Checkbox Search developer hook


Hi, I've created a form and a search form that contains checkboxes. I've followed instructions on your site to include custom code under code snippets that reference the search form ID and the checkbox ID from the add form. This is my first time using developer hooks and I don't know where to include add_filter('frm_where_filter', […]

Best way to use conditions for populating multiple fields

I have a client that is a recruiter for his company. He is having me create an application form with all of the standard information like first name, last name, email address etc. Here is where it get's a bit tricky... He wants, when the applicant selects the state or province that the city field is […]

Edit the Notes field in the To Do List

After viewing the list of items in the To Do List, then clicking on Item Details, I would like to be able to edit the Notes field.  I just cannot seem to understand how to place the editLink code into the view.  Appreciate any help or code snippets. Thank you

Form messed up after update

Oh this form... The alignment is now out of line since the update. I just noticed now. Any thoughts as to why this might have happened?

Inline Submit Button with multi line form

Screen Shot 2015-09-04 at 2.53.42 PM

Hi there! I am looking for my two line form to keep the submit button in the second row in the frm_last_fourth spot. When I use the inline button option, it messes up the entire form. Is there anyway to do this properly? Also, in the global styling settings I have the font color set to […]

Paypal parallel payment - Adaptive Payments

How difficult would it be to implement split payments with the paypal plugin?

Direct logout from menu not possible

Hello support, Now I have a menu option "Logout" which is point to a page calling formidable form . The it shows a page with a logout link in it. I really like to have the logout executed directly when I click on the menu link, now a user needs to click twice to logout (first on the […]

could formidible Pro do this?

Hi i have a question before i purchase the pro version: I am trying to take a grant application form (which was done in .asp) and a few portal pages - and re-create the functionality within wordpress. Formidible looks promising! I need to have non-profit organizations create their own profiles or register (preferably with a username/password) […]

Calculated total

hi there, I am experiencing the weirdest thing.. the total from a series of fields in a Repeatable section are off by almost 10000 The repeatable section has two fields, one for the description, and one for the value. then outside the repeatable section is a total field that pulls from each of the value […]

Same form, different confirmation / redirect

Hi there, Is it possible to use the same form but then redirect to a confirmation or a file that are different per offer please? Example: Download Form with Offer #1 redirects to confirmation page x Download Form with Offer #2 redirects to confirmation page y  

Recaptcha Error

Not using SSL on the site.

Sending an email to the customer including an attachment

Hi We're currently setting up a simple form where the customer registers their details and receives a confirmation email which has an attachment. Everything is setup apart from the attachment. I've searched the Formidable site and all I can find it to use the 'Snippets' plugin (link here) and using Formidable Hooks (link here). We're […]

One vote per email or IP

Hey! This plugin looks great and seems to tick all of the boxes for what I need. However, and I apologise if this has already been answered, but in the FREE version, is it possible to limit Forms to one vote per IP or email address? I'm not seeing the option to do so -- […]

Novice User

I have not used WordPress before but would like to develop a web application using Formidable Forms. I understand I have to have WP installed on my local machine. How do I go about doing that? What version of WP should I install and which site should I go to download WP. Thanks.  

Form action linked to


Hi Guys,  I love your plugin, my whole business runs on it thank you! For the fist time in about 6 years I need your help. We use the forms as is, in other words no custom coding nothing fancy etc. We use the latest version of everything, WordPress, Formidable and all other plugins are […]