search results goes to details instead of listing

I created a search form and put it on my dynamic view page and it worked correctly. But then I decided I didn’t want people to see all the entries just the  results of their search so I split the view and search form into separate pages. I adjusted the redirect url. Now when I […]

Show Clickable Filename for multiple files

Following on from this topic: I have tried the suggested solution, [1758 html=1 show_filename=1] ,but I get nothing. It give gives blank space. Am I doing something wrong.

Numbers of days


Hello, I would like to create multi-step form with calculator. I have a problem with date, how can i count how many days I have choosen? I typed: date2 – date1 – but it count numbers of days*2, if i choose a date from other month, it shows me some “stupid” values. Second problem is: […]

Obfuscation of default value

I want to populate an email field with the email address of current user. The problem I have is how to obfuscate the pre-populated email address so is not easily harvested. Obfuscation plugins don’t seem to work with Formidable forms – I have tried several.

Can I build a small accounting by Generate custom calculations?

Hi There Again, I have found in you features “Generate custom calculations”. So, Can I build a small accounting and reports with this and which add ons for this features. Waiting for your reply. Thanks.

Formidable Pro

Hi, I want to buy the standard edition and in your pricing list I found 12 add ons. Below is my few related queries based on this.  It will be great helpful If you kindly answer me the requirements. Thanks 1.  I actually want to build a database application for College a. Present Student Database […]

Retain Entry Data when Hiding a Field?

Is there a way to retain a users entered data in a field when the field is hidden in a form? I have a page with 5 sections and a corresponding radio field with 5 options to navigate in between each section (kinda like tabs). If I enter anything in the fields for Section 1, click […]

Add Meta Data for attachments

Hi, i have another question. how can is add meta data for my attachments? I habe different attachments types which are organized through an attachment type in the meta data of the attachment post. thank you!  

Dynamic total in form

1. Could i calculate the two field value?   2. Could i set this  code in a form? Because the total will increase for each store,i need to check the dynamic total for each many store and build the form could easy search them. Every entry is the  dynamic total. Thanks

get display id in pagination html

Hello, hope you guys are well, There are multiple displays on a page and I need to perform ajax on them. Since the pagination doesn’t have a unique class or ID I was hoping to do something like this add_filter(‘frm_pagination_class’, ‘add_pagination_class’, 20, 1); function add_pagination_class($display){ $class = ‘frm_block_id_’ . $display->ID; return $class; } How do […]

close form after some conditional triggers

Hi, It should be better if a form or a field is automatically closed or disabled after some Conditional triggers met. Firts, form is automatically closed after predetermined number of entries has been reached. Second, specific field is automatically disabled after predetermined number of entries has been reached for specific conditions  like the number of […]

Unable to update FormidablePro plugin

Having trouble updating FormidablePro on different sites. Current version 2.0.07 Automatic update for 2.0.08 displays an error: “An error occurred while updating Formidable: Update package not available.” Current version 2.0.05 Automatic update doesn’t display an offer to install an update but marks as if it is available.  After I get a confirmation that […]

Registration Add-on incomplete

Please add to the first lines of the documentation that the Add-on – stores the password in plain text – does not have a forgot password feature – does not have a password strength function I am sure many users spend hours setting up their registration process to find out that the Add-on is not […]

Group by in view


Hi, Please check an “attachment file”. How can i setup in view page like this. Its mean group all entries have same TERM and YEAR value. Thanks

lower space between fields


Hi, Is it possible to lower vertical space, particularly between the first field and the second field (same fields) within repeatable section ? Screenshot attached. Thank you.