Registration Meta Data

Hi   I have a number of clients that are registered users on my site. They registered using another plugin and not through a formidable registration form. Part of the process of registration is to enter in their website which is then saved as a registration field. How do I import a users registration meta […]

How to insert long text in a scroll box?

My HTML field content has a very long text, so I entered  “frm_scroll_box” in the layout CSS Class. However, I still see the text in its entire length.  Any ideas?

Create Post from Form and Display Uploaded File

Screen shot 2014-08-01 at 7.46.47 AM

Hi, I’m trying to set up an archive service. People can upload their papers to the service and when they upload, an automatic post is created displaying their name, the title of their paper, the paper’s abstract, and then a link to the file (PDF only) that they uploaded. I have the basic form already […]

Export CSV – paragraph field

Hi got a form where I have a paragraph multi line field – but when I export the entries and import the file into Excel all the text in the paragraph field get’s on it’s own lines even if I set the delimiter to ” or ‘  … I exported with utf-8 and made sure […]

Calenderdate +1

Hello, I am using a form for the application of insurances. Is it possible to show only the dates starting from tomorrow? So +1. The field is named: “Keuringsdatum RDW” Example: Today it is 01-08-2014 (European date). So in the calender field the date should start on 02-08-2014 Tomorrow it should start on 03-08-2014/ And […]

Error sending mail to yahoo server


Hi , I am using the Formidable Pro plugin for the Contact form, but I am not able to send the mail to my yahoo account. I have added the SMTP details for sending the mail , using these updated settings I have sent 2 – 3 mails also but after that I am not […]

How To Show Tooltips on Individual Checkbox Items

I was searching for a way to do this this morning and found several documented ways to display tooltips for a Checkbox container, but not for each individual item in a checkbox container. So I came up with my own method, which turned out to be amazingly simple, using the jQuery built-in Tooltip Widget. Here’s […]

Create a view for Geocoding Add-on

Hi, I use the Geocoding Add-on. The fields “Map Location”, “Latitude”, and “Longitude” are successfully filled and saved. But how to show the map in the post created with the form that include the fields “Map Location”, “Latitude”, and “Longitude”? Other third party plugin is needed? Thank.

Using WP Charts with FP for Charts and Graphs


Just created this tutorial and demo for using WP Charts to create better (different at least) Charts and Graphs using FP data. WP Charts is a free plugin that uses the charts.js library and offers six different chart types. Using their shortcode in combination with FP shortcodes makes it very powerful. Hope it helps!

WordPress Themes interact with Formidable forms

I have just discovered that many of my shortcode theme add-on’s work within my formidable forms . . . A really big one is tooltips which also allows html in the content and can be pretty big (haven’t tested the limit yet) plus many of the other theme features like boxes buttons and more. So […]

Where do I put “frm_after_create_entry” code?

Probably a simple question, but I have not seen where to put this. I am specifically using the code to ‘Create a new WordPress Category’.

Font Size Control

Is there a way to see the CSS Style Codes for Fonts used in our forms so we can call them in individual fields. Specifically; there is a small font being used on every field for instructions and/or help and I would like to utilize that font size in my help html fields. I have […]

Search button unresponsive in Firefox

Having a hard time diagnosing an issue that seems to only happen in Firefox. Steps to reproduce the error: 1. Run a search on the following page: 2. Click the back button in the browser 3. The Search button is deselected and unresponsive to another search, even if you refresh the page. Thanks in […]

Wrap Text on Checkbox/Radio Buttons

Is there a way to wrap the text/format so the text all aligns with the text and does not wrap under the checkbox? It seems that if your text is long for a checkbox or radio button option, that when it wraps the text it just wraps to the beginning of the field and not […]

Edit User Profile

Hi there, I used the register add-on plugin for the user registration. And I established the form for them to edit their profile. So I am just wondering, in the edit page, when the user are trying to edit their email or password, can I ask them to input their current email or password first?