PayPal payment after cancelling

If the user cancels a paypal payment, the form submission will still be registered. How can I redirect them to pay after the form has been submitted? For instance, after they fill out a form and cancel, I want to provide them with a link to the paypal payment again or follow up with an email reminding them to pay (providing them with a link). Is there anyway to do this?

There isn't a way to make a payment on an existing entry if it's not made at the time the entry is created. However, it would likely work to add some kind of payment button into a custom display that lists the entries they have submitted. This would most likely require some custom code to create the payment button with all of the correct information to link it the way it is linked when the user is initially sent to PayPal. How are you with PHP?

I don't have any experience with PHP. I am a software developer so I understand the concepts, but I unfortunately am not to knowledgable of php.

I imagine there is something similar in the code you already did with the Payment there anyway to utilize that code?

Here's a shortcode to add to your custom display. It'll work like this in a custom display:
[frm-pay-again id=[id] name="Name of item"]

Add this to a new plugin or your theme functions.php without any changes.

add_shortcode('frm_pay_again', 'frm_pay_again');

function frm_pay_again($atts){
    extract(shortcode_atts(array('id' => '', 'name' => ''), $atts));
    $id = (int)$id;
        $name = get_option('blogname');
    global $frm_payment_settings, $frm_payment_db, $wpdb;
    $payment = $wpdb->get_row("SELECT * FROM $frm_payment_db->payments WHERE item_id=$id");
    $invoice = $payment->id .'-'. FrmPaymentsHelper::get_rand(3);
    $amount = $payment->amount;
    $paypal_url = ($frm_payment_settings->environment == 'sandbox') ? 
        	'' : 
    $paypal_url .= "?cmd=_xclick";
	$paypal_url .= "&notify_url=". urlencode(FRM_SCRIPT_URL . "&controller=payments&frm_action=paypal_ipn&action=paypal_ipn");
	$paypal_url .= "&business=". urlencode($frm_payment_settings->business_email);
    $paypal_url .= "&currency_code=". urlencode($frm_payment_settings->currency);
    $paypal_url .= '&return='. urlencode($frm_payment_settings->return_url); 
    $paypal_url .= '&cancel_return='. urlencode($frm_payment_settings->cancel_url); 
    $paypal_url .= "&invoice=". urlencode($invoice);
    $paypal_url .= "&custom=". $id.'|'. wp_hash($id);

    $paypal_url .= "&amount=". urlencode($amount);
    $paypal_url .= "&item_name=". urlencode($name);
    $paypal_button = '<a href="'. $paypal_url .'"><img src="" alt="Pay" /></a>';
    return $paypal_button;

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