I am trying to upgrade from a single site to unlimited

If I read this correctly I can upgrade from single use to unlimited at any time however when I click the upgrade link it tells me I do not have permission to be there. Can you explain. I currently have a single site license which I paid 47.00 for if that helps. Thank you Mike […]

Using multi-image upload as source for a slideshow

I've been researching slider plugins to see if there is anything that could perhaps use the images from a multi-file upload field in a form as the images for the slider. Haven't found anything so far. Do you know of a way to use this content in a slider or a view that, in effect, is […]

Pro Version


  I need help because I can not see the option to enter my license key for the Pro package. Can help please? Thank you.

Field label not changing in notification email if changed in form


I just stumbled across this. I changed the label of a field in my form but the email notification script is using the old field label which is incorrect. I changed the "FCC Typing Number" label to "FAA Number". In the attachments where it reads "FAA Number" on the form edit page is correct but […]

Enhancement: Bulk editing of form fields

I use another program that relies on multiple fields and they have a neat time saving way of bulk editing. Right now I create a form, enter a bunch of fields then start playing with layout and conditionals, etc and lets say I want all form labels to be inline to the left, I want […]

Page Break

Added a page break and I can't delete it.  There is a delete/trash can option for every other field on the form.  But when I hover over the page break, only the move icon appears (but I can't even move the page break).  I can move field above the page break.  But I absolutely positively […]

Back Button does not work

Hi, I have made a form, split in several pages. All is well, but the back Button does not work. Here is the form: http://synoa.de/magento-projektanfrage/ Any ideas? Best, Jörg

how to limit number of repeatable fields

Hi, Is there any way to limit number of repeatable fields (upload and single line text field, for example) that users can add when filling a form ? For example users are allowable to add maximum 5 upload and text fields. If it is not built in features, can you please let me know how […]

Resetting login page from outside wordpress

I did a bad thing. I set my login page to a page that no longer has a login form. How can I reset this from outside of wordpress (to possibly just use wp-login.php for now) so that I can get back into my admin panel. Yes, I can confirm I saw the message that […]

Hide a view if empty?

Hello! Instead of displaying the "No entries Message", is it possible to entirely hide the view if it is empty? Thank you! Aldo

Passing Values to Next Form

I created two forms. The first form gathers parent information and registers the parent. It automatically logs the parent in and sends them to the 2nd form.  I have used  on those forms to pass the parent information on to the 2nd form. That data shows up just fine but when the form is saved […]

Filter chart to show display name of current user?

Hi, I need to filter a chart so that it only shows data where the Candidate Name = display name of the current user.  In a view, I’m able to filter using Name = [user_meta key=display_name], but it’s not working with the frm-graph short code.  The failed attempts listed below result in “]” or “No […]

WPML Translate button missing?

Hi, I've used WPML with a slightly older version of Formidable without problems, but in trying it again now with the latest version of Formidable, I'm unable to find the Translate Form button as per the steps listed in your Help section. WPML's translation features are available for Posts, Pages etc. Has this button moved […]

Reply To: CC or BCC

How do I add CC or BCC to the Reply To field? I need to use 3 adresses in the field, one of them is field (IDs) from my form, 2 are mail adresses. Thank you, Petr

Conditional rules

form rules

Hi, Is this possible? In the attach file. When a person choose an option on the red zone, I need  the form to negate to choose an other one in the blue zone, and same inverse. (sorry for my English) Marcos.