Formidable 2.0rc8

More bug fixes. We’re getting so close!

Formidable 2.0rc7

More bug fixes and increased stability.

Formidable 2.0rc6

More bug fixes – getting close to stable release!

Formidable 2.0rc5

Fix the recaptcha checking with ajax form submit Fix conditional logic when there are multiple rows of logic based on the same field Move the group by option into the view filters and add the functionality to post fields Don’t require dynamic fields with no values Improve frm_total class for number fields Fix toggling customization […]

Formidable 2.0rc4

Mostly bug fixes with some new features

Formidable 2.0rc3

More bug fixes and minor improvements.

Formidable 2.0rc2

* Switch to frm_first frm_last frm_half classes for more flexibility
* Add IP option to view filters
* Allow repeating fields to be used in dynamic fields
* More bug fixes

Formidable 2.0rc1

* Better integration with popup plugins
* Fix Conditional logic in repeating sections
* more bug fixes

Formidable 2.0b10

More bug fixes and improvements

Formidable 2.0b9

  • Reduce the baseline memory load
  • Add the “other” option to dropdown fields
  • Fix conditional logic in repeating fields and embedded forms
  • More bug fixes