Set Dropdown Value Based on user_id

I have a hidden user_id field that’s updated as soon as the form is loaded. I also have a dropdown field with a business name. I would like to set the business name automatically when, the form loads, according to the logged in user_id by way of a SWITCH but I can’t figure out which hook […]

Change “No file selected” warning

Hi, when using the “File Upload” field, is it possible to change the “No file selected” default warning to something else? I am using formidable on a non-English website, and I want to translate that warning (maybe even in a permanent way so future upgrades to newer version won’t overwrite this change).   Thanks.

Truncate From The Front

Hi   Is there anyway to truncate text by 7 chars from the front?   I.e I want to display entries that are: ‘’ as only ‘’   Any help is appreciated.

filter post


Is it possible to filter a post?  I have a form that creates a post on submit.  I’m trying to filter only whats been approved based on a hidden approval field.  It seems to still show up in a post.  I’ve gotten filters to work in “view” but it doesn’t seem to work for post.  […]

How to display single “data from entries” field on a view page

I have two  forms – “Contracts” and “Infos” and I can have many “Infos” forms related to one “Contracts” by a data from entries field called “TheContract”. What I need is to show the name of the contract taken from “TheContract” on the page with View with a “Info” entries. It would be perfect if […]

appears to be spam

Hi I too have the problem with a recurring message of your email appears to be spam. This was before aksimet was activated, another part of the mystery is that the theme has a contact form that takes the same info less the uploads and there is no problem. I tried another stock contact form […]

Blackout Dates Are Applied to All Date Fields

I used your information from the “Add Blackout Dates” in your frm_date_field_js Knowledge Base page. It works great, but I’m having trouble getting it to apply to JUST the specific date field I need it to. I have 5 date fields in my form. I need the action to apply to JUST field 9trrmu. After selecting that field, […]

Get gross number of entries by date

I’ve found   that gives me the total number of entries.  ID 201 is a simple required text field.  And this works ok. I need total entries by:  Today, This Week, and This Month.   Is this possible using frm-stats?

Need reply-to to have name as well as email address

Hi. We have a client who needs the reply-to field to have a name as well as the email address. I found that send_notification_email in FrmNotification.php is only putting in the email, not the name. ============== $header[]       = ‘From: “‘. $reply_to_name .’” <’. $reply_to .’>’; $header[]       = ‘Reply-To: ‘. $reply_to; ============== As a test, on […]

Getting parameter for advanced view

I’m sure this is a dumb newbie question but I can’t seem to find a solution. I have two forms (“Licenses” and “Mobile Devices”) which are linked by a field “Name” which is a “Data From Entries” from a third form called “Employees” I’m trying to create a view which combines everything so I can […]

Create a custom gallery

First, great plugin! It has done everything I hoped it would and more. I have used the create post to let users upload information about their business and add an image gallery automatically to their pages using the shortcode [ gallery ids="[234 show=id]. But I want more style to the galleries and was hoping I […]

Number range arrows

Hi, I have two number range fields in my form using arrows to increase or decrease in increments. The fields show correct while editing, but when I go online to test the form, the arrows aren’t appearing. How do I make the arrows appear?    

font size of single forms

Hi, how can i change the font-size fo each form separate? thanks Rüdiger

Dynamic Field Value based on another field’s value in the same form

I have spent most of the day ready and looking for the solution to this issue, and I think I am close, but may be barking up the wrong tree.  I am not an advanced programmer, but do OK. What I need to accomplish is to display the result of a SQL query passing the […]

Show multiple selections from data from entries dropdown

I have a field that is a Data from Entries dropdown that allows  multiple items to be  checked.  The Data from Entries is an icon attribute form that has the following fields:  icon_name, icon_ image_url. I want to show the icons, and their images for my entry  in a View. I am using: [2024 show=2065]  […]