Formidable 2.0.08

* Fix a security vulnerability
* Allow the last page of a form to be conditional
* When a field is conditionally hidden, clear the value and trigger calculations and child logic
* Big fixes and small enhancements

Formidable 2.0.07

Don’t escape urls in ajax Correctly save all the options on the form settings page

Formidable 2.0.06

* Fix XSS vulnerability in the lite version
* Add frm_helper_shortcode and frm_footer_scripts hooks
* Improve form autoscrolling to messages
* Bug fixes

Formidable 2.0.05

* Update script versions
* Add frmThemeOverride_jsErrors function hook fired before the server-side validation
* Bug fixes

Formidable 2.0.04

* Fix XSS vulnerability from add_query_args and remove_query_args
* Bug fixes
* A few small enhancements

Formidable 2.0.03

* Fix migrating email settings in PHP 5.3
* Fix a few more bug fixes

Formidable 2.0.02

Make sure frm_to_email hook is reverse compatible Fix php example in the shortcode examples Add styling for frm_half classes combined with left or right labels Add a fallback if dbDelta is missing Remove inline js from the draft button in the default HTML to prevent 404/403 errors on some servers. This change only applies to […]

Formidable 2.0.01

* Break up the field transients for large forms
* Remove the link to update the database and do it automatically. In WordPress multisite, this can be done on the ‘Upgrade Network’ page
* A few bug fixes

Formidable 2.0

* Repeating fields
* Multiple styling templates
* Shortcode builder
* Redesigned emails and form actions
* TONS more!

Formidable 1.07.01

Fix issue with signature box colors on sites that started with 2.0+ Move the javascript out of the page and into a js file Use the new frm_ajax_load_scripts hook to prevent unloading scripts in 2.0+