Remove / from date on a View

HI, how can I remove the “/” from a date field on a view. Original value on view: 23/10/2014 Expected value on view: 23102014

Comments for each dynamic view

hello I have my website where they post jobs my ideal is that every time you come to see each offer as dynamic ahy same below information display the comments but I want the comment to look specifically for the offer and does not mix in the other .

creacion de perfil de usuario

hi i want to create a profile where the picture of the person who registers appears. Additional to this that under a counter saying how many projects published in a form and had few qualifications to appear by users. same and there you can edit your profile. Can you help me.  

Stars not clickable

I have a quick survey on this page, but cannot work out why the stars are not clickable to get to the next page Cheers

Styling CHOSEN

twitter bootstrap 3 - Chosen.js styling not conforming to Bootstrap3 styles - Stack Overflow

Hi, I want to style chosen with this but it doesn’t work. Please help, I apply the style to my custom.css but it style showing the predefined style.

Export entry from front end

Hi, Jamie Can it be possible to export entries from front end from any search field? Thanks in advance

Forcing Data from Entries to display as text

Hi, We’re trying to use the Data from Entries field options to create a pricing page where the users price is determine by various selections. We pretty much have it working, apart from how the final bit of data is displayed. Users choose 1 of 2 radio buttons in field one, which then loads another […]

Registration Notice

Hello again my friends, it’s me and I’m very excited to see this site actually launched and partially underway. I have a bit of a problem that I’m hoping to resolve quickly. Now that real veterans are starting to sign up, I need to be able to know immediately that someone has done that. Please […]

Add “this was helpful” button

Hi, It would be useful would be to have a “this was helpful” thing.  So if a topic has a lot of “this was helpful” ratings it can be an indication to put that topic in the documentation. Thanks for the great support, Corey

required field toggle if hidden

I have a single form used in two places: Registration:  partial form ( 5 of the 20 fields ) Profile:            entire form I have a function for the Registration page to hide the (15) fields which works great visually but when the page is submitted, it tries to validate the hidden […]

Incredible value with superb support

I’ve been using Formidable for over two years now. The product is continuously being developed and improved to add new and valuable features. The flexibility of this plugin is incredible. I keep thinking of more new ways to use it, and it almost always works perfectly. Support is very professional and prompt. This is easily […]

Data from Entries -> not showing courses with past registration date

Hi, I’m trying to build a course registration thing similar to your example 3 on the following page: Now I would like to show only courses with a possible registration date; past courses and courses with past registration should not appear. Is this possible? If yes, how? And if yes, why not add the […]

Reserved words (param)

Hello, I noticed using a param called cat (&cat) does not work. Is this a reserved parameter? Eric

Exporting Checkbox Group Values Individually

Hi there, Noted this closed topic on the forum and would very much like to see this implemented also. It doesn’t, from the code prescribed in the thread, look like it would be that difficult to do. Export all values in a Checkbox Group in their own cells, not inline as comma separated items. […]

Populate field with specific alternative from another field

Dear Formidablers,  for over a year I have been trying to solve the conundrum of populating two language versions with information gathered from the same post. Recently I found a solution – I can gather the data in one form, make a post from it that includes both language versions and hide the respective ones […]