Issue getting Hyperlink to dynamically fill in a form Field

Hi all, I have two fields. 1. HTML Field using a Portfolio Shortcode.  This portfolio shortcode gives me multiple images, all of which have a button underneath saying “Choose this template”. I can set the hyperlink url for the button. 2. An empty Text Field Now what I want is to dynamically tell the Text […]

form stopped working – phone number validation

For some reason my users were unable to submit forms today as it was suddenly, without change on my part, rejecting phone numbers in any format. I was using the following to only allow numbers of either UK mobile or landline in the valid format: ^((+44s?d{4}|(?d{5})?)s?d{6})|((+44s?|0)7d{3}s?d{6})$ It was working fine for a month, and then today […]

Paypal Payment Problem

We have installed formidable with the PayPal add-on and since yesterday all the transactions that go through PayPal show “No” as not completed. However if we sign into PayPal we can see the payment was completed.   How can we fix this problem

can’t receive uploaded file

Hallo, my form has the possibility to upload up to three file. I made a try uploading a picture, but I didn’t get in the notification email nor is it in the form entries. What am I doing wrong?   Thanks,   A

Sortable ratings (stars)

My client and I have put together a view with sortable columns. The column with stars is sorting ratings with no stars before others as if unrated items are the higher in value than stars greater than 0. One would expect 5 stars to sort to the top, but I’m not sure how it evaluates […]

Tracking the referring URL

2 questions: 1. If I wanted to track which url it came from just before would I use this the code for the ‘original’ url referral or the code or the code for ‘Populate field with URL of referring page’? 2. The code that I used, is it inserted into the functions.php or somewhere else?  

WPML & Formidable

Screen Shot 2015-07-01 at 5.28.37 PM

Hey guys, Purchased both WPML and Formidable pro today for a site I’m working on (it’s currently local). I’ve hooked up all the additional plugins as listed on I’ve also installed the necessary .po files via the WPML String Translation and it’s showing necessary translations for most of the fields (some are missing). But, when […]

signature field not displaying signature in entries

After updating to 2.0.10 all my signatures stoped displaying in all my forms stopped displaying. Entries created after the update display code info like below, entries created prior to the update are all blank in the entry view. [{“lx”:91,”ly”:32,”mx”:91,”my”:31},{“lx”:91,”ly”:35,”mx”:91,”my”:32},{“lx”:91,”ly”:38,”mx”:91,”my”:35},{“lx”:91,”ly”:42,”mx”:91,”my”:38},{“lx”:91,”ly”:45,”mx”:91,”my”:42},{“lx”:91,”ly”:52,”mx”:91,”my”:45},{“lx”:91,”ly”:55,”mx”:91,”my”:52},{“lx”:93,”ly”:62,”mx”:91,”my”:55},{“lx”:100,”ly”:72,”mx”:93,”my”:62},{“lx”:106,”ly”:78,”mx”:100,”my”:72},{“lx”:116,”ly”:82,”mx”:106,”my”:78},{“lx”:123,”ly”:89,”mx”:116,”my”:82},{“lx”:130,”ly”:92,”mx”:123,”my”:89},{“lx”:137,”ly”:95,”mx”:130,”my”:92},{“lx”:140,”ly”:99,”mx”:137,”my”:95},{“lx”:140,”ly”:102,”mx”:140,”my”:99},{“lx”:140,”ly”:105,”mx”:140,”my”:102},{“lx”:143,”ly”:109,”mx”:140,”my”:105},{“lx”:143,”ly”:112,”mx”:143,”my”:109},{“lx”:143,”ly”:115,”mx”:143,”my”:112},{“lx”:143,”ly”:119,”mx”:143,”my”:115},{“lx”:143,”ly”:122,”mx”:143,”my”:119},{“lx”:141,”ly”:126,”mx”:143,”my”:122},{“lx”:131,”ly”:129,”mx”:141,”my”:126},{“lx”:124,”ly”:132,”mx”:131,”my”:129},{“lx”:111,”ly”:132,”mx”:124,”my”:132},{“lx”:104,”ly”:132,”mx”:111,”my”:132},{“lx”:97,”ly”:132,”mx”:104,”my”:132},{“lx”:94,”ly”:132,”mx”:97,”my”:132},{“lx”:91,”ly”:132,”mx”:94,”my”:132},{“lx”:87,”ly”:132,”mx”:91,”my”:132},{“lx”:84,”ly”:132,”mx”:87,”my”:132},{“lx”:80,”ly”:132,”mx”:84,”my”:132},{“lx”:77,”ly”:132,”mx”:80,”my”:132},{“lx”:101,”ly”:27,”mx”:101,”my”:26},{“lx”:106,”ly”:26,”mx”:101,”my”:27},{“lx”:116,”ly”:22,”mx”:106,”my”:26},{“lx”:126,”ly”:22,”mx”:116,”my”:22},{“lx”:137,”ly”:22,”mx”:126,”my”:22},{“lx”:143,”ly”:22,”mx”:137,”my”:22},{“lx”:150,”ly”:25,”mx”:143,”my”:22},{“lx”:153,”ly”:28,”mx”:150,”my”:25},{“lx”:153,”ly”:31,”mx”:153,”my”:28},{“lx”:153,”ly”:35,”mx”:153,”my”:31},{“lx”:153,”ly”:42,”mx”:153,”my”:35},{“lx”:157,”ly”:42,”mx”:153,”my”:42},{“lx”:157,”ly”:45,”mx”:157,”my”:42},{“lx”:157,”ly”:48,”mx”:157,”my”:45}]

Graph single form entry of Yes/No questions

Hi I’m loving formidable and we are using it for loads of stuff at the minute. One thing we are trying to do seems pretty simple but haven’t figured it out. We have a form with a load of yes/no radio buttons for questions, around 30 or so. What we want to do is produce […]

Need to upgrade form free version, can I keep my form?

Hi   I need to download my data as cvs, but I’ve just realised I need to pay for this feature. 2 questions.. .1. If I get the single lisence is this included? 2. If I get this will it allow me to keep the form, and form data form the free version and just […]

Display different content when a form is submitted

Hi support team, I created a main page that contains links to posts that contain forms (each post has one form) and I set the forms to allow single submission. Therefore, if the user submits a form, let’s say form A, is it possible to hide the link or alter the content to the form A’s post […]

Same data from previous update but different users

form settings

Is there a way to populate a form with all the previous submissions/updates regardless of the user entering it? I have a form used by multiple users to report a changing status (i.e. snow depth). This information is published using views on a page. User #one fills in the current snow depth in the morning. […]

not receiving payment success from Paypal

I had paypal payment working with formidable. Then when I tested it again it had stopped working. Turns out it was the members plugin I used that was causing the trouble. WordPress Access Control. Tis a shame, because it was simple and did the job. Any ideas on what could be interfering with the paypal […]

jQuery document off submit.formidable

Hello, Can you explain why this code? <script type=”text/javascript”> /*<![CDATA[*/ jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $(document).off(‘submit.formidable’,’.frm-show-form’);$(document).on(‘submit.formidable’,’.frm-show-form’,frmFrontForm.submitForm); }); /*]]>*/ </script> And how to disable please?   Thank you

Create a new blank form

Hi there We have a form system where users can now see sent forms and save drafts. All working pretty well, but what we need now is to have a link where users can create a new blank form instead of seeing there latest saved draft. Our form will always show the latest draft, I […]