rounding price to 2 decimal places

I’m creating a petrol tracking form and I need to round a calculation in a field to the nearest 2 decimal places.  When I put a petrol price that comes in 3 decimal places and have a field that calculated the cost of a fill up it puts heaps of numbers after the decimal.

Problem with additional blank lines

Hi, I created a basic contact form that is display on a page. When I check the HTML source for the page, I see the following code. The problem is that there’s automaticaly generated hidden fields at the beginning, followed by a <br /> tag. How can I get ride of them ? They display […]

Draft Status Shortcode

Is there any way to add the “status” of a form entry, status being whether the form was just saved as a draft, or whether it has been submitted?

How to create a href edit link?

I would like to create a link to edit in the following way: <a href=”[editlink]”>Click here to edit [12]</a>. I can’t seem to get this to work. Is something like this possible?

Filter view “maxdate”

Hi, is it possible add a filter like this in a view? I’ve got a form where we submit multiple entries per company. What I would like to accomplish is that only the last entry is shown per company. I thought something like this (Date created  equals to [get param=[get param=maxdate] ) would work. But it’s showing all […]

form data not getting emailed

I am using the formidable plugin on this site: I also have the MailChimp component installed. The contact us form is submitting the data – I can see the entries. However, the email isn’t being received by the admins. I switched out a couple of different emails; I also tested the emails from my […]

Hide a form when another is submitted


Hi – I have a view  which in it has a link to another form  What I would like to do is hide  when  has been submitted. Is this possible?

How to Delete a Demo

Team, I installed the “Job Listings” Demo by importing the XML file into my site.  While experimenting with the Demo I messed it up on my site. I would like to reinstall the demo. BUT how do I remove the demo before I reinstall a fresh one? Thanks Ken

Conditional email on registration

Screen Shot 2015-03-03 at 10.53.13 PM

I’ve been looking through the support forms for a day now to find an answer to my problem.   No luck. Hope you can help me. After someone registers I send an initial email saying that we have received their request. I want to send a second email after a new user has been approved. […]

Change Font Type in my form

Hello, First of all, thanks for your nice plugin, it is very good. I put the form in my website: My theme font is Open Sans, but the font of the form doesnt match with my theme font. Can you show me direction? Sorry if this is already in the documentation, due to my […]

User access to forms reports

Is it possible to create a WP user so that they have access to be able to view and download the results of a particular form.

display search results in formresults table

Hello, I would like to display my search results in a formresults table instead of the view.  Is this possible? Thanks, Bart

Understanding creating a new different user

3-3-2015 3-10-29 PM

Hi, I wonder if I am understanding this correct because it’s not working… I need a form for users with certain roles to create accounts for users other than themselves. I followed an example I found here for resetting the user_id field to 0 with this: function reset_user_id( $new_value, $field ) { if ( $field->id […]

How to update a field every time at Update

I made a hidden field to hold $_SERVER[‘HTTP_REFERER’] value so I can return the user to the calling page after a form is submitted. It works well for Creating entries but not for Updating entries if the call is made from a different url. It appears the value saved in the database is not updated […]

Removing “Private” and “Pending Review” from publish dropdown options

Hello there Formidable Folks Quick question, I’d like to specify only Publish and Draft in a drop down list of publishing options for a front end editing form for a client site I just realized that the DDL get automatically populated now (if I remember correctly, you used to be able to specify the items in […]