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Use this shortcode to display all entries from a form in a table. The presentation of data is not customizable in this shortcode. If you need more control, you can create a View.


Insert the following shortcode in a page, post, or anywhere shortcodes are accepted. See an example.

[formresults id=x]

Display entries from a particular form. Replace ‘x’ with the form ID.



  • id – The ID of a form


  • cols – Limit the number of columns in your table. If not specified, this defaults to 99. Usage: [formresults id=x cols=4]
  • fields – Specify which fields to include in your table. Use a comma-separated list of field keys or IDs. Usage: [formresults id=x fields="25,26,27"]
  • google – Use Google tables. This will allow you to paginate and automatically sort your table. Usage: [formresults id=x google=1]
    • pagesize – Set the page size if using Google tables. Defaults to 20. Usage: [formresults id=x google=1 pagesize=10]
    • sort – Turn off Google table sorting, which is on by default. Usage: [formresults id=x google=1 sort=0]
  • style – Turn Formidable styling on or off. By default, Formidable styling is loaded. Disable styling with style=0. Usage: [formresults id=x style=0]
  • no_entries – The message if there are no entries to display. If not specified, this defaults to “No Entries Found”. Usage: [formresults id=x no_entries="No Entries"]
  • clickable – Make the email addresses and URLs into clickable links with clickable=1. Usage: [formresults id=x clickable=1]
  • user_id – Show entries for a specific user with any user ID, username, or “current”. Usage: [formresults id=x user_id="current"]
  • edit_link – Include a column with a link to edit the entries. The edit link will only appear if the logged-in user has permission to edit entries. Usage: [formresults id=x edit_link="Edit"]
    • page_id – If you include an edit link, add the ID of the page where the form is located. Usage: [formresults id=x edit_link="Edit" page_id=592]
  • delete_link – Include a column with a link to delete the entries. The delete link will only appear if the logged-in user has permission to delete entries. Usage: [formresults id=x delete_link="Delete"]
    • confirm – If you include a delete link, you can set a custom confirmation message before the entry is deleted. Usage: [formresults id=x delete_link="Delete" confirm="Are you sure you want to delete this?"]

PHP Alternative

echo FrmProEntriesController::get_form_results(array('id' => x));

‘x’ = ID of a form

To see an example of the default output for this shortcode, click here. For complete customization of the way the data is displayed, you must create a View instead.