Insert a Link to Update a Field – Image/Icon

How do I add an image to this short code ? I would like one icon to click on to update and another after update. Thanks,

Display Content from Another Page – Add Entries

Is it possible to include entries e.g. name when I use the option ‘Display Content from Another Page‘ after form submission? Found the answer here:

Text under submit button

privacy link

Hi there, We’d would like to place text under the submit button.  Specifically, would like to have a link to our Privacy Policy under the submit button (as part of the form), as the current placement right now *under* the form makes the link seems out of place. I added a screen shot, in case […]

File associations lost on data import?

Using a file upload field in a form, it appears that the association between an entry and an uploaded file is lost when it passes through the import feature. If you run an export, and immediately re-import the same file with no changes, the URL of the file is exported properly, but when you do […]

Converting a [created-at] date within a View from GMT to local time

Hello, I am showing  the entry created date in a View using [created-at] but this shows the date in GMT. Is there a way of converting it to my local timezone? I need to show the date as GMT+10. I can do this easily in PHP but unsure how to achieve this within a View – […]

Two words User Meta issue

Hi! I have a registration form with some User meta fields like “City”, “Group Name” and “Group Image”. Then I have a submit form where I add hidden fields for those meta fields. The purpose is to retrieve them inside a form view. I have no problem retrieving single word User Meta Fields with [user_meta […]

creating user ID in a new entry with $frm_entry->create

Hi, I’m using $frm_entry->create to create a new entry in a second form when a user registers. Because the users are not logged in when they register, getting the current user id hasn’t worked. In the code below I’ve tried different hard coded options in ‘frm_user_id’, but none seem put a value in my hidden […]

Second “submit” button in a form

Is there any way to add a second “submit” button in a form? My form is very long and is paginated. I want to avoid the need to go through all of the pages when, for example, some field in the first page of the form is edited. For me it would be fine if […]

“Read Only” field dimmed / lighter than other fields


When I set a field (number field, in this case) to be “read only”, it gets dimmed / lighter. How can I control the field / text style?

Limit entries by user & role

Hello! I have two custom roles using the same form after login. One role should have unlimited entries. The other should be able to insert only 5 entries. I know this needs customization but my php knowledge is limited. Is there a way to customize the following code to limit entries to all users under […]

Only show a field after a form has been submitted

I have a form that I’m allowing users to save as a draft. I some how need to know if that form has been submitted or not. After it has been submitted I’d like to have a radio button that asks if the form should be sent via email when it is updated. If I […]

Invalid Format field validation


Hi, I just recently noticed that the names I give fields automatically appears in the “Invalid Format” area under field options. What is this and what is it doing? Should I be concerned? Thanks

Custom Message after Form Submit

I have a form that I need to process on the back end when it’s submitted and then return a custom message back to the user.  I think the correct filter is frm_validate_entry and I just want to make sure. It’s an Ajax form in a widget that allows visitors to subscribe to weather text […]

Replace email address with “Email”

I’d like to display a list of committee members with a clickable email link, however I do not want the email address displayed. Ideally, the word EMAIL would appear in place of the address and would be clickable. I looked at the replace hooks and am just not making the connections in my head to […]

Let Users create Users

I need a form, only visible to logged-in front-end Users of a specific role (e.g. editors) that will add a new WordPress-User with entries for this created user. Here’s an example of the workflow: User A, who is not an Admin but have rights to do and view certain things (only) on the front-end, is […]