Data format: checkbox vs. multiselect dropdown

Hello. We send candidate data collected from an onsite Formidable Pro form to a third-party candidate tracking service via a RESTful API. We had a field that used checkboxes to store values for sectors of interest. We’ve switched the field to dropdowns, allowing multiple values and autocompletion. At the same time, we upgraded from Formidable […]

Repeatable Sections Row Limit

I have a form with several repeatable sections. In one of those sections, I only need a maximum of 5 rows of data. Is there a way to limit the amount of rows a user can add in a repeatable section? If so, what’s the best method to use?

Forms with a Secure option

I am working to create a form that a visitor could fill out and when submitting the form, only a notification goes to a designated email with a login. That email recipient clicks the link, adds a preassigned username and password and can review the contents of the form, and ideally export. The form right […]

Show the form after 7days of register

Hello, Can I limit like show the form after 7days of register? I want to do that in php and page (need shortcode?). Thank you

file upload field validation

I think there is a problem with file upload field. It doesn’t get validated. I wanted it to be validated as required with specific file formats but it validated neither of those.

multiply entered number

I need to be able to perform this calculation. 1. User enters a number 2. If the number is $0-$299,999 then multiply by .19 and show result 3. If number is $300,000-$499,999 then multiply by .18 and show result 4. If number is $500,000 + then mutiply by .16 and show result. So there should […]

Custom fields created by Types plugin do not appear in FMP v2

Screen Shot 2015-05-28 at 9.30.51 PM

Hi, I have been using FMP 1.7 without any problem in conjunction with custom fields created using Types plugin [Toolset]. It does not work any longer in FMP 2.008 Of course I checked: there was at least one custom post type with these fields the field group was attached to the custom post type Please […]

I miss my page visited information

From the 2.0 release notes The “Track referrer information and pages visited” option in the Formidable Global Settings has been removed in order to reduce the load on each page. If this is something you have been using and you really want to keep using it, just let us know in the help desk. We […]

bug report: inserting “Default Msg” doesn’t work

Screenshot of issue: This occurs on the form General Settings tab.  I am updating the “Messages On Submit” textarea and I inserted [default-message] using the button.  When I submit the form I just get the [default-message] plain text, not the actual form results. Interestingly, using the Default HTML button sent the results across to the page properly. […]

Multiple File Upload

Does your File Upload button allow uploading of multiple files?

Use [125 show=”id”] to get the entry-id of a dropdown from data from entries

Not sure if this is documented anywhere, but at least it isn’t on the quick shortcodes menu on the Views tab If you are trying to get the entry-id for a selection in a dropdown which is populated from a “Data From Entries” (or now known as “Dynamic Fields”), you can use  [125 show=”id”]  to get […]

Don’t display any entries in a view initially

Hi, We have a search form (Formidable) on the left-third of a page, and a Formidable view that displays the results of the search on the right two-thirds. On page load, the view displays all entries at the moment. I’m trying to find the simplest way to not display all entries on initial page load, […]

[get param=] doesn’t handle “æøå”

Hi, I’m technically responsible for a very large and popular Norwegian website and we’ve problems with our foreign character “æøå”. I’ve created two forms with Formidable Pro 1.07.11. The first form sends its data to the second form by using [get param=param]. The problem must be related to the decoding, because “æøå” just disappears. Is this fixed […]

submit parameter in the url

Is there a parameter that I can include in a URL that will submit a form? For example if I send an email with a question I want the person to click the answer in their email which will take them to the form page, fill in the fields based on the parameters in the […]

Quotation price based on product dimension

Screen Shot 2015-05-29 at 09.37.48

I’m trying to build a page where the customer can get a quoted price based on the product dimension that they order. It is something similar to this website: For example: Door type: Black Door     £10 Red Door        £5 Height: customer enter value from 100 to 2000 Width: customer […]