Add all form fields to view

Hi, Is there a quicker way of adding form fields to a view other than selecting them individually? It would be great if all of the fields in a form (along with their label) could be added in one go. I’ve tried using the Add Form button on the View editor but this only shows […]

Before and After Surveys – linked data

We would like to survey course participants to assess their responses to a series of questions before they complete the course and after. In doing this we would like them to be able to see their ‘before’ answers when completing their ‘after’ survey. e.g. Last time you said that your feeling about x was ‘y’. […]

Alternative colors on [default-msg] field entries

Hi By default, if we use [default-msg] for the email, the content should contain all filled-field values, plus each row background in different colors. (#eee and #fff alternatively) But after I go to Global setting > Form Styling > Reset to Default, such alternative color background feature has gone, every row in the email become […]

Customize user edit fields

Screen Shot 2014-07-18 at 4.09.12 PM

Hi guys, I am just wondering is it possible to customize the user edit field after they finish their registration? For example, I’ll need a different layout and setting the fields into different places. Basically, it would be something like this. Any ideas about that?

Display dynamic view in Single page

Hello, I have a custom view setup as both (dynamic). I created multiple views and placed them all in one page. When I click on the detaillink the content loads into the same page so all the listings are displayed as well as the dynamic content. Here is the listing page: Here is the […]

Formidable Registration Password vs. WordPress Password.

I use Formidable Registration. After a user registers, his password is an entry in both the WP User table, and the Formidable Form Entry table for the Formidable registration form. If a user gets into the WP “reset password” loop, how can I assure the new password will be changed in the formidable table, or […]

Display Full Field Text on Results Page


Hello, Is there some css I can use to display the full field text on my results page? I have pie charts to display results for each form question. Everything works great. However, if the question in the field is too long, it gets cut off above the pie chart results. I have attached a […]

Format for putting view shortcode (or equivalent) into iframe

Hello, I wanted to try and put a view result into an iframe to make the results fit into a specific space.  I have tried a number of parameter options but I am not having success.  Is there a formidable equivalent of iframe to make scrolling data? Edit: To clarify, if I put the shortcode […]

hide fields in notification mail

I have a form and send out notification emails with the default content: [default-message] Some fields are visible to the admin only. So when someone (a guest) submits the form, he does not see those fields and gets a notification email. But THIS email contains those admin fields. does it make sense? i would expect […]

Dynamic dropdown list entries from sql query – conditional field missing data


I have a query that populates a dropdown box from an sql query. The population is working fine. The problem is when I try to use conditional logic for a different field it does not display the entries from the populated dropdown box. I have inluded the script used to populate the dropdown box. add_filter(‘frm_setup_new_fields_vars’, […]

Allow the HTML / Rich Text Editor to Upoad Media

It’s as simple as adding an option to the admin UI, and allowing the option to impact this line of code : $e_args = array(‘media_buttons’ => false, ‘textarea_name’ => $field_name); in : formidable/pro/classes/views/frmpro-fields/form-fields.php and it adds a lot of power :)  I’m trying to figure out how to make this option work without editing the […]

Bulk Update Form Entries

Is there a way to bulk update form entries? I have field called “Approved” that is defaulted to “No” and is only displayed to “Admin” users. I have several hundred entries that I need to bulk update that field to “Yes”.

Shortcode with no data

Can I specify default text if there is no data in a field? [ 644 default="No Answer Given." ]

Dropdown retrive some values


Hi, I have 2 forms. Form 1 and Form 2. In Form 1 I have a text field “Nome” and a dropdown “Ciclo” with “1ºCiclo”, “2ºCiclo”, “3ºCiclo” values. In Form 2 I have a dropdown “Ciclo” with “1ºCiclo”, “2ºCiclo”, “3ºCiclo” values and a data entry with  values of the Form 1 “Nome”. My question is. […]

Export field data to CSV during submit

Does anyone have code in order to export a submitted forms data to a local folder CSV file during the submission?