Conditional Logic with date field

I'm interested in running some conditional logic based on an entry to a date field. I would like to display a message using a HTML field if a date the user selects in a date field is within a certain range. Is this possible in any way using formidable, if not, are there plans for […]

Run the Validation check at the end of a multi-step form

Hello, I am going to setup a very large multi-step form where users can save the form as a draft. Just wondering if it is possible to have the validation only run once the user reaches the last page of the form versus on every step. Reason I ask is because the user might not have […]

Data from Entries and a second field

On Form 1 I have a name field and and ID number field. On Form 2 I have a Data from Entries dropdown field to select the name. However, I need to copy the ID number field to a field on Form 2 as well. What is the best way to do this?

User meta to chance view output.

On the front end I plan to have a grid of check boxed that allows users to select categories.  I presume I need these categories added the the user meta data. This way, I plan to use the conditional [if] to look at all items that have been checked, if it is not empty (or false?), […]

Clear Several Radio Fields

Hi - I found the code to clear one radio when another is selected – but I have eight (8) radio fields and each of them need to be cleared if any of the others are selected.  In other words – need to allow a selection in only one of the 8. Is this possible? […]

Need to calculate and display a number based on answer to another field

Screen Shot 2015-01-26 at 14.12.59

I am trying to create a form for reservations. I need to automatically calculate the total price based on the number of reservations. I have created a radio button box with, e.g. One Person, Two people but can't figure out a way to create a field which will display the total price (e.g. 2 x […]

File uploader - multiple images are created

Hi, When having users upload a file via the file uploader in Formidable, the result is that I get the original image file plus 12 (yes...12!) variations (i.e. filea.jpg, filea-36x36.jpg, filea-80x80.jpg, filea-249x300.jpg, etc.). Is there any way to stop this...just when the file is uploaded via the file uploader? Thanks.

Error using filter data from entries example


Hi! I'm using the code in this link to filter a Data from entries field. The code works, but in the log I'm finding this error: "Invalid argument supplied for foreach() in /home/zagrebor/public_html/wp-content/themes/reload/functions.php" The code works as expected almost always, but sometimes not. To figure out why I'd like to solve this issue on log file, […]

Search not displaying on view demo

Hi added the demo for the Job Listings. However, the search doesn't display. It just displays the search form id.  

Where Is This Used?

Hi Where is this used and what's it for? Changelog: ***Add [user_role] shortcode for current user’s role

Always use Draft Button, not submit button

I have my subscriber has to update their information regularly. In the same page, I don't want the data field in this form is clear/remove every time subscriber press SUBMIT button. Instead, I want them to use SAVE DRAFT button (I already set "Allow logged-in users to save drafts."). The problem is both SUBMIT & SAVE DRAFT […]

BuddyPress groups to provide access to members

Hi, Is it possible to integrate Formidablepro with BuddyPress? I mean to use the BuddyPress groups to provide access to members to access forms and some fields in the form.

Popup when the check box is checked in form

Hi, I want to make to appear popup window when the check box is checked in my form. Is it possible?

Organization chart

I've got a form with a list of persons, and I've got another form with a list of jobs. In the first form I select a job for each person; and in every job could be one or more person. Now I want to make an organization chart view,  but I don´t know how to […]

Add view filters within your display-frm-data shortcode

Would it be possible to add parameters to the display-frm-data shortcode with which we could add filters directly from within the shortcode? For those who hate suspense, the answer is yes. The Scenario I have seven different views created and added to one page and the only difference is a single filter in each. In […]