Pro feature - still can't redirect to URL

Hi, I just installed Pro but in Form Settings > General > On Submit, I can't select "Redirect to URL " - it's grey. thanks

Mailchimp double opt-in

Hi, We just got Pro and installed the Mailchimp plugin. I only want to get email notifications *after* people have confirmed their opt-in, not when they click the submit button on the form. How do I set that? Also, this may be part of the issue, but in Form Actions > Trigger this action after […]

Linking existing member profiles to user id

I had an existing membership database from another plugin that had contact info and was also able to import the users from the former website. I created a form and imported the member profile information using FP.  I had the individual member's records linked to their WP user profile.  During testing I was able to login […]

problems on update

After updating to the latest FF version, we have found two problems:  The display views are corrupted (missing fields).  This can temporarily be fixed by editing and re-saving the view display, but it seems the problem has returned in at least one case. The posting options (draft, pending review, private) have disappeared for one of […]

User Role it always saves the users as a subscribers or Pending


My form for adding new Users works expect no matter what I select as the User Role it always saves the users as a subscribers or Pending - and then I need to edit the User to get their User Role to the correct one and save it. Then it works. Why is this happening? […]

Can't Import More than 200 CSV Entries at a Time Through Formidable

I have close to 200,000 entries in csv format which I need to import to my wordpress site through the Formidable CSV Import function.  But anytime I attempt to import a csv file which contains more than about 200-250 entries it freezes and crashes my site and imports the first 200-250 entries twice (it duplicates […]

user meta decimal point not change

Hi, we use the following code at a HTML field: [user_meta key=price decimal=2 dec_point="," thousands_sep="."] EURO the output is: 24.00 and NOT 24,00 any idea ? Best regards, Jörg    

Auto increment in repeating section

It would be great to see auto-increment working in repeating section. When adding multiple items that are basically the same, having numbering on the left would be very beneficial.   Love the product

Views: can I display selected checkbox items separately?

This one of those "is-it-possible?" questions: I have a form that's all checkboxes and radio buttons. I'd like to create a view that shows users what "correct" answers were selected, and then which ones weren't, in a well-organized table format. Is there a way to display selected items separately? I do have unique values set […]

IBAN number + check

Hi, in a form you can select e-mail address and make sure this field requires a 'valid' e-mail address. We've made a form where we've added an IBAN number. This international bank number got letters and figures in it. We'd like to check if this field is 'valid'. Is it possible to do the same […]

Email format

Is it only possible to use .com emails for notifications?  What if my email is or  ?

Increment number by 1

Hi, I have repeating section in my form. In it, there is a "Room#" field. I need to set it to 1 for the first one and increment it by 1 every time "add" button is pressed. Unsuccessfully, I tried to use increment function in the default. Here's the link to the form Please advice. […]

Calculating based on the drop down value

Hi, I need to create a form with repeating section that has  a drop with 2 options: 1-4 | 1 and 5-8|2 and a checkbox Yes/No Based on these values 3 variables needs to be affected DCM/DSM/FPM for 1-4 DCM = 1 DSM = 1 and FPM = 1 and if checkbox Yes/No is true, then DSM=2 […]


I am working on creating my first multi-part form along with the save in progress option, etc. I purchased the pro version. Having difficulty creating the side by side option. I did one line successfully but the next line is coming out choppy. I have been on this first page of a long form for […]

Free vs Pro

I am unable to read clearly what the difference is between the free version vs the pro. Is there a compassion chart? I have downloaded the free version but it looks so limited that it seems hard to try it very much.