Formatting change

Hi, I have been using and enjoying the plugin for a while now and have had two forms on my site both working perfectly and . However I checked my site today and it appears that the Formidable formatting for my site has changed/been lost and I cannot work out why as I […]

2 fields and only one required

I have 2 fields in a form that are a mobile phone and home phone. I cant use the normal required as i only need one number from them and let them choose what to provide. The reason i dont use a conditional to overcome this is that they can provide both. I have the […]

Add horizontal scroll bar at bottom

The following ‘formresults’ creates a table that is to wide to be seen all at once. Can you give a tip on how to add a horizontal scroll at the bottom? George Campbell

Formidable Pro is amazing

I’ve only been using Formidable Pro for a few days now, but am blown away by the versatility and power that you have made available to me through it. This plug-in is a ridiculously good value! Thank you. Best money I have spent in a long time.

How to display/calculate duration between created-at & updated-at in views

Hi there, First thanks for this great plugin. Sorry for bothering you but I can’t find in all topics how to display in a view the calculation of the duration in days between the [created-at] & [updated-at] fields for an entry once the form is submitted. Could you help me please ? Thanks.

How can I add a class to the pagination (pager) shortcode?

Since the pager is placed dynamically, I don;t know how to access the shortcode directly. I would like to place a class on the ul element for the pager. How would I do this? Thanks

Question About Calculations

I am doing a contest where we have 15 games per week that our users pick the winner of each football game. What I have is a form with 15 games on it, then I have a checkbox for the user to pick the winner of the game. What I would like is to be […]

Graph shows “No Entroies” instead of empty bar graph

Shortcode: I assume it should show a 0 value (include_zero) for the period, instead of “no entries”.  There are no entries for this period.

File Uploads and Privacy

I just tested the “File Upload” field for the first time and was a bit surprised by it’s lack of security features.  After browsing the related forum topics, I’m left with the impression that the Formidable Team believes file security must be done server side, and is the responsibility of the site’s developer.  While I don’t disagree, I […]

Search form entries from “standard” WordPress search field

Is it possible to have the standard WordPress search function also return entries from a form? I tried setting up a page that contains a view with all of the data from a particular form, but that doesn’t seem to work.

Password for delete a entry

I am working on a listing similar the one you provide as an example (retail listing). But I have added the field password so that when users want to delete their own entry they need to input a password. Is it possible to validate a deletelink which is linked to the id of the entry […]

Need some help please

Does anybody know how to accomplish the following tasks? are there filters or hooks. This is not a “support” question but a community questions the support people see these questions as “beyond the scope” of their support. I’m hoping somebody out there has some ideas! 1) disable the submit button 2) grey out the form. […]

Uploading Files to Cloud

Hello again, I’m loving this plugin and hope I can find a solution to this next challenge: My customers are uploading videos for viewing.  These videos invariably come in different file types complicating a static universal html5 video player.  I believe to accomplish this I’d need to convert all videos upon upload and I’m not […]

How to add php code to formidable form?

I want to add a php validation code, when the user clicks submit button I want the code to be called. I don’t know where to put the codes. Thank you for the help.

Random Order for Questions / Fields?

I am making a quiz and I need the questions to show up in random order (but not duplicate). Preferably there would be page breaks between each question. Is there any way I can randomize the order the questions are presented in?