How to accept credit payment via paypal

Hi, I’ve just installed PayPal Add-On. But I cannot find a way to let customers make credit card payment. There is just one option, pay via paypal. It means that customers must have PayPal Account to pay. Usually If we bought product online via paypal, there is an option  for customers to pay product using credit […]

Get a value from an entry w/ dynamic fields

I defined a dynamic field with data from entries of a specific form. In HTML I get a radio button with labels some field value from the entries and values, as expected, the entry id of those entries. At this moment I see this field as a simple radio button fields with separate values. I […]

force specific number of digits entered

Hi, Can you please let me know how to make number field to have exactly number of digits users must enter. For example, Users have to enter exactly 15 digits number of IMEI. The form will not be processed if users enter less than or more than 15 digits. Thank you.

characters maximum does not work

Hi, I have a form with a repeatable section. Within this section I have number field. I set 15 characters maximum in order to limit the the number of characters users can enter. But it does not work. Users are still be able to enter more than 15 digits. I have the latest version WP and FP […]

Align email confirmation field with email field.

Hi, have a form with labels to the left of the boxes, which all align nicely down the form. I want to use the Confirmation field with the Email entry box, so that a matching second entry is required. Cannot work out how to make the “confirmation” box line up below the email box, as […]

Date and time submitted stamp in backend entry list

Screen Shot 2015-05-22 at 8.07.45 AM

Hi – I’m sure this is obvious but I can’t seem to find the answer…! I’ve created a form and I need to see what date / time it was submitted by the various users. I added a hidden field at the top of the form and added in [created-at] which I thought would pull […]

options for user role

Hi, I have a form where user can register. Can we give users role options to choose (for example, subscriber, editor, or author) when they register via that form? Or If it cannot be achieved via that way, can you please suggest me a way to do it without writing php code (if it is possible) […]

show=value needed?

My form has many two radio button fields where I have the Separate Values set to a 1 and 0 . I’m doing it this way so I can calculate how many of the fields are “open” or “closed.” That part seems to be working when I add up all the fields. I’m also trying […]

Change the preview page html tag css

Hello, The preview page has this CSS : html { background: #F1F1F1 none repeat scroll 0% 0%; } Is this possible to remove it or change it in none or white ? Thanks

Unlimited License Not Working

Hi, I just upgraded to unlimited license, however when I enter the key into a new website I get the following error. Can you please respond back quickly as I am on a deadline to finish this project tonight. ERROR: That license has been used on too many sites. Thanks, Kashan

iframe problem not loading after updates

I have a iframe from a non wordpress site, and is not loading iframe after formidable pro updated the plugin. <iframe src=”″ height=”600″ scrolling=”yes” frameBorder=”0″> </iframe> Tks

can i customize the look of calendar?

Hi Steph i’ve want my calendar to look like this: i want it say ‘Monday’ instead of ‘Mon’ and i don’t want to display date with the days. like this calendar: Thanks in advance.

Forms not really deleted?

This could be by design but seems like a bug to me.  When I Delete a form, it no longer shows up on the forms list but entries/views still remain for that form instead of getting deleted as well.  Which that may be by design but, for example, in the views page there is a column […]

reCAPTCHA language settings not respected on front end

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In Global Settings > General > reCAPTCHA Language, I have set it to English. However the reCAPTCHA still displays in Thai (which is where I am) for logged-out users. Here is an example: Sscreenshot attached.

Onkeydown event Javascript

Screen Shot 2015-05-20 at 7.19.15 PM

When a user clicks a field the relevant hidden fields will show. Presently hidden field will not show until after a user tabs out or clicks onto another field. Which causes them to miss the fields that were hidden because the hidden fields don’t show until after they click or move to another field on […]