Star ratings not showing up in Chrome after updates

Today I updated my Formidable plugin to the most recent version as well as updating WordPress to 4.0. Now I cannot see star ratings on my site in Chrome anymore. I can see them when using Firefox or Torch though. Please advise.

How do I create a custom edit page

I have a 5 page form using page breaks, how would I allow the user to edit the data with out the page breaks. At the moment the front end edit, pulls in the page breaks into the form which is expected because I’m calling the page the form is on. I’ve tried all kinds […]

Block out specific dates in calendar picker

I have my calendars set to block out weekends. But now I need to be able to block out specific dates, i.e. 11/14/2014. Do you know how to do this through the functions.php file?

Getting Post Title of View

Hello, I am not sure if this is even possible, but after days of experimenting I figured it couldn’t hurt to ask.  The problem is basically that I have a form and a view on the same post.  The first form is called the “Signup” form which allows users to sign up for events.  The […]

Version 1.07.11 – Number Field – No number range available.

Hello, I updated my Formidable Pro to version 1.07.11 and it appears that the ability to set a “range” for the number fields is no longer available. Am I missing something? As always, thank you.

Select Mail Recipient From User-selected Drop Down

I want to create a form in which people can select a name of a registered user,  via a drop down box so they can sent a email message to that particular person. Is that possible?

Rich text media upload, again

Hello, I was not able to find a definite answer to the same question I saw a number of users ask, and hope you’d be able to help me. I need to allow media upload & Media Library access for front-end users through the Rich Text field. I found a partial answer in this post […]

Using Formidable Pro conditionals in a page

I’m wondering how to do something that’s kind of hard to explain. So, here’s a 2 1/2 min screen capture movie ‘where I will demonstrate my issue.

Email from Link

I need to email from a view a email that is provided.  It needs to only email the one record when I select it from a view.

Update Field automatically

I have people clicking a link and opening a page that displays payment info. If they process payment I want to be able to modify a field in the first view to say “Processed”.  If no payment has been made then it just goes back to the view.

Redirecting detaillink to new page

I am having problem with using the detaillink. I have a form that creates a new type of event. Within a page of the site (/upcoming-events) there is a Both (dynamic) view displaying all of the events, with a list displaying headlines and click through displaying the full dynamic content. That is all fine. However […]

Field calculation: text+radio buttons

Hello, I am trying to combine a text field with a radio-button field. Unfortunately without succes; see code below. What am I doing wrong? <script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $(‘#field_lq1nmk2′).change(function(){ $(‘input[name="item_meta[161]“]’).change(function(){ var val1 = $(“#field_lq1nmk2″).val(); var val2 = $(“input[name='item_meta[161]‘]:checked”).val(); $(“#field_ktqa5bt”).val(val1+’ ‘+val2); if (val2 != undefined) }); }); </script> Eric

Filter Entries on a View


Good Afternoon, I am building several different views based on information obtained in a form. To filter how those entries are viewed on the website, of course, depends on the setting I use in “Filter Entries”. This is working great except for one small thing. Is there a way to set the “Filter Entries” to […]

Change Date/Time Field Values by User’s Time Zone

We use Formidable to create individual posts for upcoming meetings, which we then show on a calendar.  The trouble is that our users are worldwide and today they see all meeting dates/times exactly as submitted by me – meaning they are in my own time zone. We have three fields that are used to select […]

Field formatting

In a Formidable form I use: Name: [8] Cool: [90] Name is a single line text field and Cool is paragraph text. What I get as a post after data is entered is: <p>Name: Bob Smith</p> <p>Cool: <p>Engineer</p> In other words,  the data in the single line “Name” field isn’t framed by “<p> … </p>”but the data […]