“Add More Items?”


Is there any way to add an “Add More Items?” button or something? I’m collecting lists of information that will have similar fields. So, for instance, I’ll ask for NAME and EMAIL once, then user fills in their fields (in this case, title of a class and other things). Here’s the thing, that user might […]

Check user’s current role in filter

Hi, I have a bunch of form entries that are tied to specific users. When a person fills out the form, it does note the user’s user type at the time the form was filled out. However, this site is also a membership site, and after a certain period of time, some users are demoted […]

stellar support

If you use formidable you probably already know this, but its worth saying again.  Team Formidable provides stellar support! Kevin

PDF Upload Security

I recently discovered that pdf files uploaded using a form and then displayed on private pages only are still being found and shown by search engines. Clients have found PDF files of financial and member info on google that should only be accessible by logged in users. It seems to have something to do with […]

The spanish buttons show very bad

Hello dears, the new interfaz with spanish buttons looks very bad and it is very difficult to intuit I like me suggest a interfaz with icons, the spanish language have a long terms, then the buttons show very extrain and the translation is not very good I attaching a screencapture I like me my interfaz […]

Change custom post status front end

Hi, thank you for your great plugin! I have a site set up where the user can log in and create custom posts from the front end. I have created a dynamic view on the users “profile page” which displays the users posts with a link to edit and a link to delete. However, I […]

insert or upload image into post content via richtext field

hi. my client  cerates pages and posts with formidablepro forms. the form is using rich text area field for the content of post. but he especially asks me inserting pitures into content … i can use nicedit for this but nicedit is not very friendly and doesnt seem updated for a long time. And i […]

Lock a field after submitting

Hello, I am wondering if it is possible to allow for a field to be filled in and edited prior to submitting, but then lock it from editing after submission? I would like other fields to be open to editing but some I want closed after submission. Thanks

How to place labels inside input fields

Yes, I did find the topic and that it was resolved, but “Nevermind I found it” doesn’t help when you are trying to find out how it was done Would you please tell me how? Thanks!

Sorting a View using a ‘Data from Entries’ field – is this possible?

Hello, I have a form with a series of records that include a ‘Data from Entries’ field called ‘Location’. I need a view that shows all records ordered by Location. The problem is that in the Advanced Settings panel in my View, the ‘Location’ field doesn’t show in the ‘Order’ drop down – it seems  that form […]

print button

I will like to insert a print button on the data a particular user view in the view page so has to enable them print their data Note:The print button to be in the view page for the particular user that login

email – conditional logic using “anything” – for radio button questions

cond logic

Hi, I have the attached settings as conditional logic for a form.  That is, it set up so that any checkbox that is selected should fire a notification, as the settings is set to “anything”. However, currently this is not longer working, no email is sent.  I can create a rule to have a notification […]

Change title font?

Hello, all! I’m really digging your plug-in so far, and have followed instructions to use prettyPhoto for a pop-up form. Combined with the conditional logic, things are lookin’ pretty sweet! Except the default title font is not working for me. I am not very familiar with CSS, so any help with very specific instructions would […]

front end duplication

Hi all again, I’m trying to create a fron-end duplication following this User Tip: http://formidablepro.com/help-desk/front-end-entry-duplication-passing-only-one-value-to-the-url/ I put the code in my theme’s function.php, created the link, and added [entry_data field=125] to fields on the form I want users to duplicate.  The form duplicates but no data comes forward although the URL has the correct ID […]

Creating A WishList

Hi I’ve got a set number of items and I want users to be able to add them to a wishlist. I.e. show a selection of products and user click a button “add to basket/wishlist” and at end, all items are shown in a checkout format, but instead of a purchase, an email is sent […]