]

Real Estate Listings

I need to set up real estate listings function on my website at http://www.blademcgunn.com While attempting to follow directions at http://formidablepro.com/knowledgebase/use-formidable-pro-for-real-estate-listings/  I tried to follow the prompt number four. Select your Real Estate listings form from the “Use Entries from Form” drop-down. There is no such drop-down although I see the use Entries area where the […]

Ordering of Custom Taxonomies/Checkboxes

I have a specific need to order my custom taxonomies/checkboxes on the form from left to right as follows Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network e.g not alphabetically but by age range of Scouting. How can I do this please? See http://devessexscouts.org.uk/new-story/ Thanks

Use a statistc in a conditional statement

I have an event view based on the events form that includes the displaying of a registration form. I am trying to display the registration form conditionally only if the maximum number of registrations for the event has not been met. The shortcode to get the registered count to display in the view is “] and works […]

Import XML file failed

I am trying to import an XML file of entries (created from an Excel spreadsheet) and when I click “upload file and import” I just receive a “Nothing was imported or updated” error message. Any ideas?

Create Help Button/Selection

Would like to create a help button to place near options on the form (due to large amount of text), have read many options in KB but is not really clear. Do I use a radio button and then program it to open when clicked or what, or maybe use the submit button and relabel […]

Guide to Export, Edit and Import

Great product and support team. I think readers would benefit from guidelines on how to export then edit and import without excel changing anything. I have encountered a number of difficulties such as changing date formats, telephone numbers being transformed and special characters being converted into code. I have tried excel, I am now trying […]

Renumbering Field Options ID

Is it possible to change the field options id number? I am up to 400 but I only have about 100 field options. I have one a lot of adding and deleting and each time the number just goes up instead of finding the lower possible number to use. Also does this mean all the […]

Click “filter buttons” to show date entries?

I have a listing of entries that I’d like to allow filtering for. The best approach would be to have month buttons (Jan, Feb, etc) above the entries, which would allow a user to click and view entries only associated with that month. The entries are “event” related, so the date would be the date […]

Assigning roles based on drop down selection

Hello, I’ve searched, but didn’t find an answer. When using the registration add-on, can a users role be set based on an option they choose in a drop-down field?  For example, if I have custom roles for artist and collector, can I set the registration form to assign their role as artist if they choose […]

Tick all checkboxes

Is there a way to create a form so you can tick all check-boxes in a particular field in 1 go ?

Well done !

So far this plugin is FAB. It does what it says on the tin. The documentation could be a lot clearer & deeper but if the support staff are able to resolve everything here I give it 5*. Well done !!!!