Using the same frm_validate_field_entry code for multiple fields

I currently have a code snippet that compares one field containing a year (if($posted_field->id == 348)  to another field in my form (field id [340]), and it works fine (working code below).  What I need to do is to do this same validation for another 40+ year fields (comparing to the same field id [340]. […]

impossible to use the pro version

Sans titre

I first tried the free version and it worked fine. So I bought the pro one and it turned to a real mess: the admin has a strange look and it is impossible to create a form, to add fields,…..

Forms cannot work properly in FireFox


Hi Form works great in Google Chrome, Internet Explorer, Opera but don’t in FireFox Please check here See also screenshot attached Can you help me? Thank you in advanced

Change Submit Button Color on one form only

Is there a way to change the colour of a submit button for just one form?

Add More

Hi Very happy with Formidable forms so far, it’s doing everything I need. (Almost) I have a form I’m creating which could do with a feature whereby you click to add another row of fields (AKA Forms Pro addon) however it seems this 3rd party plugin/addon is no longer in development.  Is there any way […]

Removing date options based on month selected in a dropdown

field key

Hi, I am a brand new user and am having trouble understanding how to use dynamic fields. I have studied the documentation and followed the steps, but am stuck. I am trying to create “Month” and “Day” dropdown fields (I don’t need “year) where the options for “Day” correspond to the “Month” selected — i.e. […]


Bug? When in EDIT PAGE – make some change update change click view change click browser back-arrow Your changes are gone – seems to have stepped back to previous version Sort of the same problem when working with VIEWS

Post status not being saved


Hi, I added Create Post to my form action. When I set the post status to Pending and click Update/Save, the selection reverts to Concept. Is this a bug, or am I doing something wrong? Best regards, Rick.

Conditional Logic not working – new user

Hi, I’m switching over from using Wufoo and creating my own forms.  The first two I made – perfect, work like a charm.  This third one is giving me fits.  The conditional logic in two sections isn’t working. The “APPROVE” section should appear when approved is clicked; the “DECLINE” when “DECLINED”.  Pretty simple, and […]

Same data from previous update but different users

form settings

Is there a way to populate a form with all the previous submissions/updates regardless of the user entering it? I have a form used by multiple users to report a changing status (i.e. snow depth). This information is published using views on a page. User #one fills in the current snow depth in the morning. […]

Pardot Plugin

Has anyone made a plugin to integrate to a Pardot form handler? It seems to me this would be something very useful. I’m having trouble working around this issue – it is easier to modify Contact Form 7 to do conditionals and multipart forms than it is to get Formidable to send something to Pardot. […]

Form displays but no CSS styles!


Hello I’ve created my first form and loaded it into my page, but the forms shows up completely unstyled. The correct (and only) template is selected in Formidable–>Styles–>Manage Form Styles. Also, there seems to be a little progress meter next to the Submit button that never stops. Is my form somehow not fully loading? Thanks! […]

Next button image different from the submit button

I’m trying to create a multi-page form where the first next button would need to be an image, then in page 2 the next button needs to be different and in the last page the submit button needs to be a different image yet again. How can I do this?

change the “page size” parameter on the Front-End

I need to allow users  to download view as CSV file on the Front-End. I have been looking at the documentation and found some recommended solutions, for instance the DataTables jquery plugin. The problem is that it exports only the current displayed page of the view and not the full view. I was thinking to have the “page […]

Hide columns of view display

hide column

Part of responsive, I would like to hide some columns in smaller display devices such smartphones. Is there any trick to hide column based on display size?