Hide Submit Button in Collapsible Section

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I’m creating a search function above a table of form entries and it just looks odd that the submit button is not hidden with the form. (See attached screenshot) Is there a way to slip that button into the collapsible section of the form?

Show link (html field) after form is submitted first time

Hi, I have a form where registered users should make an entry, just one field (cardnumber). This field requires a 8-digit number, validation is set in the functions.php with: add_filter(‘frm_validate_field_entry’, ‘check_user_cardnumber2′, 10, 3); function check_user_cardnumber2($errors, $posted_field, $posted_value){ if($posted_field->id == 171){ if(!preg_match(“/^[0-9]{8}$/”, $posted_value)) { $errors[‘field’. $posted_field->id] = ‘Die letzten 8 Ziffern eingeben.'; } } return $errors; […]

Send Email Only On Condition Does Not Equal

Hello… I’ve created a form which my client wants to receive the emails ONLY if a specific answer to a single question is selected. For example, “What insurance do you use?” and if they answer InsuranceA or InsuranceB, then he does not want the email to get to him. In the email address under Settings, I’ve […]

Only allow visitor to register with invitation code

Is it possible to only allow users to register (using register addon) if they have a unique invitation code? Somehow I need to match the code they enter to a predefined list somewhere else. Just not not sure how to go about it. Many thanks

FrmProStats using updated-at

I’m trying to use the FrmProStatisticsController to count entries that were updated before a certain date.  So, something like the below. echo (FrmProStatisticsController::stats_shortcode(array(‘id’ => 3060, ‘type’ => ‘total’, ‘updated-at’ => ’03/25/2015′))) Is this doable?  Thank you!

register a user in two different website

Hi, I have two website and two form. Website A (main website) and website B (using Sub domain of main website). when  a user register at the main website via a form, can the user at the same time also automatically register at website B without having to fill out a form in website B […]

Duplicate recaptcha

I have 4 different forms on one page. All need captcha. But it displays only on the first one. Is there a simple way to display captcha on each form on the same page ?

Hello, spam bot!

I have two forms on my site.  Contact form and another form with 23 assorted type fields.  Contact form works fine.  The other form give me “Hello, spam bot!” every time I submit.  I’m using Formidable Pro Version 1.07.11.  The title says it’s a WordPress Error.

[frm-search] still list entries when parameter is empty

Dear, I created a view to display all entries of a form. In the before content, I placed a short-code.In the content, I placed some fields to be displayed. In the advanced parameters, I put a filter field_x is equal to [get param=frm_search]. By default, the view displays all the records, even if the search […]

view layout


Hi Jamie, I have made a form using repeatable section with drop down field, here is my form http://uitecs.co.id/darul/siakad/ also I made a view list here is http://uitecs.co.id/darul/penilaian-santri/ also I made a detail view per entry of the above view, here is http://uitecs.co.id/darul/penilaian-santri/?entry=72 I wanted to  make the view in the column form. Currently the view of dropdown field […]

Password in plain text/numerals

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My client wants the password not to be hidden when being entered – I know that it is masked by default – how can I change this…. I would want this for just one form – not for all – if possible. Thanks!

Dynamic dropdown choices from checkbox field

Hi guys, I need a bit of direction. I have a 3 step form. In the first step I have a checkbox field with over 50 options. Once user selects a few and click Next to move to next step, I want to populate a dropdown field with the choices he made on Step 1. Is […]

View vs Create Custom Post section

Hi Guys am have probs with the create custom post I notice that there is a “view” automatically created by FP The two appear not to be synchronized all of the time. Is this correct? Is there a best procedure to edit  the code of the custom post ie Use the Form/ Create Custom Post […]

Dynamic field as post title

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Hi, I have two forms, One contains a series of descriptive columns The other refer to the first via a dynamic field and the user is invited to ad contents to the one already entered in form one I would like to create posts from the last form which title would a concatenation of the dynamic […]

ENTRIES – default Form to show in Admin area

Is there an easy way to specify which Form of several shows in the Admin “Entries” area as default? I have three forms defined, only 1 active and I want that to come up as primary view, rather than having to select it from the drop-down. Can’t find reference to this in documentation. Regards Stuart