Email not pulling in address from data from entries field

I have a visitor form, that pulls in an email address (from a staff listing form), which I then want to use as the email recipient field. I’ve placed [visitor_contact show=staff_email] into that field, but am not able to receive any tests that I’m sending out. do I have the shortcode correct?   thanks

Redirecting detaillink to new page

I am having problem with using the detaillink. I have a form that creates a new type of event. Within a page of the site (/upcoming-events) there is a Both (dynamic) view displaying all of the events, with a list displaying headlines and click through displaying the full dynamic content. That is all fine. However […]

Block Days in Calendar

Hi, is it possible to block days in the calendar? The customers should only choose special sundays. thanks  

JS errors causing form not to save properly


When I’m trying to set up form fields to clear whenever the cursor enters the field I get JS errors from the tooltip that is normally supposed to show up underneath under the buttons to set up the field to clear on focus and validate the default form value etc. This is causing the form […]

Conditional Logic based on field in another form

Hello, It would be very useful to use conditional logic for a field that is based on the content of an field in another form. Eric

Set User ID to display UserName instead of Full Name?

Greetings, I have Form-A that is entered only in the backend by an admin that uses the main field of “Site ID”. We need to set the hidden User ID field to a selected user so that another form that they do fill out only lists in a dropdown the Site ID’s to select from that have […]

Field calculation: text+radio buttons

Hello, I am trying to combine a text field with a radio-button field. Unfortunately without succes; see code below. What am I doing wrong? <script type=”text/javascript”> jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $(‘#field_lq1nmk2′).change(function(){ $(‘input[name="item_meta[161]“]’).change(function(){ var val1 = $(“#field_lq1nmk2″).val(); var val2 = $(“input[name='item_meta[161]‘]:checked”).val(); $(“#field_ktqa5bt”).val(val1+’ ‘+val2); if (val2 != undefined) }); }); </script> Eric

Filter Entries on a View


Good Afternoon, I am building several different views based on information obtained in a form. To filter how those entries are viewed on the website, of course, depends on the setting I use in “Filter Entries”. This is working great except for one small thing. Is there a way to set the “Filter Entries” to […]

How to view Large amounts of data in a table

I have the need for 75 users to fill out a form every week that has about 15 fields. The fields include: User id, week, group designation, then a mix of about 12 radio button, drop down and single line text fields. I would like to have all the data in one table with the ability to see […]

Change Date/Time Field Values by User’s Time Zone

We use Formidable to create individual posts for upcoming meetings, which we then show on a calendar.  The trouble is that our users are worldwide and today they see all meeting dates/times exactly as submitted by me – meaning they are in my own time zone. We have three fields that are used to select […]

One entry from a different Form in View & Slideshow

I have a dynamic view that lists entries from a form but in that dynamic view I would like to add one entry field that is submitted buy the same user but from a different from.  How can I do that?

Mailchimp hidden fields

I have one master list in mailchimp where i store all email addresses i collect from my website on various pages such as, when user download an ebook, when they fill in our contact form, and when they subscribe to our newsletter. I set various merge fields in mailchimp to hold the hidden information from each […]

Field formatting

In a Formidable form I use: Name: [8] Cool: [90] Name is a single line text field and Cool is paragraph text. What I get as a post after data is entered is: <p>Name: Bob Smith</p> <p>Cool: <p>Engineer</p> In other words,  the data in the single line “Name” field isn’t framed by “<p> … </p>”but the data […]

Filter a view placed in another view

Don’t know why I can’t get my brain around this. I have a view that needs to display another view inside of it and it works using  inside the view (I read that I need to leave off the filter=1 if placing this inside another view?) That view contains a field for a Class Name. […]

Passing view data to form


I have a page where there is a view and a paypal form. The page lists an “acting class” with date and time. The form is added in the dynamic part of the view and is activated when the detaillink is followed. My question, I would like to be able to pass information from the […]