Installation formidable on the localhost

hello or having a standard license, can I install formidable on the local host? how to activate formidable without access to the internet? I greet

Summary Page Displays Country Code, not Name

Using the Pro version. I am also using the Country form offered here in the site to create a country combo box for the address section of my form. I have created a multi-page form with an HTML field for a summary on the last page. I have created the Summary page using a table to […]

WordPress 3.9 Formidable 1.07.07 – Slow Until License Key entered

See update – requires license key before slowness goes away When I upgraded to wordpress 3.9 and I have formidable 1.07.07 installed and a form created my site is unusable because it is super super slow. When I have it installed and  there are no forms created it works fine, but obviously I need to […]

time shortcode in 12 hour format?

Hi Steph, Any way to make the [time] shortcode used in a form as a default value show up as a 12 hour format (AM/PM) vs military (24 hour) time?  I only want to make this change on one form that gets time-stamped and sent out to people, not to all forms/times on the site.  […]

Editing styles of form elements for mobile use via the Ionic Framework?

Google ChromeScreenSnapz021

I’m working on building a mobile app and am trying to figure out if it’s possible to integrate Formidable Pro within the Ionic Framework. The [input] shortcodes are throwing me off in figuring out how to potentially customize the HTML of my forms. Will you take a look at the following examples and help me […]

To-Do List – re-edit your entry?

I am using the “To-Do-List” demo as instructed from this previous post: My issue is that I need people to be able to edit their rows after they’ve posted them. Is this possible?  

Converting a [created-at] date within a View from GMT to local time

Hello, I am showing  the entry created date in a View using [created-at] but this shows the date in GMT. Is there a way of converting it to my local timezone? I need to show the date as GMT+10. I can do this easily in PHP but unsure how to achieve this within a View – […]

Two words User Meta issue

Hi! I have a registration form with some User meta fields like “City”, “Group Name” and “Group Image”. Then I have a submit form where I add hidden fields for those meta fields. The purpose is to retrieve them inside a form view. I have no problem retrieving single word User Meta Fields with [user_meta […]

creating user ID in a new entry with $frm_entry->create

Hi, I’m using $frm_entry->create to create a new entry in a second form when a user registers. Because the users are not logged in when they register, getting the current user id hasn’t worked. In the code below I’ve tried different hard coded options in ‘frm_user_id’, but none seem put a value in my hidden […]

Page up

Hi, I have a view with a table (big) Users can modify each line with a “modify link” as in your example : the form is reopened on top of page so the user has to scroll up (or worst: he doesn’t see the form.. Is there a way the browser move automatically to the […]

Can I count down to a date, rather than up from a date

I see the option [ 125 time_ago=1 ] in Views, which allows counting up from a date…. But I would like to count down to a date in this instance… ie, count down to the start date of an event. Is this possible?

Two entries each time a form is submitted

Hi. I have created a FP form and it is working. However every time a form is submitted 2 entries can be seen under ENTRIES , the data is identical. What could be wrong? Please help.

Second “submit” button in a form

Is there any way to add a second “submit” button in a form? My form is very long and is paginated. I want to avoid the need to go through all of the pages when, for example, some field in the first page of the form is edited. For me it would be fine if […]

Tiny MCE, Rich Text fields & Logged In Users


Hi, I have a couple of Formidable Pro forms which are filled in (visible) by Logged-In Users however something odd is happening with the Rich Text fields. I use Rich Text fields so I can have a table as the default value which users then complete. However only the Adminstrators get the Rich Text fields displaying […]

how to add conditional logic for notifications based on a hidden field

We have a quiz implemented using formidable, based on the quiz score(a HIDDEN calculated field in the form), we need to send custom email notificatons. The problem is, the conditional logic for email notifications does not allow condition on HIDDEN calculated fields. Where can i change the code to make dis happen?