Calculations in view, also graph question

I have been working with Jamie on most of my questions and she is semi familiar with my site so she may be the best one to throw this one to. Below I have my questions and I will work out the PHP functions but I just need help with the Formidale portion, even if […]

Remove blank space or comma in drop-down

Because I'm concatenating some fields for a drop-down (either A + " " + B, or A + ", " + B), I'm getting an automatic blank space or comma+blank space as a drop-down option.  I'm trying to solve for the comma issue.  The following code already fixes the blank space. 140 is for student […]

Block out previous dates

I used your code here to block out some dates, but what do I need to add to stop dates before today from being selected. I read that this code above was supposed to block out block all past dates as well, but I can still select them Thanks add_action('frm_date_field_js', 'start_and_end_dates', 10, 2); function […]

Registration form won't bounce to Paypal

On our church  website, we are taking registrations with a Paypal payment.  When it first went live, our registrations functioned correctly and a Paypal payment was successfully processed.  Now, the form does not bounce to Paypal.  We have reinstalled the Formidable plugin and checked all settings that might be the issue but we still cannot […]

ERROR: That license has been used on too many sites.

Hi, I have a single site licence. I only has one site and was working using WP multisite. As I only has one site, so I turn-off multisite. For some reason, formidablepro reverted back to free version, so I have to re-enter the licence but was prompted: ERROR: That license has been used on too many […]

Changing PayPal cancel URL for a given form

I have an existing form using the PayPal addon for new member registration. I have just added another form for an event registration, which also uses the PayPal addon. I know that I can use this code: to override the default PayPal Return URL set in global settings for the event registration form, but […]

Time format

I need to create a couple views that display time in different ways from the same form.  The time field is actually in my form not the created-at or update-at fields. How can I display as 4:00 PM in one view and 16:00 in another view?

List of entries

Hello, Why can I not edit the form by clicking the link on a list name? I added this code: [frm-entry-id = 2 links logged_in = 0 = field_key jqaevk] and the page list is: Also, I can see more than one field?

WOW Feature - Embed Forms

I just stumbled onto the EMBED FORMS feature which I have never noticed before. This is awesome.  I have been using default population fields to maintain form links, That is for one to many where I need more than user_id etc) The embed documentation says the FP system uses the Entry ID for linking. Does that mean […]

Updating Existing Post(s)

- Business Directory - Custom Post Type ... "Listings" - FormidablePro form lets users submit their FREE business listing to the directory - Lets say form includes fields ... BizName,, Category Up to here everything works Here's my question : - Next ... user can upgrade listing to "Featured" - A featured listing includes an […]

Can I use Formidable Pro for development site with different domain name?

Hi! I am developing a wordpress site for a business and I want to use Formidable Pro. However I am building it under my own domain name and only after the website is ready it will be transfered to their own domain name. Can you tell me if I will be able to switch the […]

Dynamic Selection of Email Receipient

Hi, We are trying to re-create the form and functionality of the form found at (click on "I Need A Repair") If you click on any one of the markers (and subsequent title) on the map that opens you will get a form embedded in a lightbox. For each of the markers (locations) the […]

Create a taxonomy term upon image upload

Hello, what I am trying to achieve is: upon form submission, a couple of file upload fields should automatically load images into the Media Library - and this is fine - but also create a custom taxonomy term based upon another form field (a free text field, not a dropdown) and then associate the image with the term. Is there […]

Linking back form a view to the original post?

Hi guys, Hopefully this is a simple one - but I've been searching the knowledgebase & can't figure it out... I've a search form here: which displays search results here: On the results page I'd like to keep the displayed details simple & concise, but add a "View" link that takes users to […]

User meta conditional problem

Hi. I'm using Registration Add-on to add user meta data. Everything works brilliant, but when there is problem when I want conditionally display user meta. I have user meta fields "phone1", "phone2", "phone3".  "Phone1" is required, but the other 2 are not. I'm trying to display user meta info on view with conditional statement - […]