Display blank field to keep columns lined up.


Hi! I have a view showing record sets based on a query. There are six columns across showing ID, first name, last name, etc. If one of the values in the six fields is empty, it moves the subsequent columns over and they fall under the wrong heading. (See attached.) Is there a way, in […]

Resetting login page from outside wordpress

I did a bad thing. I set my login page to a page that no longer has a login form. How can I reset this from outside of wordpress (to possibly just use wp-login.php for now) so that I can get back into my admin panel. Yes, I can confirm I saw the message that […]

Hide a view if empty?

Hello! Instead of displaying the "No entries Message", is it possible to entirely hide the view if it is empty? Thank you! Aldo

Conditional rules

form rules

Hi, Is this possible? In the attach file. When a person choose an option on the red zone, I need  the form to negate to choose an other one in the blue zone, and same inverse. (sorry for my English) Marcos.  

table align

Hi, This is very basic css question. I have tried to figure out how to align vertical line of my heading table but I cannot find the problem. I put this html and css in Before Content section (attached). Here is the screenhot of my table http://screenshot.net/dd3nxt5.jpg the link to my web is here […]

Email not going to admin

Hi.  I have created two  form actions to send the form to the admin and the user that submitted it.  The user email is arriving but the admin email is not.   I have set the "From" field as shown in the following image:  http://screencast.com/t/GC7vstkn Is this format correct?  I would like to show the users […]

Blank dynamic field dropdown on passing data from form B to C

I have created 3 forms to allow data to be passed from one to another to allow admin to generate a monthly payroll for employees (in a charity) based on only occasionally changing data.  It all works fine except that the dynamic field in the last form shows blank and I have to select the […]

Block out previous dates

I used your code here to block out some dates, https://formidablepro.com/knowledgebase/frm_date_field_js/#kb-add-blackout-dates but what do I need to add to stop dates before today from being selected. I read that this code above was supposed to block out block all past dates as well, but I can still select them Thanks add_action('frm_date_field_js', 'start_and_end_dates', 10, 2); function […]

Changing PayPal cancel URL for a given form

I have an existing form using the PayPal addon for new member registration. I have just added another form for an event registration, which also uses the PayPal addon. I know that I can use this code: https://formidablepro.com/knowledgebase/formidable-paypal/#kb-change-return-url to override the default PayPal Return URL set in global settings for the event registration form, but […]

Can I use Formidable Pro for development site with different domain name?

Hi! I am developing a wordpress site for a business and I want to use Formidable Pro. However I am building it under my own domain name and only after the website is ready it will be transfered to their own domain name. Can you tell me if I will be able to switch the […]

Dynamic Selection of Email Receipient

Hi, We are trying to re-create the form and functionality of the form found at http://www.glassrenu.com (click on "I Need A Repair") If you click on any one of the markers (and subsequent title) on the map that opens you will get a form embedded in a lightbox. For each of the markers (locations) the […]

Define frm_upload_folder with a user's entry_key

1. I am trying to assign an individual upload folder to each user of my site. Ideally, this folder is named according to the user's entry_key generated by the Registration AddOn, but I don't know how to retrieve that value. I have tried $folder = 'formidable/'.$current_user->entry_key; and $folder = 'formidable/'.$current_user->item_key; but neither works. You may need […]

User meta conditional problem

Hi. I'm using Registration Add-on to add user meta data. Everything works brilliant, but when there is problem when I want conditionally display user meta. I have user meta fields "phone1", "phone2", "phone3".  "Phone1" is required, but the other 2 are not. I'm trying to display user meta info on view with conditional statement - […]

Reply to field

Hi Just purchased Formidable Pro and all is going well except for one little thing. To elaborate: 1. User fills in form and adds their email address: user@example.com 2. I receive an email at me@myemail.com 3. In the header section where from, to and reply are I get the following: From: me@myemail.com (my admin account, […]

Speaker submits, other registered users VOTE

I run a yearly conference, I ask for speaker submissions in one form.  I'd like to show the results of those submissions to other users, and have them VOTE for their favorites (voting only once per user for all submissions) After they VOTE I'd like to show them the graph of the current results. The […]