Membership and security plugin

Hi, Is there a membership and or security plugin that you are aware of integrates well with Formidable? I have been using s2member and although it’s great I don’t seem to be able to get it to work well with Formidable. Mostly in terms of the fact that I can’t use forms to affect s2member […]

Send email if entry is going to expire

I’m making a business directory listing. I’m experimenting with whether it will be possible using Formidable Pro. The listings need to expire after a given amount of time. Thanks to the advice given in this thread I am able to create a filtered view where entries are only displayed if they have been updated recently. […]

Password validation to include letters and numbers

Here’s a password validation hook in case someone needs to validate a password that must include 1 number and 1 letter and must be between 6 to 50 characters long: //check password for at least 1 number and 1 letter and min of 6 characters add_filter(‘frm_validate_field_entry’, ‘check_user_pass’, 10, 3); function check_user_pass($errors, $posted_field, $posted_value){ if($posted_field->id == […]

How to hide attachment folder from google index?

Hi I find that attachment which I gather trought formidable people can find with google in the internet. How can I hide this folder. Should I use robots txt ? Which folder I should hide?

Form submissions being blocked to

My client has a customer who attempted to submit a form from their website at Their email address is: . Do you know if FormidablePro would block that for any reason? I’m having them check their junk mail folder.   I appreciate your help. Chris

Formidable geocoder

Hello, is the Formidable geocoder still available? The old download-site seems to be down. Thank you  

Advance filter for views

I would like to  create a filter that only display results from a form entry where a field in that form matches the current logged in admin username and not any results from any other entries or admin username. For example:  Client001 submits a form and indicates that their admin is Admin001 when admin goes […]

Return user to Published Post after Paypal

Hi!   I’ve already made it where the user is redirected to the Published Post after submitting the form. Now that I’ve added Paypal payments. How do I redirect a user to “[post_id]” after they’re done with Paypal?   – Chris

Saved Draft

Hi, Thank you for such a great under rated plugin. I have a few questions about the functionality of this form. I would appreciate for your help. 1. Is it possible to view all saved drafts? I can view all submitted forms but I am unable to see saved drafts. I like to see what […]

Display 2 calendar/views in 1 calendar view

Hi  Guys, Is it possible to display 2 calendars in one calendar view. (not sure how to describe this..) I have a project form with a start date [327] and end date [328] Creating a calendar/view for start date [327] is no problem. However I would like to have the end date also show on the same calendar/view. […]

conditional redirection to a view based on user role

Hello, I have a form that I would like redirect users each to a different view/table based on thier role. Is that possible? user1 needs to be redirected to view user2 needs to be redirected to view I´ve tried with this coditional but did´t get results: http:// [if display-frm-data id=425 equals=”user1″][/if 425][if display-frm-data id=810 equals=”user2″][/if 810] […]

Licence for single server with sub-sites

Good day   Do I need to purchase the UNLIMITED version for a single WP installation with sub-sites ?   thanks Louis  

Add-on Input components

It would be nice to be able to extend formidable pro input fields to add-on custom input fields.  Currently formidable pro doesn’t have a way of doing normalized data (although you are working on it), and one solution for me could be for me to store JSON in a hidden formidable pro input, and then I would use […]

Autocomplete for single line text

I am interested in an autocomplete for a “single line text” box instead of a dropdown.   The distinct list of previous entered values for the text box would be the searchable/autocompleted results for the text box.  for example: the first time anybody uses the form, the list would be empty.  Somebody fills out the form […]

dynamic add sections

I want a user to be able to hit a button that will add a section to the form.  The section will have fa few fields like “organization name” and “position”.   So if the user was in 3 organizations, they would select the “add” button 3 times, which would add 3 sections to the form, […]