Combining Entries from Drop Down Fields

I currently have three (3) drop down fields that all have the same drop down options.  For recent graphs that I have been making, I think it would be much better to combine the three fields into one and turn on multiple selection, but I want to make sure I don’t lose the entries that […]

Embed form does not work when it has conditional fields

layout option change

I have group of fields in a form and it has few fields with conditional logic (show/hide). The form works fine when it is included in a page. But, conditional fields does not work when the form is embeded in another form. Form A – has few fields Page with Form A –  [Conditional logic in Form […]

Date Field not showing calendar

Hi! Hope you are very well!   I recently noticed that for some reason the calendar is not appearing anymore on a date input field. It was working correctly days ago but know is not working. It works perfectly when I click the PREVIEW FORM on WP admin but it doesn’t work on live […]

BUG chekbox V2.0rc8

bug checkbox V2.0rc8

Hi, All the checkbox are “hidden” with the latest release V2.0rc8 Regards Gonzalo  

reporting on data

Hi, I wanted to consult formidable regarding options for reporting on data.  Right now I’m using great features like: –  –   But for some stats that I needed, like top ten list of sales agents using number of sale entries. – topic (fyi): I had to create a second table (Sales Totals) to total […]

Whole code of a form

Hi ! Once my form is created, where can I find the whole HTML+JS code ? Thanks Matthias

Conditional Range Shortcode

Inspired by the compare shortcode detailed at, I created a simple shortcode which will check if a given value/field is in range of two other values/fields. //* Usage: [range low=”[X]” high=”[Z]” value=”[Y]”] add_shortcode(‘range’, ‘between_func’); function between_func ($atts, $content=””) { extract(shortcode_atts(array(‘low’ => ”, ‘high’ => ”, ‘value’ => ”), $atts)); if (($value >= $low) && […]

How to add an “integer” field

Hello formidablepro team I am trying to add a field which accepts only integer values. I do not want the user to add a fractional value. So when a user adds a fractional value like say 12.34, it should tell the user that fractional numbers are not supported. I tried to achieve the above by […]

Set a Subject field in shortcode attributes.

Hi, I have a contact form that is used in different locations on my site. How can I set the Subject field  with a default subject based on the page it is on. I don’t want to pass a parameter in the url. Is there a way to do this in the shortcode call on […]

Access to entries but not for form and views

Hi, How do I limit access of users to formidable plugin, especially forms and views in administrator section, the users can only access entries, they can edit, delete and download csv file of the entries. Currently, I am using User access role plugin, but it hides all the FP functionalities (forms, views, and entries) for […]


Hi, Can I use your form to create Stripe payment?

Compare two fields in View

I’m trying to compare field X with field Y. If X > Y, show whatever in the form View. I added the code titled “Compare two fields in View” found at to my theme’s function file. Then placed [compare val1=”[x]” val2=”[y]” type=”>”]whatever[/compare] in the View. Received the error: “Fatal error: Call to undefined method FrmFieldsHelper::value_meets_condition() in […]

Section background (Form Builder)

I’ve found that by adding a little custom Admin CSS to formidable, it makes the whole section’s thing a WHOLE lot easier to keep organized. The best class I’ve found is: ul.start_divider { background: red; } Recommend including some similar styling in the next release…

Paypal Name

Hi there, When jump to Paypal page, there has user name on left top. Can I change it to original image? I read this article: And tried and asked to Paypal, but there has no way. Just one solution if make a original button at Paypal, there has a place to insert a “img […]

Dynamic Select box text

Hi there! I have a repeating field that I have hooked into the frm_after_create_entry function.  All is working well except I have a dynamic drop down in my repeating field.  When I go to loop through the post like below.  I am only getting the numeric value of the dynamic drop down and not the […]