Extract values from multiple select

Hi, I’ve got a multiple select field. Now I would like to save 3 particular values from this multiple select in another field. Is there a standard code or example within Formidable I can use for this? Thanks

populate drop down with user meta

I would like to populate a drop down field with user meta values.  I am not sure how to retrive the value of the user_meta.  This is what I have tried. add_filter(‘frm_setup_new_fields_vars’, ‘frm_set_checked’, 20, 2); function frm_set_checked($values, $field){ if($field->id == 1521){//Replace 125 with the ID of your field $option1 = $_GET[user_meta key=”Student1 First Name”]; $option2 […]

Edit Entry fields

Hi there. I have two types of fields on my form – those that have information entered from scratch and those that have default values calculated from which the user can adjust. I have noticed that when an entry is submitted that if I try and edit it from the backend I can only successfully […]

frm_uploading_files documentation

Where is the documentation about frm_uploading_files hook, please? I want to add custom text, or completly disable loading box.   Thanks

Step by Step Instructions for Using Google Tag Manager Form Submit Listener to Track Submits in Google Analytics

I’m not a JS or PHP expert and I have found it impossible to follow the sparse information I’ve found here about how to track Formidable Ajax form submissions with Google Analytics. Maybe you could add step by step instructions on how to do so in the knowledge base similar to what Contact Form 7 […]

Append form input data to file name on upload

Hi Is is possible to manipulate the file name of a file uploaded via a form (both single file upload and multi file upload controls). Something like uploading a file called ‘file.doc’ would be uploaded as ‘215_file.doc’ where 215 would be the unique reference number of the form submission instance (or alternatively, grabbing the form […]

An easy way to list all forms for a user

I would like to know how to set up a page that will automatically show a list of all the forms that a logged in user filled out and allow him to edit them.  I would like this page to work for any user that is logged in to his account. Thanks.

User edit forms must be reviewed before they appear in views

Right now if Allow front-end editing of form submissions is enabled, users can edit their entries. Although I want to allow users to update their forms I want to be able to review edits BEFORE they get published pages or views.  How can I accomplish this?

Change URL for views

Is it possible to change the url for views from frm_display to content or some other word that’s more appropriate?

Create a confirmation field

I want to put confirmation fields to verify that e-mail and password were correctly entered. I have seen the hook frm_validate_field_entry http://formidablepro.com/knowledgebase/frm_validate_field_entry/#kb-create-a-confirmation-field Is there any other way to do this? (i.e. a built-in field) Thank you          

Forms show differently on different browser

Hello We just recently purchased formidable pro script and it is installed on our website. The form we are using is installed at https://aprocessagents.com/boc-3-application-online-registeration/ The problem I have is that the form shows correctly, like we did all the css styling through formidable pro back end so it is not any of our own css that […]

Radio button labels not showing.

I’m creating my own application process and for some reason the radio button labels are not showing up. I had no problems with this when creating the Contact Us form but for some reason it’s just not showing up here, on the test job application page: https://www.prestigessi.com/apply-now/test-app/ Here is the Contact Us form, already live: […]

Filtered – Scrollable, Seachable, Sortable table of entries via direct SQL query


  Goal: Create a * filtered * scrollable, searchable and sortable view of FP entries via a direct query to the FP tables.   The filter is via an FP form with which the user selects the variables that the entries list will be filtered on. The variables are passed to the query via the […]

Scrollable, Seachable, Sortable table of entries via direct SQL query


Goal: Create a scrollable, searchable and sortable view of FP entries via  a direct query to the FP tables.   A sample of what the goal looks like is attached: datatables-all-stores.jpg In that example, there is a highlighted row under the cursor, the search box is live, meaning the results are filtered in real time as […]

Show different prices depending the date

Hi, I would like to show different prices depending the input date field. – Peak season ( April, July & August ) -> Price A – Mid Season ( May, June, September & October ) -> Price B – Off season ( feb, Nov & Dec ) – > Price C How could achieve that […]