Where do I put “frm_after_create_entry” code?

Probably a simple question, but I have not seen where to put this. I am specifically using the code to ‘Create a new WordPress Category’.

Wrap Text on Checkbox/Radio Buttons

Is there a way to wrap the text/format so the text all aligns with the text and does not wrap under the checkbox? It seems that if your text is long for a checkbox or radio button option, that when it wraps the text it just wraps to the beginning of the field and not […]

List All Entries with link to individual entries

Is it possible to create a view that lists all of the entries for one form, but then allows you to click on each of those entries to view all of the information for that form?  Currently, I have mimicked the code for the Job Posting demo and I have listed all of the entries […]

If/Else Conditional Success Message (or additional fields) depending on Zip Codes

I have a very simple form – just a zip code field – that needs a conditional success message. Nothing Formidable’s built-in conditional shortcodes can’t handle, except there are 43000+ zip codes in the US. Basically, several hundred are in the current target area (within 50mi. of the first location) and get one message and […]

Ordering of Custom Taxonomies/Checkboxes

I have a specific need to order my custom taxonomies/checkboxes on the form from left to right as follows Beavers, Cubs, Scouts, Explorers, Network e.g not alphabetically but by age range of Scouting. How can I do this please? See http://devessexscouts.org.uk/new-story/ Thanks

Checkboxes flow left to right without newlines after each one

How can I make the checkboxes flow horizontally from left to right http://devessexscouts.org.uk/new-story/   Example (using old system) http://www.essexscouts.org.uk/news/input.php Thanks Robin    

Editing Read-Only Field

Hello!  I have a form on my website that I would like members to be able to fill out.  The form will be created and there will be pre-filled information in there that I would like a different user, but not an administrator, to be able to edit from the front end without allowing the […]

Row Counter on Custom Display


Are we able to display row numbers next too entries down the page?  I.E a counter of some sort.  

Integration with Other Databases

Hi, I am just getting started with your awesome product and have much to learn. One question that I cannot find discussed is the possibility of  integrating form data with other database tables or even a completely different database.   For example, it may be useful to insert form data into a different database rather […]

Send emails with a delay of 2 days

Is it possible to send emails from Formidable with a time delay?

Submit form data as a Word Doc?

hi There, I see there is a add on to submit form data by PDF, but is there a way to submit by Word as well?

Possible to tie into the WP options, in order to create a template option form?

I’d like to be able to give a user a way to set certain parameters (logo, colors, headers titles, etc.) on the theme I created. WP admin normally is the way to adjust options for a specific theme. Is it possible to create a form that ties into it the same way? My entire site […]

Disable New User notification email

Hi, when people sign up through one of the form in the WooCommerce plugin, I don’t get a ‘New User notification’ everytime from “wp_wp_new_user_notification”. Which is great! Now, with your registation add-on I replace the WooCommerce sign up form to create my own. Now, everytime somebody register, I wil be notified also with the standard […]

Add all form fields to view

Hi, Is there a quicker way of adding form fields to a view other than selecting them individually? It would be great if all of the fields in a form (along with their label) could be added in one go. I’ve tried using the Add Form button on the View editor but this only shows […]

Retrieving a value from another form

Hello, We’ve setup two forms : one master form that contains general info about a user request and a details form that contains multiple actions for a single user request.  Both forms are linked to each other through a unique request ID.  Additionally we’ve setup a view that list all entries from the master form, so […]