MailChimp Add-on Released

We have had a lot of requests for formidable integration with the popular email marketing service, MailChimp. We are happy to announce the release of the MailChimp Add-on Beta for formidable. To learn more about setting up and using this new add-on, click here.

This add-on allows users to subscribe to your MailChimp mailing lists by filling out a formidable form on your site. With the new add-on you can:

  • Add users to MailChimp mailing lists through submission of formidable forms
  • Take advantage of integration into every form you create - with a few clicks you can turn any form into a lead-generating form
  • Choose between Single or Double opt-in subscriptions
  • Link multiple lists to one form - Target and retain your leads by allowing them to sign up for only what interests them.
  • This add-on is currently in Beta. More features will be added in the near future

As with all our add-ons, the MailChimp add-on is free to all Formidable Pro users. When you upgrade to either a single-site or an unlimited license, you get: