Formidable 2.0.10

* Allow calculations inside repeating sections and embedded forms
* Added a few form action hooks: frm_action_triggers, frm_{action name here}_action_options
* A few bug fixes

Formidable 2.0.09

* Use relative URLs in the stylesheet to prevent issues when pages are conditionally loaded with SSL
* Allow custom JavaScript validation
* Include Dynamic List fields in calculation options
* Tons of improvements for the way conditionally hidden fields, default values, and calculations work together
* A few new hooks
* Bug fixes

Formidable 2.0.09b3

Bug fixes and allow Dynamic List fields to be used in calculations

Formidable 2.0.09b2

Bug fixes

Formidable 2.0.09b

* Add frm_do_html_shortcodes fiter
* Use relative URLs in the stylesheet
* Allow graphs to be included in the success message after ajax submit
* Bug Fixes

Formidable 2.0.08

* Fix a security vulnerability
* Allow the last page of a form to be conditional
* When a field is conditionally hidden, clear the value and trigger calculations and child logic
* Big fixes and small enhancements

Formidable 2.0.07

Don’t escape urls in ajax Correctly save all the options on the form settings page

Formidable 2.0.06

* Fix XSS vulnerability in the lite version
* Add frm_helper_shortcode and frm_footer_scripts hooks
* Improve form autoscrolling to messages
* Bug fixes

Formidable 2.0.05

* Update script versions
* Add frmThemeOverride_jsErrors function hook fired before the server-side validation
* Bug fixes

Formidable 2.0.04

* Fix XSS vulnerability from add_query_args and remove_query_args
* Bug fixes
* A few small enhancements