Pulling a Field from a URL Parameter (in a view)

Hi there! Wondering how I might accomplish pulling a field to display from a URL parameter. Right now, say I used [ [ get param=ResponseID ] ] in a custom view, and the ResponseID value was 123 (in the URL), then in the display it shows up as [ 123 ] (instead of the value […]

MailChimp Integration + Creating New Groups Based upon Form Registration

Hi, I’m trying to have certain forms, upon submission create a new group under the master Maillist in my MailChimp account. I believe the Mailchimp API supports this from what I saw on their documentation, but I was curious / concerned about conflicts with the Formidable Pro Add-On, as I want to be able to […]

Field won’t accept decimal amounts

Created a form with price, annual price and savings but the fields will not accept decimal values . . . I know this must be a switch or something somewhere but I cannot find it. I enter 89.10 and it tells me to enter a valid value 89 or 90 I have searched your KB […]

Add year(s) to current year


I have looked at your kb and there is all kinds of complex stuff but this does not seem to be there. I want to calculate the current month and year and add 1 year, 2 years . . . 5 years So: Current month July and year = 2014 +1 = July 2015 I […]

Row Counter on Custom Display


Are we able to display row numbers next too entries down the page?  I.E a counter of some sort.  

else if shortcode statements

My client would like the user to submit their zip. If their zip matches a predetermined set of cities then they will be directed to a city specific form. Otherwise they get sent to a generic form. So I need to check if the zip matches one of these cities which is easy with the […]

Can I use form on a page I upload through ftp?

I have a web page that I uploaded directly through my ftp site (because of specific modifications needed). I would like to use my Formidable form on that page. It doesn’t look like I can use the shortcode. Where can I find the full html code for this specific form – to copy and paste into my page […]

From/Reply to question

The form letter is being sent to multiple recipients. Under the settings tab, I want the From/Reply to – to be the person filling out (email address) the form *not* the default. I see the instructions but I can’t figure out how to change this from the default to the person filling out the form. […]

Integration with Other Databases

Hi, I am just getting started with your awesome product and have much to learn. One question that I cannot find discussed is the possibility of  integrating form data with other database tables or even a completely different database.   For example, it may be useful to insert form data into a different database rather […]

Create Section Headings By Field

I want to list my entries by state and the view does not appear to allow using one of the fields to create this dynamically. can that be done at all? It would sure help readability of the view if we could

get file name in multiple upload

hello, in a view i want display file name in the code  : <a href=”[113 sep='"> file_name_here</a> <a href="']“> how can i do please ?   thanks

Send emails with a delay of 2 days

Is it possible to send emails from Formidable with a time delay?

Data form entries help

I have a registration form where my user enters all of there personal information. I then have a second form they fill out that they need to enter the same information, is it possible to make it so it autocompletes this information and then still shows up in entries?

reCaptcha only showing up on one form

I have 2 forms where I need reCaptcha to show up. I have a New User Registration form and a Request New Password form. Both are one my User Account page. The reCaptcha only shows up on the New User Registration form. I have looked through Support and tried various things to solve the problem […]

Mixed conditional logic

Hello, I have ran into a situation where I want a field to appear if : field1 == X AND (field2 == Y OR field3 == Z) is there any turnaround to this with formidable pro conditional logic? thanks