How do I display the searched date range in my search results

When I search all my results have the dates When I search by range I'd like to be able to display this at the top of the search results page DATE RANGE: xx/xx/xx-xx/xx/xx And have it show the ranges that were searched for How do I do that ?

How do I display a summarized view ?


I dont know if this question can even be answered but here goes Background 1. I have a master view displaying 4 other views 2. I have a search running by multiple parameters Everything works great now ! My question is this When I run the search over my entries, I get all the entries […]

Get option values from custom post type posts

I know that Formidable PRO is highly customizable and there is almost nothing that can't be done. And I am also sure there is already a topic which probably answers my question but I simply don't know how to find it 😉 I have a client with some restaurant menu items (using the Food and […]

Conditional logic to skip to the end

Hi Support Team, Once again thanks for the plug-in. I'm trying to create screening questions at the beginning to screen out people with certain answers, e.g. I only people who have seen my new banner to continue answering the rest of the questions. I would have wanted people who answer "No" to simply submit the survey, and […]

Emails - blank fields don't show

I am using the tag [default-message] in the email to the administrator. Is there a way to show all field labels, even if the field wasn't entered? It seems like if the user leaves it blank, it gets eliminated from the email. We need to know what they are skipping...without making the fields mandatory. Thank […]

Use Custom Fields to set post meta?

Hello again, I want to set a piece of meta data to a post and am I correct in assuming that is accomplished as follows: Custom Fields Name   Form Field          — Select Field —                 User ID                 Event Category                […]

Emailing to a Form

I want to periodically (a few times annually) email to a few hundred entries contained in three Forms. My need is to do simple things like remind the recipients to take some action annually and to distribute some information to them. Initially, at least, I would not be planning to monitor recipient behaviour as a […]

Disable submit button until data from entries is loaded

Hi, I'm getting a few entries where a calculation field is blank because the DFE 'just show it' field did not load quickly enough. (The calculation field takes values from the DFE just show it field). I'm thinking the best way to prevent this is to disable the Submit button until the data from entries […]

How to assign a number to a variable dynamically based on the input from user

Hi There, I want to use a variable whose numerical value is dependent on the option selected by user from dropdowns. Let me try to explain with an example. Lets say I have a dropdown with three options - RED, GREEN and BLUE. The user can select any of these values. Now lets say I […]

Displaying Individual Checkbox Values

I have a checkbox with 6 different options that I'm displaying in a View and I want to apply a different style to each selected option. I'm using conditional shortcodes. The logic seems right but I can't figure out how to output individual options. Each of these conditional statements outputs all the selected checkbox values: […]

All of Form A's field info to Form B

I get how to show 'values' from Form A onto Form B using   but what about showing it's Form A - Field Names.  Actually I want to be able to duplicate the Form A fields with Name and Field Entry into the beginning of Form B.  I want to do this so that Form B's […]

2.0a Repeatable Section Bug when adding NEW LABLES


Hi, While testing 2.0a I think I may have uncovered a bug. Create a new form and insert a "repeatable section" with or without nesting another field.  Toggle the repeatable field options and add new labels (Add and Remove default).  The new labels are reflected and saved to the form but not in the Frontend.  […]

Multiple Fields and only one required

I would like to have 3 different fields on a form and have it required that a user fills out one of them and only one. How can I achieve this? Do I need to resort to javascript logic on form submission? If so, could someone provide an example of how that is possible? Thanks!

Submit multiple forms with one button

Is this possible? I would like to create a view (Parent subform?)that shows the status of other forms. If the data is correct the form would hit submit and this would submit all of the forms. Foreman Summary View Pay Date Employee Name Done 1/11/2014 J Jones [x] 1/11/2014 J Smith [x] 1/11/2014 T Jones […]

Autoresponder to send a brochure

Hello, I'd like to get a basic brochure request form working as an autoresponder so that it sends a thank you message with a brochure attached, to the person who filled in the form. Surely this is quite simple but I can't quite figure out how to do it. Please advise? Many thanks!