Sort view entries by date

Hi there I have a view created showing entries for a user when they are logged in. So the user can see all of their submitted forms. But by default this loads in descending order. What I need is the most recent form submitted to appear first, and so on… Any ideas?

Select all option in check box field

Hi there. I understand that a select all function for check box is a custom function which requires javascript. I read through the field calculation link: But I still have some questions for this part. 1. am I using one check box field for all the selections or multiple fields? Cause, I was thinking to […]

Relocate Success Message


How can I relocate the success message to below the form upon submission?

For Permission Settings Based On Capability

Hi I see many plugins that allow restricted access to some parts always have an option to restrict access based on a capability. The reason this is so powerful is you can easily assign capabilities to different roles, making it much more flexible! Currently we can only allow access based on 1 role, but how […]

Send attachment to external site

Hello I’m sending information from uploaded application forms to our candidate tracking system (Bullhorn) using Formidable Pro’s hooks and the Bullhorn API. It’s working well. I’d like to send the CVs that candidates upload but can’t find a way of referring to a file attachment or getting its path. I’m currently using the  frm_after_create_entry hook to […]

one form for registration, another for meta fields?

i it possible to have one form for user registration (name, email, password). and when the user logs in their account, they see another form with several user attributes (gender, job, profession). i want to synchronize these fields with the user meta fields. the “register” tab in form settings seems to be useless now?!

Conditionally Store Entry in database

I am wondering if there is any way to conditionally store entry in database. For example if I have a dropdown field with two choices; Save entry Send Only Email If I select “Send Only Email” then Entry would not be saved in database. Currently I need to create a different form and to send […]

Registration email confirmation


Hi Steph and Jamie, hope you are fine. 1. I would like to know if formidable registration add-on has an email confirmation option before anyone can register. I don’t want people registering with If not, can you please guide me as to how I can implement such a feature myself, it it’s possible. 2. […]

How to pass parameters correctly

Hi,   I am trying to replicate the job board demo, and I’m having trouble replicating the APPLY NOW button, which takes the Job ID parameter, and probably the job name too: <a href=”[siteurl]/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=frm_forms_preview&form=frm_pro_job_application&job=[id]&jobname=[job-title]” class=”blue_button”>Apply Now</a> Now my questions are if I need to user the frm_forms_preview part, or I can just send to my […]

How do users see their history of submissions?

Hello How do I create a view for a logged in user (subscriber) so they can see a list of submitted entries for a specific form? Thanks

Filter Dynamic View on Select Field Type


I made a user id drop down like this ( for my form. I am now trying to create a view that will limit the entries returned by the user id that was selected. I read here ( that I could filter by a url parameter by putting [get param=”param_name”] in the filter. However, the filter […]

Formidable sends no e-mails

In two websites I developped formidable does not send the e-mails anymore. I tried several e-mailadresses, checked spamboxes, but the form do not appear. My customers do not recieve the mails too. I use WordPress. And yes everything is updated. What can be the problem?  

How do I know which entry is submitted and which is only saved as draft?

Hi support team, I’m not sure if it’s documented somewhere, but I must have missed it. How can I tell the different between submitted entry and saved entry from: 1. Entry page 2. Exported entry data (CSV) Also, if i create a view to query for entry data, will the entry data include only the submitted […]

Limit number of uploaded files

Hey Guys! In regards to frm_validate_field_entry and the example code you provide for “Limit number of uploaded files”, can this code be changed to target a particular upload field, and if yes, can this be used multiple times, for multiple fields – something like, function my_custom_validation1, function my_custom_validation2 and so on? As always, Thank You […]

Perform calculation on entries after being sent to forms

Hi, I am keeping track of various indicators, mostly of two kinds: absolute levels (e.g. sales in US$ during June) and year-over-year % variation (e.g. sales June-14 vs. June-13). Most of the tables on my site have this format. This data is calculated offline and then input through the formidable forms and can be seen in tables and […]