Filter Dynamic View on Select Field Type


I made a user id drop down like this ( for my form. I am now trying to create a view that will limit the entries returned by the user id that was selected. I read here ( that I could filter by a url parameter by putting [get param="param_name"] in the filter. However, the filter […]

Limit number of uploaded files

Hey Guys! In regards to frm_validate_field_entry and the example code you provide for “Limit number of uploaded files”, can this code be changed to target a particular upload field, and if yes, can this be used multiple times, for multiple fields – something like, function my_custom_validation1, function my_custom_validation2 and so on? As always, Thank You […]

Format Date on frm-field-value shortcode

Hi, Is it possible to format dates on the frm-field-value shortcode?? Thanks, Francisco

How to know programaticly if form was previously submitted

I am looking for a solution that would allow me to know the difference (in PHP) between a form being saved as a draft prior to submission and that same form being submitted or saved after first submission. I tried using differences in the two hooks, frm_after_create_entry & frm_after_update_entry, but it seems that the update_entry […]

Logged-In Form “Sections”

I have a form that can only be accessed by a logged in user. After a form is submitted, can I have the top half of the form only editable by the user who submitted the form?  And the bottom half only editable by an Administrator or other designated Role? This is an employee vacation […]

Filter Views with OR for Subcategories

form post settings

I have a form element that links to my category structure (as a checkbox). I would like to create a view that filters for all entries in a category or its subcategories. For the life of me, I can’t figure out how to do this. Adding multiple filters filters it as AND instead of OR, […]

Give option to users to show/hide their data

Hello Steph and Jamie, It has been a wonderful and delighting experience working with you through the most amazing plugin FORMIDABLE PRO that I have come across so far. I congratulate you for developing such an outstanding piece of technical novel. I would thank you for the assistance and help that you and your team […]

View’s Message if nothing to display – change to

Hi, Thank you very much for the great and useful plugin. I notice that “Message if nothing to display” in the View function is displayed by <p>, while the actual view content, when there’s a record to display, is displayed by <div class=”frm_no_entries”>.  Is it possible to change the <p> tag used for “Message if nothing […]

Show content conditionally based on totals

Hi, I need to show a link on a page only after certain conditions have been met.  Users will fill out forms multiple times over a period of time and when certain conditions have met, a link should appear that they can click. The conditions are based on the number of times certain fields are […]

Identify fields in hooks

Hello! I’m searching for a way to identify certain fields during a field-value-hook (e.g. frm_get_default_value). In your examples you always use the id of a certain field, to check if it is the one, you want to modify. function my_custom_default_value($new_value, $field){ if($field->id == 25){ //change 25 to the ID of the field $new_value = ‘default’; //change ‘default’ […]

List multiple uploads

When I use the “File Upload Field” and I upload multiple fields, the standard email confirmation [default-message] display all URLs separated by carriage returns. http://url1 http://url2 http://url3 If I insert manually the field id in a custom message (ex. Files:{25}), all URLs are listed one after the other http://url1 http://url2 http://url3 How do I get […]

Show User’s Unique Results after Submit

This has to be obvious but I can’t find it anywhere.  I have a form that adds totals in hidden fields. How do I show that unique user’s totals? Here’s how I set up my test form results page, which is where a user is redirected when they hit submit: Your Fruit Score: Average Fruit […]

Upload csv file to registration form

Screen Shot 2014-08-12 at 5.00.17 PM

Hi there, I used the register add-on for user registration. Now the customer are asking me to upload the old user files into the database. the upload function works well. But I didn’t see any new users in the wordpress. So I’m thinking probably they are not uploaded to the wordpress database. Is there any […]

Update a client list

Hi, I was wondering how to go about this. I have a form which allows an administrator to enter names, addresses and details of businesses. Users can interrogate this list (view) to get a list of businesses in their area, and this all works just fine. – try entering Florida I need for the […]

Search across multiple fields in advanced search

I’m trying to use a single search field (“Country”) to search across multiple fields (“Country”, “Country2″, “Country3″, etc.) in the associated main form. I’ve read through the documentation, but I don’t see this case covered, or I’m not understanding how to set this up. Thanks in advance for your help, –john