Problems when upgrading to Formidable 2

Hi, I’ve 2 problems : 1) I use my formidable form in other websites through an iframe by calling : …/index.php?plugin=formidable&controller=forms&frm_action=preview&form=… but it doesn’t work anymore. Is there a way to enable this url again ? 2) My previous custom style has not been saved when upgrading. Is there a way to get it back […]

Event Schedule

Hi there, First of all: I love formidable very much! In practice there are some questions. Is there a possibility to implement a frontend form like this: =============================== Event Schedule Start time: 10:00 — Start: Timetable (repeatable section) — Time — Duration — Text 10:00 — 5 Min. — Description… 10:05 — 20 Min. — […]

Update to 4.2.1 removed all of my forms

Hello. I have a development site on which I have just updated to WP 4.2.1 and straight after I updated to the latest Formidable Pro 2.x and now all of my formidable forms have been deleted. I am currently downloading the back-up I made beforehand to reinstate, but why has this happened? Did I do something […]

Multilingual, Dynamic field, Conditional Logic

Hi, I’m using a dynamic field getting info from the Post Categories. then I have a Text Field that hides depending on a Conditional logic applied on 1 of those categories. all works fine in the default language. but then when I switch to the second language, the condition rule is not recognised. I checked the Build […]

Admin can’t update form since upgrade to 2.0

Updating form registration problem

Since the recent update my editors or Admin cannot update a form. I get the messages that “This username is already registered.” and “This email address is already registered.” The editor needs to go into a field and mark it as “Paid” and then update the entry. I am hoping it is just that I […]

“Phone number” field not showing format after update to Version 2.0

Hi, after updating to the new version, in every phone number field it does not show formatting (e.g. ___-__-____), although it checks if the value entered is a valid phone number. I knew that the input masks are intended to work with: Is it a bug or should i do something else?

Massive list of draft forms and all existing forms tweaked on 2.0.4 update

Screen Shot 2015-04-27 at 11.06.56 PM

Just updated my site to the new formidable and got loads of junk and empty Draft forms and all my pre-existing forms no longer display on my site and I get the “Oops” message.

Submit Button Issue

Hello, I am having an issue with Formidable Forms on 2 of our websites (both WooThemes). The background for the submit button has gone white. I dont think it was like this when the site went live. One is this one: I added this code to the Formidable/Styles/Custom CSS: .frm_style_formidable-style.with_frm_style input[type=”submit”], .frm_style_formidable-style.with_frm_style .frm_submit input[type=”button”], […]


Hi there isn’t a way to style the submit button on styles….

Custom View – Browse Revision bug

Hi, I’ve just noticed in the latest FP 2.0.04, in the ‘Edit View’ section, the ‘Browse Revisions’ section under the ‘Publish’ tab is broken. When multiple revisions are made for a view, and the ‘Revisions’ link is clicked on, it redirects me to ‘Posts’ page.

radio button field without saved value

I have 2 radio buttons under the “deposit required” heading. The first is for 25.00 and the second I want to leave blank for the customer to fill in whatever amount they choose. Is that possible? Do I have to check donations for Paypal to do that if it is possible? Thank you.

Create pdf for entry view

I successfully added a pdf button to print estimates created with Formidable. I used wp-mpdf plugin, which uses the mPDF PHP class. The plugin documentation is pretty narrow so I’ll share the steps with you while it’s still fresh in my mind… 1) create a new Single Entry view and place anything you want to show […]

Attach previously uploaded pdf to another form’s email notification

Correction: after upgrading to 2.0.04, this works as desired! — I have the following setup: Registered users can create a custom type post via form #1. Part of this form is a file upload field, allowing pdf-files only. When another registered user reads this post, he will find a button reading “Request PDF”. This button […]

Section is to wide for site


When we have the Section set as field type the section  makes lines outside the parameter of our website.


I just enabled text notifictations using Twilio. It would appear that messages over 160 characters are not sending as multiple sms’s. Only 1 sms is sent and therefore only part of the message.   Is this formidable related or should I contact Twilio?