Confirmation email to user once admin has approved their form entry


I have managed to create a form where by entries await for admin approval, and once approved admin makes them public. I would like to notify user that their entry has been published. At the moment I can only re send a message that the form has been submitted – is there a way of creating a separate automated (or slick to send) email confirming the entry has been published?

Many thanks in advance.

This can be done with some custom code. Please take a look at these posts and let us know if you still have questions. Thanks!

Hi many thanks for this, I'll try it.

I have a problem though - after writing my last message my form has been deleted by accident. What I had gotten made was admin approval drop down/check box in the actual admin area, next to each form entry that I could just check or uncheck, and I'll have to try to create the same again myself.

I saw your suggestion of adding an admin only drop down but this field is then displayed on the actual form and I can't understand how this would allow me to approve a certain form entry?

Not sure if I should write this subject under this tread, if not I can create a new topic.

Many thanks in advance.

Admin only fields will show as long as you are logged in as and admin from the front or back end. Does that answer your question?

Hi, does the Admin only field allow me to approve a form entry from other users? I am aware that I an create a field that only admin can see but this field is part of a form. Is there a way of creating an admin only field that appears next to the form entry so it can be approved?

Many thanks

You can edit the customizable HTML to place the field wherever you would like, but it must be included in the form. Your users will not see this field, but only admins will see it. If you do not want to go to edit the entry in order to mark it as approved, what exactly did you have in mind?

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