[ raw ] isn’t working in my theme….

I really need the [ raw ] shortcode to work, but instead all that happens in my theme is it shows the text “[ raw ] and  [/raw]”. I have used it in other themes without a problem…. any idea as to why this might be the case?

Exception Report

Is there an easy way to display which users have not filled out the a form yet.


$frmpro_notification->entry_created is not working anymore after the update… I’m using it for an action hook (cron-job) to send a weekly report to some users. After updating FormidablePro it doesn’t work anymore… PHP Fatal error:  Call to a member function entry_created() on a non-object in /wp-content/themes/leppehiem/functions.php on line 497 Is the function-name changed? Tnx!

Page Break Button

Screen Shot 2014-02-01 at 11.09.31 AM

Currently the page break button is titled of the page break, I would like it to say next, instead of the page title. Is there a way I can accomplish this?

Limiting Applicants – Not Entries

Dear Support, First I would like to say thanks, this plugin is amazing. I am hoping is this is possible… on your demo’s you have a Job Listings section. I want to achieve something similar to this however, I want to limit the amount of people who can apply per job to 10. Is this […]

Group discussion

Hi, Can I create a group discussion forum with Formidable pro, i.e. if there are 10 students in a batch and they will discuss with their own batch for many related topics? Thanks in advance

Output Form Entries To RSS

After someone completes a form the entries are stored and displayed in view. Is there way to output the new entries as an RSS feed?

Front End CSV Import

Is there any way to have a front end CSV import entries into a form? I want to give people a sample csv file, they can complete and upload and it auto adds the entries.  

Multi-File upload to different ID driven directories


Very well designed software! I have a form that has 3 file upload instances to upload 3 different image/video files which go to three different directories determined by a drop down menu. I have no trouble uploading all 3 to a single custom directory (using your support docs), but haven’t found a way to determine […]

Data from Entry default Value

Hello Jamie and Steph, How do I make a default value for data from entry? I want to show a text inside the dropdown of a ‘data from entry’ field  before the user chooses what he wants.  

Shortcode for separate values

Hello! I have  separate values in my forms. When I put shortcode like [512] I get the external(first) value that user sees. I need to get a second value. How can I get second value to send a message after the user submits the form?

Modifying “You do not have permission to view this form.”

Hi, Was wondering which file I edit to modify this message? “You do not have permission to view this form.” I want to add in a link for the user to signup and or login.. Thanks, Joe

Hide form fields with name, email and phone number.


Hi, I have a little problem. I created web formular (1), where i have some personal fields, which I need hide to other visitors (3). I try everything what I find in knowledge base and form fields is still visible or is invisible on input form page too. Any suggestion? Please, please help me. Sorry for my […]

email form user not working


Having trouble setting up the Formidable form to send a copy of the form results to the user who fills it out. I think I followed the documentation correctly found at http://formidablepro.com/knowledgebase/emailing-form-responses/ But I can’t figure out what’s not working- I created a “your email address” field, made it mandatory and then in the “settings/emails” […]

Filtering in 2 fields at once ?

Hello, I wanna know how can i use the “Views” so that when i use the filtered entries i can search for a “Word” in two fields with OR not AND as right now if i have 2 fields for example “Field1″ and “Fields2″ and i wanna search for a “Word” in “Field1″ OR “Fields2″ and […]