Formidable 1.07.07

Added x_axis=month and x_axis=quarter option to graph shortcode Added Spanish and Serbian translations. Thank you Ognjen Djuraskovic! Improved conditional statement replacing in views with a high number of repeating conditional statements Minimize search form HTML Prevent comments on the view entry page from being deleted when the entry is updated Switch out ids for dependent […]

Formidable 1.07.06

Return graceful error message if no DOMDocument enabled Allow fields to be updated via XML import by field key for non-templates Added minimize=1 option to the short code to minimize the form HTML to prevent wpautop interference Correctly return fallbacks on a couple deprecated functions Allow field keys in the frm-stats shortcode for fieldid=value Fixed […]

Formidable 1.07.05

  • Added XML import/export
  • Added form edit links to admin bar
  • Allow entries to be edited via csv import when entry ID is included
  • Added separate set of confirmation options for editing
  • Added multiple=”multiple” into multiple file upload fields
  • Lots of small improvements
  • Bug fixes

Formidable 1.07.05rc1

  • Added option to disable visual tab on each view
  • Added sorting on entry listing table for non-post fields
  • Added 3 new hooks
  • Bug fixes

Formidable 1.07.05b2

  • Revert to random entry keys now that data from entries values can be used in filtering views
  • Added drafts parameter to view shortcode to show draft entries. [display-frm-data id=40 drafts=1]
  • Don’t apply custom display filters to single post page
  • Bug fixes

Formidable 1.07.05b1

  • Added XML import and Export
  • Allow entries to be edited via csv import when entry ID is included
  • Added separate set of confirmation options for editing
  • Added delete_link and confirm parameter to formresults shortcode
  • Added entry_id, x_title, and y_title to graph shortcode options
  • Added form edit links to admin bar
  • Switched star ratings to icon font

Formidable 1.07.04

  • Added frm_show_delete_all hook to hide the “delete all entries” button, and show by default for those with back-end entry editing capabilities
  • Bug fixes

Formidable 1.07.03

  • Moved auto updating from free version to pro only =(
  • Added secondary ordering options in Views
  • Allow newly added custom fields on the “Create posts” tab to be selected from existing options
  • Bug fixes

Formidable 1.07.02

  • Added option to save drafts
  • Added phone format option, including an input mask if format is not a regular expression
  • Added form switcher to nav and other UI enhancements
  • Dropped support for < jQuery 1.7 (< WP 3.3)
  • Moved radio and checkbox inputs inside the label tags
  • Switched “Custom Display” terminology to “View”
  • Added a bunch of new hooks
  • Bug fixes
  • Tons more

Formidable 1.07.02rc2

WP 3.8 styling compatibility Increased CSV export efficiency to handle higher numbers of entries Added force_balance_tags to form description, field label, and field description to prevent bad HTML from messing up the form builder page Fixed conditional logic js error Fixed data from entries graphs Do not send emails when drafts are created Use hook […]