Grouping entries by multiple fields values


Hi, first, thank you very much for a great plug-in! It saves me a lot of time My question (sorry for my english): It’s a very simple logistics planning website. I have a view for entries grouping by multiple fields and it works except little thing and i don’t know where problem may be 1. […]

Display code as code from a form submission

Display code as code from a form submission Example: submitting youtube embed code so that it can be emailed to a customer to paste into their website.

opening new page when redirecting after a form submission

After a form submission I want to redirect to an URL but opening the target page in a new tab or browser window. I have seen that adding target=”_blank” or target=”_new” to the URL (the standard way to open a page in a different tab/window) but this does not work. Action After Form Submission: Redirect to URL […]

Use Group By & Show last Entry per user

Hi Steph, I want to display via a custom view, the top record for each user. I found the following code: add_filter(‘frm_where_filter’, ‘filter_custom_display’, 10, 2); function filter_custom_display($where, $args){ if(isset($args['display']) and $args['display']->ID == 3 and $args['where_opt'] == 25) { //change 25 to the ID of your unique field and 3 to the ID of the View […]

How to use PHP or Shortcode from another plugin in FP View

4-19-2014 4-47-41 PM

I need to create a view with some data visible to all users and some hidden unless they have a specific user level. The site uses S2Member for controlling access based on their levels. S2Member provides both shortcodes and php functions to protect data, but I’ve tried both and neither seems to work in the […]

Comparing Fields in Form

Hi there, I was hoping I could seek advice from anyone who may have some insight on this. I’m doing a registration form for summer camps and I need to be able to compare the values of 2 fields that are calculated based on a user’s selections. One field calculates the discount (not fixed and […]

How come submitting takes so long?

I’ve been curious about this for a while and figured I’d hop on here and ask it. When I create a form and press submit on the front-end it takes about 5-8 seconds before it captures the data. Why is this? I thought maybe it had to do with passing the data to the server. […]

Using Conditionals with get-xxxx

I have a custom display for a member directory preceded by a search form on a page. It works fine using [get-m_name], [get-m_practice], etc. from the URL sent by the form. After a search the form is of course empty so there is nothing to show the user what they just searched for. I found […]

How to set an uploaded file to open in new browser tab?

I’m using the shortcode for a document upload [290 html=1] to the form.  When I click on a file after it’s been uploaded, I’d like it to open in a new browser tab, but the shortcode [290 html=1 target="_blank"] isn’t working.  Please advise how to fix this.

Custom validation without postback

We are trying to create custom validation but every time it does a post back or refreshes the page. We want to use AJAX so it does not refresh the page. Is this possible? thanks

Pass Form A Field B > Form X Field Y?

How do I pass the field choices from one form as choices in another form? Reading over the instructions for Pass Values from Form A-B, it seems like it should be simply calling the specific Field Options ID value instead of entries/etc, but when I try that I am just getting the entries from past […]

How can I add an onclick to the Save Draft link?

I’ve got a form that is pretty long and I want to make sure my clients submit or save draft before leaving the form. I’ve added a  global variable and a two functions in the After Fields section, and I’m using window.onbeforeunload to call a routine that checks that variable and displays a message reminding them […]

Formidable Math Captcha not working with BWS Captcha Pro

Hi, I discovered an issue that prevents Math Captcha being displayed when BWS Captcha plugin is upgraded to Pro version. Please adjust the formidable-math-captcha.php with the following codition: Wherever you have: cptch_display_captcha() make sure that you also check for cptchpr_display_captcha() So the function around line 158 should be: if (function_exists(‘cptch_display_captcha’)){ cptch_display_captcha(); } else if (function_exists(‘cptchpr_display_captcha’)) […]

Summary Page Displays Country Code, not Name

Using the Pro version. I am also using the Country form offered here in the site to create a country combo box for the address section of my form. I have created a multi-page form with an HTML field for a summary on the last page. I have created the Summary page using a table to […]

WordPress 3.9 Formidable 1.07.07 – Slow Until License Key entered

See update – requires license key before slowness goes away When I upgraded to wordpress 3.9 and I have formidable 1.07.07 installed and a form created my site is unusable because it is super super slow. When I have it installed and  there are no forms created it works fine, but obviously I need to […]