email – conditional logic using “anything” – for radio button questions

cond logic

Hi, I have the attached settings as conditional logic for a form.  That is, it set up so that any checkbox that is selected should fire a notification, as the settings is set to “anything”. However, currently this is not longer working, no email is sent.  I can create a rule to have a notification […]

Change title font?

Hello, all! I’m really digging your plug-in so far, and have followed instructions to use prettyPhoto for a pop-up form. Combined with the conditional logic, things are lookin’ pretty sweet! Except the default title font is not working for me. I am not very familiar with CSS, so any help with very specific instructions would […]

front end duplication

Hi all again, I’m trying to create a fron-end duplication following this User Tip: I put the code in my theme’s function.php, created the link, and added [entry_data field=125] to fields on the form I want users to duplicate.  The form duplicates but no data comes forward although the URL has the correct ID […]

Creating A WishList

Hi I’ve got a set number of items and I want users to be able to add them to a wishlist. I.e. show a selection of products and user click a button “add to basket/wishlist” and at end, all items are shown in a checkout format, but instead of a purchase, an email is sent […]

Permissions for downloading CSV file and deleting all entries

I have a front-end view setup with a button linked to the “download all entries” URL, which is: /wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?frm_action=0&action=frm_entries_csv&form=7 When I am logged in as an Administrator the button works perfectly. However, when logged in as an “Editor” I do not have permissions to download entries. I am using a role manager plugin that I […]

count results

Hi, I’ve searched and found the post below. I want to do the same. Did you build this into the next release as you had planned? If so, where do I find it?


Ajax indexed auto-suggest for search forms would be a good addition.

Input Mask 999-999-9999 for phone numbers

I am using an input mask of 999-999-9999 for a phone number field.  It works, but the problem is the field mask “___-___-____” is being shown to the end user.  Is there a way to NOT display the mask, but still have it work?

Create a draft post that is scheduled

I would like submissions to my form to create a new post in a draft status, but also to let users select the date of publish. I have a date picker on my form and in Settings > Create Posts I have the ‘Post Date’ set to my date picker field. When the form is […]

Validation : phrase within string

This is maybe pushing the limits of what constitutes ‘product support’, but here we go .. Is there a validation of a phrase within a text string? I haven’t seen one on the internet yet. What I want to do is add a comma (again), which will help with using form data as post taxonomies. […]

Post category and tags from form

I thought this was going to be really difficult, but was quite simple. Hopefully I will save someone some time. Create form fields for keyword tags and categories and create them as ‘Tag’ type. I didn’t know it was there until yesterday. They can then be selected as input fields and mapped to the post’s […]

Button Text

Hi, I already searched the forums/FAQ with no answer. The main Submit button text doesn’t change if I enter anything other than “Submit” in the General settings. I tried entering “Send Inquiry” but the text stays “Submit”. Also, how do I change the styling of the form name, which shows at top of the form? […]

Collapsible Section CSS

If you are using Collapsible sections in your form, you may want to visually SHOW the user that they section is clickable. I use the following CSS: .frm_trigger {   border: 1px solid #ddd;   border-radius: 4px;   padding-left: 5px;   background-color: #eee;   font-size: 18px !important; } .frm_trigger:before {   content: “f139″;   font: […]

Linking variable in paypal notification


Thanks for your support, by now the best I know. I think that is my last question: What I need to know is how I should name the variable that comes in the message with the paypal confirmation. In the Form the name of the (linking) input field is DNI, and when submiting the form […]

Use View Conditionals to set PHP Variables

I have a project where I needed to, via PHP, show a view containing a single entry followed by a form that only appears if the view actually contains something. Normally, one would simply put the form shortcode inside the view and call it a day, but that won’t work in this case. So, how […]