Advanced search and accents

I've an advanced form with a dropdown with words with accents. I use a view with filters : Town is like [get param=ftown sanitize_url=1] but it doesn't work. Accents are removed in the url. An idea ? Thanks for your help.

frm_wp_post Hook

We have forms that create posts that all have the same parent. We used to use the following code add_filter('frm_validate_field_entry', 'my_custom_validation', 8, 3); function my_custom_validation($errors, $posted_field, $posted_value){ if($posted_field->id == 25){ //change 25 to the ID of any field in your form $_POST['frm_wp_post']['=post_parent'] = 30; //change 30 to the ID of your WP parent page (ourmembers) […]

Alternative for page_id?

Is there an alternative for page_id=x like the permalink of a page so the forms and views can be exported/imported without having to change the code?

titles of single posts

So in the dynamic content (single posts), how do I change "Trips" here to the title of the trip. Thank you

Conflict With Mandrill

I use Mandrill to send all my emails and it works very well. (They are like sendgrid and are the powerhouse behind mailchimp!) When I activate their plugin, the formidable doesn't trigger the CC and BCC email addresses, only the TO address.   When I deactivate the mandrill plugin it all works as it should. […]

prevent css calls through admin-ajax.php

hey there, there is something i don't understand. on my local dev environment formidable loads a simple css file. on my production system it calls the (a?) css file through the admin-ajax.php which blocks the whole page rendering for about 1200 ms. how can i prevent formidable from calling css files through the admin-ajax.php? it would be […]

Marketo add-on?

Hi Formidable, we are exploring Marketo as our primary marketing automation tool. We checked that Gravity Form has add-ons to Marketo but Formidable Pro doesn't have any. As we have been very satisfied with Formidable Pro so far, we are reluctant to consider switching. Throw us a bone here, is there any plan to introduce […]

How to include an text message if Date from Entries show no results

I have a form where users register to attend an event. First they select the State they live in.  Using conditional logic, any events planned for that State appear in a dropdown list.   But, if there are no events planned for the selected State I want to be able to tell the user there are […]

recurring dates in calendar

Screen Shot 2015-01-19 at 3.21.26 PM

Hi, What would I write in my recurring box for the following: Every Weekend  (but not weekdays) Every Week (but not weekends) Every Two Weeks (but not weekends) etc... Thanks very much!        


Is it possible to link more than 1 formidable form to the *same* mailchimp list. I have the same form on 2 different websites and want it to connect to mailchimp. Thanks.

customise autocomplete last digits

Hi, I am using the autocomplete on a drop down of phone numbers Is there a way to hook in and customize the autocomplete so it searched in Last 4 digits as well as first digits Any digits combinations as they are typed. Thank you Daveed

Keeping data from deleted fields

I currently have a dropdown list field where someone can select a price range. I'm replacing this field with a number field as we have had feedback that customers would like to enter a more specific value. Is there a way of deleting the old field without loosing all of the data from previous entires? Thanks!

Sort countries by alphabetical order in translation

Hi, I am using Formidable with WMPL form. I have a long list of countries that I need to translate (copy/paste from an existing translation) one by one. Now, I am realizing that they are not sorted by alphabitical order in the translations, they follow the order of the original version in English. How can […]

Data from entry dropdown displaying values separated by commas

Hello, I have a multi-select dropdown in the master form (form A), and am trying to get the chosen values into a dynamic dropdown in another form (form B). When I populate the data from entries field in form B, it displays a single dropdown value with all values selected in form A separated by commas, instead […]