Edit link gives blank form


Hi I am trying to create a link to an entry in a view to allow editing. It is set to allow editing. It all looks fine, but the link just gives a blank form even though in the address bar I can see the parameters being carried through. I am using: <a href=”https://resource.adventure-qualifications.com/administration/learner-tracking/?frm_action=edit&entry=[id]”>[achievement-learner]</a> Any […]

Display different content when a form is submitted

Hi support team, I created a main page that contains links to posts that contain forms (each post has one form) and I set the forms to allow single submission. Therefore, if the user submits a form, let’s say form A, is it possible to hide the link or alter the content to the form A’s post […]

Same data from previous update but different users

form settings

Is there a way to populate a form with all the previous submissions/updates regardless of the user entering it? I have a form used by multiple users to report a changing status (i.e. snow depth). This information is published using views on a page. User #one fills in the current snow depth in the morning. […]

not receiving payment success from Paypal

I had paypal payment working with formidable. Then when I tested it again it had stopped working. Turns out it was the members plugin I used that was causing the trouble. WordPress Access Control. Tis a shame, because it was simple and did the job. Any ideas on what could be interfering with the paypal […]

jQuery document off submit.formidable

Hello, Can you explain why this code? <script type=”text/javascript”> /*<![CDATA[*/ jQuery(document).ready(function($){ $(document).off(‘submit.formidable’,’.frm-show-form’);$(document).on(‘submit.formidable’,’.frm-show-form’,frmFrontForm.submitForm); }); /*]]>*/ </script> And how to disable please?   Thank you

Create a new blank form

Hi there We have a form system where users can now see sent forms and save drafts. All working pretty well, but what we need now is to have a link where users can create a new blank form instead of seeing there latest saved draft. Our form will always show the latest draft, I […]

No way to set default value for dropdown field in embedded form

field defaults in embedded form

I have embedded address form, in which I need to set default values of all fields. I see place to set default values for all text fields, but not for drop-down field. see attached.

Exporting Form Entries In A Sorted Order

Hi there,   At the form entries screen I am sorting by the date added field that is part of my form.  When exporting to CSV all sorting is lost and needs to be manually manipulated in Excel.  Is there a way to have the export sort as it looks on the entries screen within Formidable?   […]

Pardot Plugin

Has anyone made a plugin to integrate to a Pardot form handler? It seems to me this would be something very useful. I’m having trouble working around this issue – it is easier to modify Contact Form 7 to do conditionals and multipart forms than it is to get Formidable to send something to Pardot. […]

Form displays but no CSS styles!


Hello I’ve created my first form and loaded it into my page, but the forms shows up completely unstyled. The correct (and only) template is selected in Formidable–>Styles–>Manage Form Styles. Also, there seems to be a little progress meter next to the Submit button that never stops. Is my form somehow not fully loading? Thanks! […]

Next button image different from the submit button

I’m trying to create a multi-page form where the first next button would need to be an image, then in page 2 the next button needs to be different and in the last page the submit button needs to be a different image yet again. How can I do this?

change the “page size” parameter on the Front-End

I need to allow users  to download view as CSV file on the Front-End. I have been looking at the documentation and found some recommended solutions, for instance the DataTables jquery plugin. The problem is that it exports only the current displayed page of the view and not the full view. I was thinking to have the “page […]

How to check a box with frm_setup_new_fields_vars

Hello. I populate a group of checkbox from a hook. I would like to know if I can check some of them from the hook? Here is a part of my code: $arCentres=unserialize(rawurldecode(rawurldecode($_GET[‘infoscentre’]))); $values[‘options’]=array(); if($arCentres){ foreach($arCentres as $centre){ $values[‘options’][$centre->email] = $centre->nom; I want some code to default check some of them } } $values[‘use_key’] = […]

Hide columns of view display

hide column

Part of responsive, I would like to hide some columns in smaller display devices such smartphones. Is there any trick to hide column based on display size?

Calendar View not Working

Screen Shot 2015-06-30 at 10.52.19 AM

Set a view in Calendar format. Set start and end dates to start and end date fields in my form. Calendar is blank. See screenshots, attached.