Getting entry id based on field id and value

Hello, I’m need to get the entry id of a field retrieved with frm-field-value. I tried using ‘show=id’ as mentioned here thinking this would return the entry id of the matched field but it’s still just giving me field value.

Add support for Simple Comments spam protection This is a great spam eliminator, would love to see it available in Formidable. Gravity Forms is supported.

Autocomplete based upon data from entries

I have a client that would like the user to input their address and then when/if the address is recognized autofill the rest of the form. He has a large csv of all the residences in the area that he would like to receive info from so I’m figuring I can import that into a […]

Add all form fields to view

Hi, Is there a quicker way of adding form fields to a view other than selecting them individually? It would be great if all of the fields in a form (along with their label) could be added in one go. I’ve tried using the Add Form button on the View editor but this only shows […]

Retrieving a value from another form

Hello, We’ve setup two forms : one master form that contains general info about a user request and a details form that contains multiple actions for a single user request.  Both forms are linked to each other through a unique request ID.  Additionally we’ve setup a view that list all entries from the master form, so […]

Radio button

Hi, How to display radio button field values like here Thanks,

Before and After Surveys – linked data

We would like to survey course participants to assess their responses to a series of questions before they complete the course and after. In doing this we would like them to be able to see their ‘before’ answers when completing their ‘after’ survey. e.g. Last time you said that your feeling about x was ‘y’. […]

From name, combine fields possible?


Hi, for sending emails after form submission I would like to change the ‘from name’ using the field ‘first name’ and ‘last name’. Now I can only choose one of them, is it possible to combine them using ‘custom’ for example? See image that I can only choose one at a time.

Reset/clear form and selecting/passing hidden image URL

Hi Guys, I have 2 unrelated questions, but I will ask them together, because the same scenario underpins them. Scenario – I have form A feeding 2 pieces of information into form B – charity name and donation amount. Form A was created like your city/state/country example – I have charity category and charity name. […]

Is it possible to use Field as where the email is from?

I want the from address to appear as a field name?  is this possible? Emails go from 1 of 4 addresses depending on a form.  I either need to create 4 conditional emails or I can set 1 with the field as the email from field.

Great support!

Thanks for providing such helpful support for an excellent product!

Bar chart only displays a few values

I have a requirement where  students  poll a number of courses in order of preference and then the result should show in a graph. The X axis should show the course names and the y axis show the number of votes for each. I only want to graph the 12 poll elements (courses) and no other form […]

Display field radio selection based on value from other form

Hi, I have a form A which contains user’s role, like student, tutor, professor. And in form B, I have a field its radio choices are a,b,c. I want choice c could be displayed depending on the user’s role, e.g. student and tutor can see choice a,b only; but professor can see choice a,b,c. Any […]

Querying a value for a View

Content dinamic

Good morning Steph, I need some help with this. I have a form (form 1)that I am using custom function to populate a dropdown with items from another form (form 2). When i make a view of form 1, I need to access some fields from form 2. What’s the best way to make this […]

refined search

Most revered moderators, I have read a lot about the standard and the solution of creating a custom advanced search to address boolean searches.  My interest in keeping the search mobile friendly and easy to use has me considering another option. First let me talk about the advanced search and my concerns of usability.  Perhaps […]