Formidable 2.0.04

* Fix XSS vulnerability from add_query_args and remove_query_args
* Bug fixes
* A few small enhancements

Formidable 2.0.03

* Fix migrating email settings in PHP 5.3
* Fix a few more bug fixes

Formidable 2.0.02

Make sure frm_to_email hook is reverse compatible Fix php example in the shortcode examples Add styling for frm_half classes combined with left or right labels Add a fallback if dbDelta is missing Remove inline js from the draft button in the default HTML to prevent 404/403 errors on some servers. This change only applies to […]

Formidable 2.0.01

* Break up the field transients for large forms
* Remove the link to update the database and do it automatically. In WordPress multisite, this can be done on the ‘Upgrade Network’ page
* A few bug fixes

Formidable 2.0

* Repeating fields
* Multiple styling templates
* Shortcode builder
* Redesigned emails and form actions
* TONS more!

Formidable 1.07.01

Fix issue with signature box colors on sites that started with 2.0+ Move the javascript out of the page and into a js file Use the new frm_ajax_load_scripts hook to prevent unloading scripts in 2.0+

Formidable 2.0rc10

* Add frm-entry-links to the shortcode builder
* A few minor fixes

Formidable 2.0rc9

Allow fields in repeating sections to be hidden conditionally based on fields outside of the section Use the logic set on fields in an embedded form Reduce duplicate entry check to 1 minute Fix ordering entries on the Formidable -> Entries page Delete actions, styles, and views when uninstalling Add option to hide labels in […]

Formidable 2.0rc8

More bug fixes. We’re getting so close!

Formidable 2.0rc7

More bug fixes and increased stability.