Formidable 1.07.10rc1

Updated translations Make field keys always work in frm-stats filtering Scroll to success and update message automatically

Formidable 1.07.10b1

  • Allow [default-message] to have short code parameters to set rtl (direction=rtl), font size (font_size=”14px”), and styling (text_color=”000″ border_width=”1px” border_color=”000″ bg_color=”fff” alt_bg_color=”eee”).
  • Allow recurring entries using values like “Third Wednesday of [frmcal-date]“
  • Improved ajax form load speed on form builder page
  • Fixed Akismet integration for current version of Akismet
  • Much more!

Formidable 1.07.09

  • Don’t reload javascripts after ajax submit
  • Allow HTML for the label and cancel links in the edit link shortcodes
  • Added frm_bulk_field_choices hook for adding custom prepopulated options
  • Other bug fixes

Formidable 1.07.08

  • Added repeating events
  • Added a no conflict styling mode for overriding theme styling in the styling settings
  • Check the words on the WordPress blacklist before submitting an entry

Formidable 1.07.07

Added x_axis=month and x_axis=quarter option to graph shortcode Added Spanish and Serbian translations. Thank you Ognjen Djuraskovic! Improved conditional statement replacing in views with a high number of repeating conditional statements Minimize search form HTML Prevent comments on the view entry page from being deleted when the entry is updated Switch out ids for dependent […]

Formidable 1.07.06

Return graceful error message if no DOMDocument enabled Allow fields to be updated via XML import by field key for non-templates Added minimize=1 option to the short code to minimize the form HTML to prevent wpautop interference Correctly return fallbacks on a couple deprecated functions Allow field keys in the frm-stats shortcode for fieldid=value Fixed […]

Formidable 1.07.05

  • Added XML import/export
  • Added form edit links to admin bar
  • Allow entries to be edited via csv import when entry ID is included
  • Added separate set of confirmation options for editing
  • Added multiple=”multiple” into multiple file upload fields
  • Lots of small improvements
  • Bug fixes

Formidable 1.07.05rc1

  • Added option to disable visual tab on each view
  • Added sorting on entry listing table for non-post fields
  • Added 3 new hooks
  • Bug fixes

Formidable 1.07.05b2

  • Revert to random entry keys now that data from entries values can be used in filtering views
  • Added drafts parameter to view shortcode to show draft entries. [display-frm-data id=40 drafts=1]
  • Don’t apply custom display filters to single post page
  • Bug fixes

Formidable 1.07.05b1

  • Added XML import and Export
  • Allow entries to be edited via csv import when entry ID is included
  • Added separate set of confirmation options for editing
  • Added delete_link and confirm parameter to formresults shortcode
  • Added entry_id, x_title, and y_title to graph shortcode options
  • Added form edit links to admin bar
  • Switched star ratings to icon font