Formidable 2.0.12

* Add option in the styling settings to center form on page
* Views can now be filtered by fields in the repeating sections
* A bunch of enhancements and bug fixes

Formidable 2.0.12rc

* Improve styling classes look and responsiveness
* A few bug fixes

Formidable 1.11.05

Update for 4.3 compatibility

Formidable 2.0.12b

* Allow view filtering by fields in repeating sections
* Create views from entries in repeating sections
* Add option to center form on page in the styling settings
* And much more

Formidable 2.0.11

* Set new views to private by default
* Make the recaptcha responsive on small screens
* Correctly require a password before showing password protected views
* More small enhancements and bug fixes

Formidable 2.0.11b2

Add frm_email_message filter Don't trigger form actions while importing Fixes for javascript errors while form building in IE8 Only load font.css for the admin bar when user can edit forms Add frm_include_form_tag filter for using div instead of form tag Add frm_show_submit_button filter for hiding and showing the submit button Fix date calculations using date […]

Formidable 2.0.11b

* Make the reCaptcha responsive
* New hooks: frm_csv_row hook, frm_datepicker_formats
* A few bug fixes

Formidable 2.0.10

* Allow calculations inside repeating sections and embedded forms
* Added a few form action hooks: frm_action_triggers, frm_{action name here}_action_options
* A few bug fixes

Formidable 2.0.09

* Use relative URLs in the stylesheet to prevent issues when pages are conditionally loaded with SSL
* Allow custom JavaScript validation
* Include Dynamic List fields in calculation options
* Tons of improvements for the way conditionally hidden fields, default values, and calculations work together
* A few new hooks
* Bug fixes

Formidable 2.0.09b3

Bug fixes and allow Dynamic List fields to be used in calculations