Section background (Form Builder)

I’ve found that by adding a little custom Admin CSS to formidable, it makes the whole section’s thing a WHOLE lot easier to keep organized. The best class I’ve found is: ul.start_divider { background: red; } Recommend including some similar styling in the next release…

Field Labels on Left Side

I would like my field labels to be on the left side instead of on top of the field. I set this option in the back end. The text is not going across – how can I increase the length. The page is The password to view the page is nash1 Also is there […]

Paypal Name

Hi there, When jump to Paypal page, there has user name on left top. Can I change it to original image? I read this article: And tried and asked to Paypal, but there has no way. Just one solution if make a original button at Paypal, there has a place to insert a “img […]

Dynamic Select box text

Hi there! I have a repeating field that I have hooked into the frm_after_create_entry function.  All is working well except I have a dynamic drop down in my repeating field.  When I go to loop through the post like below.  I am only getting the numeric value of the dynamic drop down and not the […]

V 2.0 Form Actions

Any chance that the final version will allow for the ordering (drag and drop) of Form Actions? I recently worked on a form that had a number of different actions in multiple categories and realized that I could not re-order them to keep them better organized. Would be nice to be able to re-order them?  

Inserting media from categories


I am using Enhanced Media Library to organize the media library by categories for ordinary people. When come the time to select a file with Add Media Button in a Rich Text Field, the categories dont show up. Is it an issue that can be solved in Formidable or is it a WordPress restriction?  

Private Messaging

Hi, I am a new user of Formidable Pro and wondered if you could help me with creating a private messaging system. I have read two previous help topics on this but neither were resolved… I have created a listings directory with dynamic links to a details page for each entry. I would like any […]

Can Each File upload field upload to specific folder?

I will have multiple File Upload elements in a page and each field need to upload to specific folder ? it should create folder if it does not exist. Is this possible?

Registration addon – Save multiple checkboxes to user profile

In a form, I have a field with 4 check-boxes. In the options I’ve checked the box so other values are saved. These values are simply 1,2,3 and 4 so I can populate other check-boxes in other fields. My problem: When I save the form the checked check-boxes are saved as the word ‘Array’. Note: When […]

Autocomplete from data in xml and Calendar

How would I try and implement a autocomplete text form where the user inputs, for example: City name and the form gives suggestions based on match criteria from external xml data(or some other way imported list of cities). Popular example is search forms used by airline/hotel providers.

Hiding text on radio buttons

Hi, Is there a way to hide the text on radio buttons? or alternatively, change the font colour via CSS? I tried some other options, but this altered the function of the form, and so hiding with css will likely maintain it’s function. Thanks, Brian

Bug calculations Formidable 2.0rc7

Hi Calculations doesn’t work when the same field is involved more than ones. Just try ([138]*0.12)/(Math.sqrt([138]*0.12)*1.2) –> 2,46 instead 2,88 or 2*[138]/[138] –> 1,45 instead 2 Thanks!!

Need help to display Star Rating

Hi, I am new to formidable form. I am trying to make a form with Student’s name and their level of achievement. Each level of achievement is marked with complete stars. I tried to display the stars on the report but I only got the numbers. And another problem I encountered, I also find it […]

Class booking

Hi there, I want to make a class booking page with calendar function and paypal. Is that possible if each dates has maximum entry number of peoples and if specific date was over booked it will gray out? I know if select “Unique” it will be gray out once someone send. But I hope the […]

Demo of Calculation Order Form

I am struggling to create a form that will allow a customer to select various quantities and items, total the form and then link to PayPal. Calculating amounts and total using: Radio button with saved value used to determine a base price Count how many checked boxes are selected to create a quantity of add-on features […]