Display fields conditional

Hi Jamie  or Steph, we encounter a problem with one of our forms since yesterday. We’ve got a form with conditional logic but for some reason it’s displaying all the fields. The conditional logic seems broken. On other forms within the same site we’re also using conditional formatting and those forms are still working correct. […]

Format calculated field

I have a calculated field that is set to read only so the totals cannot be altered but the contents are very light. Is there a way to format the contents so the numbers are bolder, or larger or a different color to make them more readable. I would rather not change the main CSS […]

Trick: hide form settings from specific user roles

when creating a form, you get redirected to the form settings. i work with form templates only. so there is no need to go into the form settings. simply create it, make changes to the fields and then submit the new form. so as admin i want exclude subscriber role users from the form settings. […]

Excerpt field

Dear Formidablers, I was just about to ask a question – I must send praise first! By chance I discovered that it is possible to determine the excerpt from a designated field. I had struggled to find a way of displaying excerpts of varying length without changing the post content. Without great success. Now I […]

Group By ability for Data Displays

I have a two column display that must display categories in the left column and the right column will show a list of items that fit into each category.  I need to be able to do a ‘group by’ function or similar in a display, beyond just sorting by the category name.  This would allow me to have […]

How to create First Name and Last Name fields like picture attached

8-26-2014 3-00-07 PM

Saw this on the homepage. I like the Name * Label and then the First and Last under the boxes.  Can’t figure out how to do two text boxes in one Field.

Change Entry from Draft = NO to YES

Hi, I would like to change a Entry submited from finished (DRAFT = NO) back to Draft state = YES so my user can complete some more details….. How could I do that? I could not find any place to change that Draft Status. Thanks!

Is it possible to create a calculated month field

On a form I have a date field labeled Report Date (id=22). I would like to create a hidden (computed) field to store only the month from the input of the Report Date field. Tried to use [22 format="m"] but that doesn’t work. What’s the best way to do something like this?  

Should have plunged sooner

Hey Formidable Family, I just wanted to say that since I purchased my single site license, I’ve found myself at my wits end with the many sites I build trying to find workarounds for what can be done quite simply with formidable. I finally made the unlimited upgrade tonight and can’t wait to clean up […]

[formresults with google=1 (How to change text color to black?)

I have a formresults display which looks good but it is not readable because of the text color blending with the background color.  I have been searching for “how to change the text color” but have not found any info that explained it well enough that I could figure out how to use it and […]

Possible to move the pager for pagination?

The pager automatically goes to the bottom of the view, after the “after” section for the markup. I’m using bootstrap sections for my site, and would really like to place it in the header area of the section. Is it possible to place (maybe view shortcode) the pager in another area?   Thanks

Page Creation on Form Entry – Page Template

Hello. I have formidable creating a page for each entry, I want to modify the default page template.  What are my options, since there does not appear to be an option prior to initial creation. Thank you, Jamie

File Upload Size

Hi, how could I limit just one File Upload field in my form to have limited Size? I found this Function, but it Limits ALL File Upload  fields…. add_filter(‘frm_validate_field_entry’, ‘validate_custom_file_size’, 10, 3); function validate_custom_file_size($errors, $field, $value){ if ($field->type == ‘file’ and (isset($_FILES['file'.$field->id])) and !empty($_FILES['file'.$field->id]['name'])){ $files = (array)$_FILES['file'. $field->id]['size']; foreach ($files as $v){ if ($v > […]

Migrating Sites

I am in the process of migrating my wordpress site from one server to another.  I already exported my form data into a file, but is there anyway to transfer all of the custom forms I have made over to the new site as well?  I spent days on them all together and I really […]

Filter Entries based on user role

I am wondering if I it is possible to filter entries based on user role. Kind regards