Views entry update date cusomisation

Hi, is it possible to make the "Entry updated" shortcode to display the date without the hour? Thanks, Ben

PHP Update a Date Field

I have a date field in a form that will be updated by PHP with an expiration date using the following code: FrmEntryMeta::update_entry_meta( $entry_id, $field, '', $exp_date ); What form of date can I put into this date field?

Next Button not working

Hi badly need help. I have an application form that is divided in to many pages. All is working but when I get to the Skills Page the next button won't work. What could be wrong?

Specific date range

Hello, I was wondering if there is a way to set a specific range of dates in the date field, for example 28/10/1999 to 14/01/2009. I looked through the frm_date_field_js section under Formidable hooks and did play with some of the example codes to no avail. I just purchased the form a couple of days ago […]

frm_half not working any more

Hello, Before update I could idsplay two fields on the same line using frm_half. It does not work anymore. Best Regards, Frederic

Is it possible to filter forms?

Hi, is it possible to use a filter on the forms? For instance: I've made several forms for customers. With these forms they can subscribe to a course. Several courses are on Monday, Wednesday and Thursday. Is there a way a customer can click on Monday to see all the courses for Monday only? And so on for the […]

Import to Create Custom Post Not Working wp4.3

I've used the import feature to create custom post in the past with no problems but now it doesn't work. The Entries all come in fine but there are no posts created. I've tried everything. Nothing seems to fix it. Help. Using CPTUI and ACF to create custom posts types.

Email output from Multilanguage forms

Hi, I have a question regarding the WPML plugin. If a form with default language in English is translated into various languages using the WPML plugin, when the form is submitted via email, do the fields get displayed in the submitted language or the default language. Thanks for your help in advance.

Filtering, not case-sensitive

Hi, I created an advanced search form following the documentation provided in This is all good and works well. My only problem is that the filter in step 7 of the Basic Setup is not case sensitive. For example, if I carry over a parameter value of 'tim' through the URL, the display will pick up 'tim' and […]

Overdue form

Hi all I'm creating a vessel management system using formidable forms and have run into a small bump. I currently have a form that creates 'inventory' items. This form in turn creates a post in an event calendar plugin (not related to formidable) the content in the post is a view related to the 'inventory […]

Nested shortcodes do not work properly when creating posts

I need to use a conditional comparing two fields in a post created by the form, which is normally doable in a view by way of something like this: [89][if 123 not_equal="[89]"] - [123][/if 123] However, in this instance (view created via form setting page) it produces the output, for field values "Hat" and "Hat": […]

Show a message and redirect page

Is it possible to show a message stating the form was submitted successfully and then redirect to a page afterwords?

Featured image not getting set on all entries

Screen Shot 2015-08-24 at 1.09.55 PM

I didn't have any issues with this when I was in the development phase, but now I'm getting an issue with the featured image on some of my submissions.  The featured image is supposed to be set to the image that the user uploaded, but every once in a while (seems random), it doesn't set […]

Count Number of Times a Value is Selected Across an Entry

Hi, Here's my basic scenario: I have a grid form with 39 questions that asks user to rate their responses Least, Minimal, Moderate, Significant and Most, with Saved values from 1 to 5. How do I count the number of times each saved value was selected (so if they answered "Most" 11 times, I could count the number […]