Save Dynamic Data to MySQL

Hi there, Fantastic product so far, hope I have not come upon something that is not available.   I have a form that dynamically pulls data from another form. e.g. Form 1 lets users create a ‘Game’ and the game is assigned a unique ID   Form 2, users can select the game, and the […]

Are repeatable fields supposed to work as an embedded form?

Hi All I have created two forms, first is just a repeatable section with four fields. Second is a blank from with the first embedded into it. The Repeatable section does not seem to work as expected? I might be doing something wrong though. Thanks, Mark

SOLVED: Math for Repeating Fields

I need the sum of a field in a repeating section to show at the bottom that page. For example, The user adds $5.00 to a field.  They then repeat that field and add another item that is $10.00.  I need a field on that page that shows that they now have spent $15.00. So I […]

after update to new version all forms are gone

I updated to 2.02 and all my forms are gone!

Update or create an entry when an entry is submitted – ‘Email Address is already used’ Error

I’m using the code listed on the site here: I’ve modified it according to the comments, and everything is working fine (almost). Really useful code, thank you. It is creating the entry in the second form perfectly. My only issue is as follows. Form A is a registration form. It registers the user. The […]

Contact form using the email of the result view

Hi, I want to insert a customize contact form in a result view. The email destination need to be the email of the result information view. could you help me on this. Thank you. See the link with a sample:    

image upload URL posts as thumbnail, cropped

I have an image upload field and i have this used in a view like <img src=”[img_src]” class=”eventflyer”> The problem is the img_src URL is turning out like “…image-240×240.jpg” instead of “…image.jpg” Why is formidable automatically using a cropped thumb of this uploaded image instead of the original upload?

Responsive tables

My question is about responsive tables. I am building an application that uses simple tables. I created the tables using very simple HTML like <table><tr><td> etc When I look at the tables on my Samsung S-5 they DO compress. However, wide tables do not show all columns when the is held in portrait  position. Obvious […]

reCAPTCHA causing formating issues

Screen Shot 2015-04-16 at 8.10.44 AM

When I updated to Formidable Version 2.0.02 then added the new reCAPTCHA to the “Quick Question” form in the sidebar, the fields expanded beyond the color background.  Please see attached for the “before and after” screenshots. Thanks, Gino

Can’t add field between sections

I want to have: collapsible section dropdown field repeatable section But, I cannot seem to insert a field between the 2 sections–although it looks like it works in the builder, when I preview, the dropdown field is included in the collapsible section. not working

Hi, I tried to update Formidable Pro and I’m getting this error “Couldn’t resolve host ‘‘ ” Thanks Laura

Netting Sections

I have downloaded the latest version of Formidable Forms. I am designing a family form. One of the things I would like to do is have a section with general information of the children wit two netted sections to set the size differences of males and females. Is it possible to place multiple sections within […]

Update to 2.0.01


I updated to 2.0.01. Settings-Form Actions-From…if you have [sitename] (which you will see in the attachment that it is The Sasser Group)…when you receive an email from the form on the website ‘from’ shows Group…it does not say The Sasser Group. Does the same thing if you remove [sitename] and type in The Sasser Group.

Formidable Registration and user_meta key with latest version of Formidable

Hello Wondering if this is something I have forgotten to do or a problem but after upgrading to the latest version of Formidable I seem to have an issue with something that was working but seems not to be now. I have the latest version (Version 1.11.03) also of Formidable Registration. The users register their […]

Cannot map Formidable fields to more than one field in “Create Post”

I have a form where it’s creating a new page. I want the password to be the person’s first name, but I also want their first name to be recorded in a custom field “first name.” When I try to both it says “Oops you have already used that field.” Can you please allow this? […]