Email subject

Hello After upgrading to 1.07.5 I am getting this: =?UTF-8?B?V2VsY29tZSBUbyBGYWlyVHJhZGVXb3Jrcw==?= in my email confirmation subject lines. Do you know what may be causing this. Thank you .

Autoresponder sending multiple attached files

I would like to create a submittal form that sends a PDF for each selected check-box as an attachment to a submitted email. Something very similar to this, with the user entering their email on the same page Looked around on the forums, and found some very vague answers that do not help my […]

Email content

When an email is sent, I need all of the form elements to be sent. This includes the HTML, Titles, Subtitles, as well as the form field names and content. Basically, I need the email to look similar to printing the entire form. What is the best way to do this? Here is a good […]

conditionally display frm-stats result

I have a view that calculates a number of statistics using frm-stats. Is there a way conditionally display a particular statistic (e.g. display the frm-stats result only if it is zero)? I tried [if equals=0]There are no yellow widgets[/if ] which resulted in the following being displayed: [if 0 equals=0]There are no yellow widgets[/if 0] […]

Javascript/Jquery Checkbox

I would like to get the values of my checkboxs with jqery or javascript, because the separated values are used for something else when then email is sent and I dont want to change them. Example : Box 1 : Value 1 Box 2 : Value 2 Box 3 : Value 3 <script> if value […]

Include Post Content AND Form Results in Email Template

Hi – Coming from a long time cForms users, we are loving this plugin! We have an agreement page we’re using in proposals to clients. At the end of the agreement, is a form that the user is required to consent to services and provide an electronic signature. They are then emailed a copy of […]

Sort Search Results by Number of Keyword Matches

Hi, One of my forms has a rich text field. When searching entries by keyword, I would like to have the results sorted, with the entry that has the most number of matches in that field come out on top. How would I do that? Thanks Thomas

Managing Attachments

Apolgoies if this has been covered before, but I haven’t been able to find any information on this elsewhere. I have a form with a single file upload that I would like to send as an attachment. That bit is simple enough. The problem I have comes with that I have three automated emails firing […]

Save Draft on Page Turn?

Can you possibly suggest a function (or the direction of a function) or other modification through which one might set a form (or even all forms with drafts enabled, if necessary) to save a draft as an effect of changing the page in a multi-page form? (Presuming that the form is configured to support someone […]

Filter for students NOT in judging entries.

I suspect this is a forest for the trees moment.  How do I use two views to filter out students who have already registered, but have not had their entries judged? The student ID is already in the primary form.  It gets posted to the secondary form when the judges complete their work.  So in […]

Add customizable pagination

Hello. What about adding ability to easily customize the pagination style?

Registration Logout Redirect

I have am using the Login Shortcode with redirect and it works fine. When the user logs out he stays on the page showing when he logs out. I would like to force a redirect on logout to a specific page but I don’t see any settings to do this. Is there a shortcode parameter […]

Bootstrap Addon not styling buttons

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 21.05.03

Great plugin (I’ve just made the switch from Gravity Forms as needed the Edit features your plugin so awesomely has)… However, I’m having an issue with the Bootstrap Addon – it’s activated and is styling the form fields but not any of the buttons – they remain styled as default (i.e. grey). See attached screen. […]

They Think of Everything

Just now, I duplicated a very large form to make some slight changes to it for a different purpose than the original. That process was simple. All the conditional logic was preserved on duplication. The only thing I was dreading was changing the email notification settings, because the form has 9 different notifications, each with […]

no “Path to Extra Templates” field in global settings in FP 1.7.5rc1

Hello Working on a new site I thought I try the new 1.7.5.rc1  of FP , And wanted to use a form template from another site of mine. I created the directory ” custom-templates” in my wp-content dir  and used ftp to copy the php files to it.  Problem: I can’t find an “Path to Extra […]