Error when saving field settings

I currently have the most recent updates to both Formidable Pro and WordPress.  I am getting an error message when saving an existing field in a form.  The error is (paraphrased) “WordPress database error Incorrect integer value: ” for column ‘required’ at row 1 for query UPDATE `wp_frm_fields` SET, etc,etc.”  You can see that there […]

Auto Submit Form

Hey there! I have a situation where I need the form submitted automatically once all fields are populated. This is a search form with to date fields – from date and to date. I would like to hide the submit button and have this submit once they have filled in the dates. Thank you in […]

After submit display form view

Is it possible, after/on submit to redirect to/display the entire form in the entry view format? (just the basic view – without having to code all the fields in a custom view?

View completed form

Hi There, I have reviewed your how tos for the real estate listing and jobs listing and I’m wondering … is there a quick way to display the contents of a form in the same/similar view as what you see when you go through the backend and view entries? I have setup a custom view […]

# of submissions based on user permissions?

Is there a way to set the number of form submissions based on the user permission level? For example, I only want subscribers to be able to submit 1 form, but admins to submit >1 form.

Change the number of referrer links shown

Is there a way to change the number of referrer links that are stored to only be the last 10 or 20 pages visited as opposed to the last 100?

Filtering a view on a field not part of original form

Jamie, I have a view on a form where I do a test that results in an additional column with true or false.  I’d like to filter on just the true results, but that field isn’t available in the filter dropdowns.  I’ve tried if then statements and PHP but no luck.  I do have a […]

Formidable and Basecamp integration

Hi there, I am using Formidable forms to send out to my clients in order for them to send me a range of different ‘Briefs’ Do you know of a way that I can get these forms to transfer directly into Basecamp?  ( Any help would be greatly appreciated Thanks

Rich text -> custom field

I use a rich text field in a post-creation form. This field is for a custom field. Problem: I loose formating when I insert “echo get_post_meta($post->ID, ‘eg_descr’, true);”   on the page.

After initial form submission – must redirect, after update must show a message.

update rec

Hi, I have a registration form that should redirect a user to a page after the form has been submitted. If the user updates the form it should not redirect and only show a message saying ‘profile updated’. I’ve just tested it (settings attached) and it redirects to page when it should be displaying a […]

Import of Data send email

On import of records allow a selections of: Send emails to imported records Don’t send emails when importing Thanks for  a great product. This will just make it even better for my use.

Checkbox to select user role

I downloaded the Formidable Registration add on. I’ve created three additional roles within wordpress. Parents, Coaches, Parent & Coaches. In my registration form I have two checkboxes: Parents, Coaches. I found the script to set user role at the bottom of this page. Just needed a little help in setting it up. What I’d like […]

Can’t find the field to enter my Pro license

Screen Shot 2014-01-07 at 10.44.19 PM

I just updated my plugin, but can’t find the field to enter my Pro license again in Formidable – Global settings. Am I doing something wrong?

Entering multiple registrants within a form so that a custom display functions properly

I have a form that, within the form, needs to give the users the option to fill out identical set of fields multiple times as described in this KB article – However, I believe that this would cause a custom display to not function as I would hope. If the custom display needed to […]

Search result, url & email clickable

Hi, I have created searchform, made a view which searches on name,  lastname, e-mailaddress, URL I want to make the e-mailaddress and URL clickable, is that possible? I tried  But that doesn’t work….