How do I add fields to the content box in the view

In the documentation for creating views it says Display All Entries Add a few fields into the Content box using the Customization panel (right sidebar). I can see the customization panel but I don’t understand how to add the fields.  If I click on “insert fields” it doesn’t do anything.

Notifications triggered by time of day

Hello again, I need to develop a form that will send notifications throughout the day at times specified by the user. Example: 1-User defines times a, b, & c in the form 2-User gets a notification at those specific times during the day. 3-The form is submitted only once, but user keeps receiving notifications daily. […]

Limit length of field

I wish to restrict the length of text a user can imput into a text field is there a way to do this? Thank you

how to have form fill multiple forms

I’m sure this info is out there (your doc is quite excellent and extensive), but I can’t find it. I want my form fill to create two entries.  I want the data to go to the db associated with the current form the user is filling out, and I want it to be create an […]

Search: AND operator, fuzzy searching

Hi, There is a lot of discussion about search, I’ve been reading as much as possible but can’t seem to find a conclusive answer about the following: * Using a frm_search field, is it possible to set it so that the keywords are treated as a phrase, i.e. use AND rather than OR? Would be […]


Hi, can I use frm-scv-where to download a csv file from a certain form with specific fields? For example create csv download for form 32 and only download  field ids 3400, 3401,3403 and 3409. Or is there a different way I should accomplish this?

Email Notification to use post slug instead of post_id

First of all – great product! We are just testing initially but we have setup a dev form to create post on entry. Works brilliantly – although in the email notification to the user who filled the form out we would like send them their personal post URL that they created based on their fullname. […]

Passing values between forms

Hi, I’ve got form A which contains a list of categories and when selected, each category reveals via conditional logic, a list of entries/options.  I want the option chosen to populate a field in form B.   Where I am unclear is the option could come from a number of  field ID’s, so can I […]

Can you make the Edit link label a form field ID?


Right Now I have something that looks like this: Edit : ARV 1404 Designing Automobile Graphics Where the edit is the link. I would like to just do this: ARV 1404 Designing Automobile Graphics Where the Form ID is just the link. Here is the current edit link code: [editlink location=”front” label=”Edit” page_id=5743] What I […]

is there a Logout shortcode?

Hello, I would like to place a Logout short code in page that has a table/view from a form. Is there a shortcode to do that? I´ve found this thread in FP support history but I am not sure if that´s possible by using that code since my page has a table/view Let know. Thank […]

Stylize link to update field

I am using the shortcode to create a link to edit a single field ( Is it possible to style the link so it looks like a button/switch in stead of a link. Currently when clicked the link disappears. We currenty have a radio button we changed from Yes to No and vice versa. Is […]

Maximum calendar year at 2039


Hi Guys , just a note on the calendar  , it appears to be limited to 2039 , could you advise on how to change this to allow later dates. it says : “There was a problem with your submission. Errors are marked below.” when selecting and submitting a later year. Thanks a Million , […]

Zapier Addon and multisite use

Just a couple of quick questions regarding zapier addon and multisite. 1. Will the API key required for Zapier be the same for every multisite instance or different each time? 2. And will the site url required be the parent (network) site or the sub site? (I’m using sub-directories for my multisite) Thanks

Custom List of Entries

Dear Support, please help. I would like to change the name/view for List of entries. I use this shortcode on my page:  On the page I get list like this: 02/06/2014 02/06/2014 02/06/2014 03/06/2014 Is it possible to change “Date” to the name of first entry/field in the form? For example: I have field “Company” in […]

Formidable Zapier Ideas

I wanted to start a thread for Formidable Zapier Ideas. The first that I have is posting to Google Calendars from Formidable Calendars. There is another great calendar plugin called All In One Events Calendar, and since it is a robust calendar app, it over shadows Formidable calendars in some respects. Even though I can’t […]