Hello guys, I have a question, how can I increase the date field? I have two date fields, a set [date] as the default value, the other would that automatically has six months more. Here is a ple that I found but that does not seem to work: Thank you very much, Davide

Add Optgroup to a dropdown field?

Is it possible to add Add Optgroup to a dropdown field? So for example: <select name="item_meta[135][]" id="field_uyxclk" multiple="multiple"> <optgroup label="Group 1"> <option value="1-1">Option 1.1</option> <option value="1-2" selected="selected">Option 1.2</option> <option value="1-3" selected="selected">Option 1.3</option> </optgroup> <optgroup label="Group 2"> <option value="2-1">Option 2.1</option> <option value="2-2">Option 2.2</option> <option value="2-3">Option 2.3</option> </optgroup> </select>

Clarification on percentage of a specific field value

I'd like to query the database for the count of a given field and then divide that by a constant in order to come up with a percentage. I was looking for an answer on this section "Percentage of a specific field value" on this page, But I don't understand what is being used as the numerator […]

cancel button class

Is there a way to add class to the cancel link that appears when a form is being edited?  

Append Username to field in custom view

Hello, We have a set of entries from a form that are events that our members put on. What I would like is to set up a custom view where our employees can go and sign up for those events. My initial thought was a view that listed all entries and had a "signup" button […]

Multiple fields in a grid line


Trying to figure out how to create grid lines with more than one field in each line.  I have entered CSS class "frm_grid_first frm_fifth" for the first field, and "frm_third" for the next two fields.  Then on the next row "frm_grid  frm_first_fifth" for the first field and "frm_third" for the next two fields. I've tried a […]

Pro Fields missing an Address option

I recently was editing a contact form, and the state field was deleted. I can't find anywhere that I would be able to recreate a state field with all the states prepopulated like it was in the default contact form. Can anyone help me with this?

How to set an option to default when updating?

I have a radiobutton that asks wheter to send an email (yes/no) and I want this button to always be set to no whenever I want to update a form so I don't accidentally send an email. Is this possible?

edit format date in one field

global setting  Date Format set  j/m/y How can I change the format of one field  m/d/y ?

Graph Alternatives

Hi Not sure if this is an option  but it would make the graphs amazing if we could use something like this: Just an idea!

Advanced search and accents

I've an advanced form with a dropdown with words with accents. I use a view with filters : Town is like [get param=ftown sanitize_url=1] but it doesn't work. Accents are removed in the url. An idea ? Thanks for your help.

frm_wp_post Hook

We have forms that create posts that all have the same parent. We used to use the following code add_filter('frm_validate_field_entry', 'my_custom_validation', 8, 3); function my_custom_validation($errors, $posted_field, $posted_value){ if($posted_field->id == 25){ //change 25 to the ID of any field in your form $_POST['frm_wp_post']['=post_parent'] = 30; //change 30 to the ID of your WP parent page (ourmembers) […]

Alternative for page_id?

Is there an alternative for page_id=x like the permalink of a page so the forms and views can be exported/imported without having to change the code?

titles of single posts

So in the dynamic content (single posts), how do I change "Trips" here to the title of the trip. Thank you

Conflict With Mandrill

I use Mandrill to send all my emails and it works very well. (They are like sendgrid and are the powerhouse behind mailchimp!) When I activate their plugin, the formidable doesn't trigger the CC and BCC email addresses, only the TO address.   When I deactivate the mandrill plugin it all works as it should. […]