Create an Advanced Search Form Documentation

Hi Team, Does anyone have the underlying code for the “search form” shown in Item 2 of the first page of this document. Thanks Ken

rc3 feedback – possible bug

Hi gang, I’m not sure if this is the correct way to report possible bugs, but here it goes. I’m working on a form with a repeatable section located at I have encountered 2 issues: 1. The “Add” button at the bottom will not show, so new records beyond the first can’t be added within […]

Non-formidable short codes not saving properly in Rich Text box

Once I got the form edit working and the insert media working I found that the Gallery short code was being converted to it’s display html code, which means not being able to edit the short code after saving. Further testing shows that all short codes are being converted to the HTML that the short […]

Best Way to Publish a List based on Key Fields

The documentation from Formidable is frankly some of the best I have ever seen so Congrats! However as a new user and not a strong programmer I look for ways to do things that require me to do as little code as possible and I try to find simple ways to do basic things. What […]

Filter view “maxdate”

Hi, is it possible add a filter like this in a view? I’ve got a form where we submit multiple entries per company. What I would like to accomplish is that only the last entry is shown per company. I thought something like this (Date created  equals to [get param=[get param=maxdate] ) would work. But it’s showing all […]

form data not getting emailed

I am using the formidable plugin on this site: I also have the MailChimp component installed. The contact us form is submitting the data – I can see the entries. However, the email isn’t being received by the admins. I switched out a couple of different emails; I also tested the emails from my […]

redirect to specific form after login

I’m a newbie using Formidable Pro and Formidable Registration. Here is the scenario I am trying to understand how to make happen. (I’m sure it’s very easy once one get’s through the learning curve.) I will have three different forms a person can submit and they will all be available on the front end of […]

Hide a form when another is submitted

Hi – I have a view  which in it has a link to another form  What I would like to do is hide  when  has been submitted. Is this possible?

Hide field conditionaly

Good morning. I would like to hide a text field in a form if a checkbox on the same form is checked. The simplest way to do this, is to use the conditional logic in the form. That will not do my trick, because I use the same form on several pages. Hiding the field […]

Conditional email on registration

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.53.13 PM

I’ve been looking through the support forms for a day now to find an answer to my problem.   No luck. Hope you can help me. After someone registers I send an initial email saying that we have received their request. I want to send a second email after a new user has been approved. […]

Editing entry

Hi, I have a problem with editing database. Part of entries in database are entries which are imported, not created through form either registration. Other part of data are submited through formidable form. Every single entry is visible when I click on “view” in entries. As administrator, I have to edit some data in all entries. […]

Order Service using PriceList Form and print related documents

I have Services PriceList form that maintained by site administration (services and their prices can be modified). I need an Order Form, where customer can fill his name and select service from read-only drop down list. Customer must see price of choosen service in dropdown list or, better, in separate read-only text field right to […]

View take long time not showing up

Hi! I followed the suggestion in this post ( to create a downloadable csv file using Data tables jquery and data table tools. It works. The problem is that ot have a download csv of all entries, I need to load/show all entries. I have in my table about 2000 entries and when I’m disabling […]

Previous subscription issues

I have subscribed formidable pro. But it doesn’t work anymore now. I was asked to install pro version. I am not sure if this will overwrite my previous data. My support subscription should be due, i know, but i am still entitled to use the form without support on your side. When i first paid […]

Data Mapping

I have tried mapping data into fields created by Advanced Custom Fields, Types and Pods. The field in ACF worked almost but the date field still didn’t map. I creating 2 custom post types and a third that ‘joins’ them so the first 2 are realted through the 3rd. I am using Formidable Pro to […]