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Not sure exactly why this is happening but there seems to be a conflict between the script that generates the forms and a plugin that I use to manage memberships in WordPress.

When I activate the membership plugin it adds <br tags (removed the closing tag for the purpose of posting the problem) into the form which breaks the layout.

There is a very simple test page here: where you can see the problem at first hand.

I need both plugins to work side by side – just not sure where the conflict is and what to do about it.

Any ideas?

The other plugin is double filtering your page content. Please contact the developers of your other plugin and ask how to prevent shortcodes from getting double filtered.

Thanks Stephanie,

I'm hopeful this can be resolved as it can't stay the way it is. I'll wait for their reply and let you know the result.


Happy New Year.

Hi Stephanie,

The other plugin authors have now responded:

"This is the only plugin this has ever come up on.

Seems like the forms plugin has new lines in it which WordPress is them munching. So its the fault of the form's plugin and its white space.
Without the forms plugin to install and play with I'm really just guessing.
But thats the only reason WP would be sticking br's in, is if a new line exists in the raw form code.

Where does this leave us?

You could go through all the customizable HTML and remove the line breaks. This is bad practice for a plugin or theme to filter the content multiple times without a way to prevent it. What plugin is causing this?

Hi Stephanie,

The plugin is called Your Members and is fairly mature (version 11).

I don't want to start a fight I'm just looking for a neat (permament) solution. Should I forward your reply on to them?


If you don't want to have to edit the customizable HTML for all of your fields, this is an issue they will need to fix or provide a workarond for. All the themes we've come across that cause this problem also include tags to prevent it [raw][formidable id=x][/raw]. I don't see any reason for a plugin to be doing this.

Adding [raw] tags doesn't work.

I'm hoping the developer (Barry) from the other plugin will join the conversation soon.

Until then I'll have to wait.

Hi Stephanie,

The other developers have offered to take a look but need a pro license to test properly - is there any way you can issue them a free pro license to test compatability with their plugin?


This one would actually be the same in the free version too. But if they'd like to test with pro that's fine. Please have them start the signup process but don't pay. Then I need the username used so the account can be activated.

Hi Stephanie,

No need - they have fixed the issue and you were correct - they were double filtering!

Thanks for spotting the problem and being so patient.

Happy days!

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