admin email

I have changed my admin email, but it is still sending to the old address? How do I solve this issue.

Using Meta field in shortcode

I have a page that loads a view using the following shortcode. That view shows a list off assignments in the Content area using: <p>Assigned Judge: [681] StudentID: [806]</p> <p>Story Title: [558] Story: [559 clickable=1]</p> <p><a href=”[detaillink]”>Judge This Entry</a></p> <hr /> It is based on an underlying student registration form with ID=15 The Dynamic Content […]

Display the Author of a post shortcode

hi, is there a way to display the author of a post using a shortcode. I would like to have a line beneath post on a summary list of post on our website with the author name listed against it.   Thanks, Ande

Resend Email Notifications

Hi I have this filter in my functions.php file that you suggested I use to stop automatic sending of the user registration email: add_filter(‘frm_send_new_user_notification’, ‘frm_stop_user_notification’); function frm_stop_user_notification($send){ return false; }   which works, however this also seems to affect the “Resend Email Notifications” function on the back end. Is there a way to modify this filter […]

Field height

Formidable fields

Hi, the field height is only covering the top half of the text.  I have tried to adjust using General Settings/ Styling/ Field Settings.  Look forward to advice on what I am doing wrong.  Thanks & screen grab attached.

Collapsible field conditional to a previous answer

Hey guys, i’m new here, so sorry if this question was already answered. What i’m trying to do is: I want a set of 2 radio buttons: Yes and No. If i choose Yes, a collapsible area appears behind the field with another field. If i choose No, nothing happens. Is that possible?

Conditional logic: all of A, B, and C + any of D or E

I am using conditional logic to check whether applicants meet several criteria.  However, despite several hours of trying to find a workaround, I am stuck. Basically the conditional logic allows for: Show this field if ALL of the following match: Field 1 is equal to A Field 2 is equal to B Field 3 is […]

Possible menu bug in Global Settings>Permissions

Screenshot from 2014-01-12 19:41:36

Hi, I was wondering if this is deliberate or whether it is a possible bug. I have no other plugins installed apart from a maintenance jf3. WordPress 3.8 Formidable Pro 1.07.04 When logged in as subscriber the following occurs, ok when you set the permissions for the back end using GLOBAL SETTINGS>PERMISSIONS>VIEW FORMS AND TEMPLATES […]

Need to have specific Meta Tags for each Post using the Create Posts

Thanks again for great support….another question for the formidable form folks! To enable the correct image and description to appear in the Facebook Open Graph share, each page my entries create needs to have the proper meta tags in their respective <head></head> section.  I know these are supposed to go in the header.php <head></head> section, […]


I have forms for my training that are used every week inside WL membership plugin What is the best easiest way to automatically fill name and email fields each time a member clicks on the form? What codes do I insert? Thanks

Required fields: and / or

I wish to ask two questions, and at least one must be answered (or actually two sets of questions). Author First Name :  Author Last Name : E-Mail Organisation Name :  Org. Contact First Name :  Org. Contact Last Name : E-Mail We must collect the author’s name or we must have the organisation name […]

User ID field populating with User Name

I noticed that after upgrading to the new version of Formidable Pro that when a user logs in and fills out a form, the resulting User ID (hidden field) is populated with the user name and saved that way.  Do you know why this would happen.  Thanks

Adding Edit Form to admin bar

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 10.06.09 AM

For some sites where many forms are used it can sometimes be a pain trying to hunt down a form through the admin panel but on the other side, you might already be looking at the page where that form is posted with a [ formidable ] shortcode. On our site we’ve resolved this issue […]

Cannot view entries from a form

Screen Shot 2014-01-10 at 7.42.01 AM

I have a form that shows it has 73 entries. When I click to view them, it shows there are 4 pages of entires, but all are showing the “You don’t have any entries in this form” message. (View Attached Screenshot) Only other plugins are WordFence Security and InifiniteWP, both of which I temporary disabled […]

“Data from Entry” field appears empty when editing a form entry

I was having trouble searching for a fix to this so I decided that it would just be easier to ask. Here are the reproducible steps to create this problem. 1) Create two forms. Name one Apples and one Oranges. 2) In each form create a single dropdown name it Apple/Orange(respectively) and populate the choices. […]