Email Notifications – Only Receiving Some Notifications

Recently we have been getting some created submissions that slip through the cracks and don’t notify admin. I don’t know if the user gets a confirmation or not. It’s quite puzzling as everything seems configured properly and testing properly. I’ve been using the forms for 3 years now and this is a first. All test […]

All entries for all forms arrive in Spam

Hello As explained in the title, all entries, no matter if I install Formidable Pro in different wordpress sites (which I have) arrive in my spam folder. Help please. Thank you Ben

Get the_content() in the form

I’m using a form to let people register events on a calendar plugin, but I’d like received in email also the details of the event which they are in the content of the post. I looked at this info but I don’t see an option to do that. Thanks Mirko  

PayPal issues

I am having a problem with my form and paypal… Registrants have the option of selecting “Pay Now” or “Pay at Event”, when “Pay Now” is selected they are forwarded to PayPal as they should be, but if they cancel the payment part way through it still registers the payment as being “Paid” in the […]

dmarc settings breaking email submissions from Yahoo and others

Hi guys!  I know I saw Steph mention in another user’s post about dmarc stopping forms from being delievered if they have reply addresses of yahoo senders, due to their new dmarc settings asking all mail servers to trash the incoming emails who have @yahoo reply addresses but don’t come directly from Yahoo server’s IPs. Unfortunately this is […]

Problem with additional blank lines

Hi, I created a basic contact form that is display on a page. When I check the HTML source for the page, I see the following code. The problem is that there’s automaticaly generated hidden fields at the beginning, followed by a <br /> tag. How can I get ride of them ? They display […]

Function within paypal function

Ive created one function called get_follower_numbers() in my functions.php – I am then using the below: add_action(‘frm_payment_paypal_ipn’, ‘after_loggedin_entry_created’, 30, 2); after_loggedin_entry_created($vars){ global $frmdb, $wpdb; /*** Rest of function here ***/ } Within this function doing implode(‘,’, get_follower_numbers()) does not work Any ideas why I cant use this function inside the paypal function?    

performance improvement

Helo there! I did noticed some (major) performance issues when rendering entries (frontend) with hundreds or thousands of records, so I tried to trace the php using Xdebug; the results were astonishing: around 40-50% ot the time, the code is doing “stripslashes_deep” (wordpress function); now, my question (or suggestion?) is if it is absolutely necesarry […]

Link two fields in form A and then use both in form B

Hi, I’ve in the form A two fields. Project-nr. and Project-Name. I want to use both in form B. What should I do, If I want to select in form B per example “Projekt-Name” (imported via “Data from Entrie”) and see automatically the “Projekt-Nr.” on the same form but in another field? Thanks for your help. […]

Get_post_meta in form fields?

Hi, I have posts (Events) with custom meta data as well as the usual WordPress data. I’d like to pull this data into my form fields, can I do this using loop (eg: the_title();) or Get_post_meta? Or the $variable, having used get_post_meta within my loop? My fields are: 1) Post title 2) Post date 3) Location. […]

Uploading Entries in Bulk to Form with Embedded Form

Hello, I’m recently downloaded Formidable 2.0 RC3, and was wondering how to accomplish the following: Let’s assume I have a the following form: Form #1 (original form): Q – Choose your desired TV brand: Sony Q – Choose desired resolution Q – Choose desired color Q – Choose desired contrast level Now let’s say that […]

Dynamic Title for Posts

I’m creating a post and want to populate it with data from entries (using a view) Is it possible to have data from an entry appear in the title portion of a post? I don’t want to use the create posts feature because it don’t want a post for each entry.  Rather I want the […]

Draft Status Shortcode

Is there any way to add the “status” of a form entry, status being whether the form was just saved as a draft, or whether it has been submitted?

disable frmScrollMsg

When you submit a form, you get scrolled to that form. I found that function in formidable code which seems to handle this behaviour: frmScrollMsg But seems there is no way out to remove that function? i wish there is a hook for that. its fine for ajax submission but not on a page reload […]

Conditionals in Views

Hi, there! This is seemingly easy, but I can’t find the right code. I have a view for a form that needs to show either text or a value from a field based on a selection for another field. I can’t seem to get the view to display the value for the field when “None” […]