how to truncate or round a number without the … read more link

I have a field that’s calculating BMI – in the view I get either “24.221453287197235″ or “24.2 . . .” when I use [bmi truncate=4] I would like to avoid the three dots or any “read more” text.

Signature field doesn’t work with newer versions of buddypress and pricing table


Signature field doesn’t work with newer versions of buddypress or pricing table. It worked with version 2.0 of Buddypress and version 1.34 of pricing table Causes a jquery error “Uncaught TypeError: undefined is not a function ” Attached are screen shots of chrome console.

purchase standard licence

Hello, I have not succeed in open the standard license page in order to buy one. Even with firefox or safari. Edit : Now with my new account created to post here, i’am able to open this page. Tks,

Categories and subcategories in form

Hello I have purchased PRO version. Now I am facing one issue. I have categories and subcategories into database table called “wp_maincat” and “wp_subcat” Now I want to display all those categories and subcategories into form. So user can choose categories/subcategories when they submit form. Make note that these categories will be in checkbox so […]

Adding Entries from Admin

Screen Shot 2014-09-21 at 10.27.19 PM

Hello,   Here is my situation. I have a customer register, they by accident file out the wrong form, so I first delete their entry. Now, they want me to fill out their form for them from my end. So I go to Entrie>Add New>The I select there User ID from the list. The problem […]

Conditional form display

Hello, I would like to display a form only if the user is redirected from a specific url. This form should not be visible to anyone trying to access it directly via the address bar. I know about ‘frm_display_form_action’, but, in my limited programming knowledge, would not know how to achieve this. Any help would […]

Filter a view based on entries submitted field value

I would like to be able to create a view that only shows entries with the same value entered for a specific field. For example, I have a form with a category field drop down in which one option is Books. I want to create a view that will only show entries that have Books as […]

Name and email being replaced

When I edit a form, by the front end or the back end, the first and last name and the email address is being replaced with my information, instead of the correct information belonging to the user. I’m logged in as admin when this is happening, I’ve cleared auto fill from Safari and Firefox and […]

Form creates Woocommerce order, how to add line items?

Hello, The “Create a Post” feature is really awesome. I am able to create a woocommerce order successfully and enter in billing, shipping and total price information but I can’t seem to find a way to add product items or fee’s to the order. I’m trying to do this so that the Orders view of Woocommerce has all […]

Choose your shipping address or add new one.

My form first asks for address info and at the bottom of the form I want to show that address and ask if this is the one they want to ship to or to “Enter a New Shipping Address”.   How do you show fields previously entered but before the form has been submitted? Thanks! […]

PayPal Add-On Not Redirecting To PayPal


I downloaded and installed the latest versions of Formidable Pro and the PayPal Add-On 2 days ago. I have everything set up properly, according to the standard documentation and all of the forum topics I could find that were similar to my set up. However, when I click the submit button, the loading graphic just […]

Tallying scores and displaying custom results?

I am new to Formidable Pro – so bare with me I would like for the user to go through the questions of a quiz.  I would like the answers to my questions to apply a weighting score which tallies to an overall score – in other words, the answers to some questions are more […]

Deleting entries deletes actual posts

So I have a question.  It appears that when I delete entries I am also deleting the posts created by the entry?  Is this correct?  The reason I ask is because it appears this information is being stored in 2 different tables simultaneously.  I need to be able to stop the frms db’s from growing. […]

Confirmation emails

Since the most recent update and possibly before I no longer receive confirmation emails when a form is submitted. I have two on my site. One is a nomination form where they attach a file with the form and the other is a contact us form. The forms are being submitted and the files are […]

Upgrading to Formidable Pro – will I lose existing forms?

I have the free version of Formidable installed on a WordPress site. And I have created some VERY long and complex forms – before I realized that i wouldn’t be able to see my entries. I just bought the single site license for Formidable Pro. But the installation instructions say that I have to delete […]