Strictly limiting number of submissions

I am using Formidable Pro on a client’s site, and we’re testing a form that will be limited to 1000 submissions. I’ve added the hook for limiting submissions to functions.php and it seems to work fine. But the client pointed out to me that during their testing they kept an instance of the form open […]

Add Default Image Register User


Good day. How can I add a default image for registered users on the site (using formidable plugin) for cases where user does not add a custom image? I am using the code below but it does not work. [get param=] Thank you.

Hide entire sections based on whether user is logged in or not?

Hello, Is it possible to hide entire sections based on whether or not a user is logged in? I know we can do this on each individual form field, but the section header text doesn’t have that option. I tried to base it on whether or not a form field was filled out on the […]

Delay Mailchimp API call

Is there a way to delay the Mailchimp API call and then trigger it later via some other event? I want to send my own confirmation email and then submit the users data to the mailchimp api with single opt-in. Thanks.

Possible to omit fields in calculations depending on input?

Hi, First off, great plugin! I’m new to calculations in Formidable Pro and I was wondering if this is possible: I have 6 radio buttons -> Not Rated | 1 | 2 | 3 | 4 | 5 The user answers 4 questions with those 6 radio button options. I want to calculate the average […]

Views Grid Display

I would like to have a simple form that contains an image upload field and perhaps a caption field & description field. Then I would like to create a Custom View that will display these images at say 3 or 4 across and just keep going to whatever number of records there are and rows […]

Manually Send Notifications

There was an issue with my host for a period of time where the notification emails were not sent out. However, the data/entries still came through on the backend. Is there any way to manually send out the notification emails according to each entry?

Add entries and post results to same page?

I need to create a form on a front end page (the form will look like a table). Multiple people can visit the page and add a new “row” to fill out their information. Then they click a button to save/publish their “row” of information, which will be posted to the same page. Then someone […]

How to prevent re-submission with users hit back button

I have the form set publish a post automatically, but users can hit the back button after publishing and edit the form and publish a whole new post. This creates two posts. I want to allow users to create as many posts as they want, but I don’t want them to re-submit by hitting the […]

Set PayPal Transaction ID field after payment

I used your example to Set payment status field to complete after payment.  That part works fine. I added another field to the form to hold the PayPal Transaction ID.  I then edited the code to enter the transaction id but I can’t get it to work.  Here is what I have: add_action(‘frm_payment_paypal_ipn’, ‘mark_as_complete’); function […]

Wonderful suppor t and customization opportunities

Can’t say enough about this support team. Not only do they provide fast responses, they also help users understand the issue, or point to documentation that will be useful. They don’t just say ‘no’ that is not possible, but ‘way don’t you try it this way.’ True support looking at the underlying question rather than […]

using user_meta with frm_stats

I would like to filter a total value to only entries where field 1356 is a value equal to one of the fields in my user’s meta data. (Which I added using the Formidable addon and 2 different registration forms). I’ve tried this but it doesn’t seem to work. Is this possible? Would there be […]

how to stop/cancel an import

I had a very large file that still shows about 900 entries to import. It has shown that for about 24 hours. I tried to upload new files to import to a different form, but they also do not show any progress. Is there a way to cancel all imports and try to start over? […]

Can we easily make a WP Job Manager – application, search, employee assessment forms?

Can we easily do something like this? Top priorities: 1. Fill out 1 “employment” form, even your free version was capable. [I presently have only 1 license, so I’d need to upgrade. But, I was “trying” things out. 2. I need to make a typical “application” form, all demographics, contact info, and allow them […]

validation – complete at least one field

Hi, I have 3 separate text fields for which users can enter text for: one,  some, or all of them.  Our business logic for this requires that the user complete at least one of these fields. Is there a formidable option/trick for doing this, or else is there a best recommended approach for custom development […]