How to pass parameters correctly

Hi,   I am trying to replicate the job board demo, and I’m having trouble replicating the APPLY NOW button, which takes the Job ID parameter, and probably the job name too: <a href=”[siteurl]/wp-admin/admin-ajax.php?action=frm_forms_preview&form=frm_pro_job_application&job=[id]&jobname=[job-title]” class=”blue_button”>Apply Now</a> Now my questions are if I need to user the frm_forms_preview part, or I can just send to my […]

How do users see their history of submissions?

Hello How do I create a view for a logged in user (subscriber) so they can see a list of submitted entries for a specific form? Thanks

Filter Dynamic View on Select Field Type


I made a user id drop down like this ( for my form. I am now trying to create a view that will limit the entries returned by the user id that was selected. I read here ( that I could filter by a url parameter by putting [get param="param_name"] in the filter. However, the filter […]

Form Access Based On Roles

Thank you again for your wonderful help.  I am investigating using Formidable Pro as the database.  Does it have the capability to limit access to forms based on user role?  In other words, if I have several hundred School forms, is there a way to pre-define roles to only allow a School to update its […]

Formidable sends no e-mails

In two websites I developped formidable does not send the e-mails anymore. I tried several e-mailadresses, checked spamboxes, but the form do not appear. My customers do not recieve the mails too. I use WordPress. And yes everything is updated. What can be the problem?  

How do I know which entry is submitted and which is only saved as draft?

Hi support team, I’m not sure if it’s documented somewhere, but I must have missed it. How can I tell the different between submitted entry and saved entry from: 1. Entry page 2. Exported entry data (CSV) Also, if i create a view to query for entry data, will the entry data include only the submitted […]

How can I insert link into pie chart?

How can I make the pie slices a link. Currently each field option is a link and I would like the pie slices to link to the same urls. I used this for field option links. Is there a similar function to add links to pie charts?

Limit number of uploaded files

Hey Guys! In regards to frm_validate_field_entry and the example code you provide for “Limit number of uploaded files”, can this code be changed to target a particular upload field, and if yes, can this be used multiple times, for multiple fields – something like, function my_custom_validation1, function my_custom_validation2 and so on? As always, Thank You […]

Update data in Form 1 with some data in Form 2 on submission of form 2

I have a form (Form 1) with just an Organization Name, Address Fields, Phone, Email, and a drop-down selection of type (consists of 500 or so entries). I have a second form (Form 2) for site visitors (not users) to make requests. This form has fields for the requesting organization’s name, address, etc.  The visitor […]

Formatting emails

I have been trying to format an email to at least have some line breaks in text that I am entering. I have tried adding “<br>” tags but that did not work. I have now checked plain text so at least that way the emails have some line breaks. otherwise the email text just runs […]

Perform calculation on entries after being sent to forms

Hi, I am keeping track of various indicators, mostly of two kinds: absolute levels (e.g. sales in US$ during June) and year-over-year % variation (e.g. sales June-14 vs. June-13). Most of the tables on my site have this format. This data is calculated offline and then input through the formidable forms and can be seen in tables and […]


In another post you made the suggestion to suggest, that integration with Polylang be made. I am making the suggestion Thanks

Easiest Way to Change Width of jQuery.chosen() dropdown

The chosen() plugin determines the size of the searchable dropdowns by reading the select’s outerWidth property. Unfortunately, the calculated width is just a little to narrow for a proper display. The easiest way to adjust the width is to change the size of the select field’s outerWidth property. The following code will do this for […]

Registraton Add-on — User Roles

Hi, I am looking to allow users to sign up either as clients or as candidates in a new job board using your registration add-on. What do you believe is the simplest form to achieve this? Some background: Currently I have an initial sign-up form, which registers the users as “Subscribers”. Once logged in, users can now choose to […]

Format Date on frm-field-value shortcode

Hi, Is it possible to format dates on the frm-field-value shortcode?? Thanks, Francisco