Can’t get value of hidden field during validation

Apologies for my ignorance, but I had the following piece of code working for me: add_filter(‘frm_validate_field_entry’, ‘my_custom_validation’, 10, 3); function my_custom_validation($errors, $posted_field, $posted_value){ if($posted_field->id == 993){ //detect presence of hidden forum_id field $_POST['frm_wp_post']['=post_parent'] = ’5994′; //associate forum to post } return $errors; } That worked great. However, I didn’t want to hard code the ‘post_parent’ […]

Extracting information from Payment Page

Hi Steph, I have read in an earlier reply that in order to extract / export data from the payment page in formidable I need to go to phpadmin. The problem I am facing is, the email address of each entry is mixed in with all the other entries under the META column. Could you […]

Front-end dropdown of users and [get param]

Hey there, I’m testing something out using the code here: All good so far, but when I try to set the default value of User ID field, it always chooses the currently logged in user. (On a side note, is there any problems I should look out for with including two User ID fields in […]

Change Key by field value

Hi How can I change the entry key by a field value (i.e. name) to get view url like ?member=name Regards

autocomplete several fields from anather form

I, i’d like to do a form with autocomple several fields in my form from another form data : exemple : from1 data : Name | adresse | city name1| adresse1 | city1 name2| adresse2| city3 name3| adresse3 | city4 name4| adresse4 | city5   My form : when i comple the first field (name), […]

Customize TinyMCE Appearance

I am working with the latest pro version of Formidable and WordPress. I use the rich text field and want just the text area without the editor menus. Do you know a way to disable the menus?

limited information sent email address

Hi I want a form that visitors fill in to check availability on accommodation, the usual questions that get asked when making enquiries via a website form, ie how many people date of arrival/departure, email address and phone number etc. I would like the form to be submitted to the hotel email address as well […]

Drafts disappearing from a view showing table with entries

I am using the following shortcode to display all entries in a table list in a table. The table includes also a link to edit the entries: ” edit_link=”Edit” page_id=1003 cols=200 google=1 pagesize=1000 clickable=1] The problem I have is that when an entry is edited (using the “Edit” link) and saved as draft, it disappears […]

Do I need to add a membership plugin?

I’m trying to get my site set up and am new to both WordPress and FormidablePro. So, please realize that I need relatively simple answers. I thought we needed to incorporate a membership plugin. But, the more I go through FormidablePro, the more it seems like it already does all that we need. Our group […]

Can php go in “after fields”?

Is it possible to put PHP in the “After fields” section of customize HTML? I’m trying to translate something that is there… This just prints to the screen.. <p><input type=”submit” name=”redirectme” value=”<?php _(‘Submit + add another’, ‘formidable’); ?>” /></p>

Woocommerce Meta Data Extraction

has anyone had any luck with extracting specific product meta data from a woocommerce product and placing it into a formidable form ? i.e , on the product page (woocommerce) adding a formidable input form , and auto extracting say the product category or price into the formidable form. [post_id] will give the page id […]

frm_setup_edit_fields_vars updates options in Build interface but not on User’s form

I can’t tell you how much I’m starting to enjoy using Formidable Pro!  I’m relatively new so there’s been a learning curve, but I’m super happy with how my website is turning out. I’m trying to dynamically update the options on a dropdown.  These values successfully update in the Formidable Pro Build the Form interface […]

Require HTTPS on form page

Hi. Is there a way to set up the form so that it uses HTTPS instead of HTTP when displayed on a page? We have a security certificate on the site that is used on the e-commerce page, and we collect a lot of sensitive and confidential information through the forms (adoption and foster type […]

Multiple Form Styling

Hi There, The main form on my site has a red background, so all the labels are in white. For some of my inner pages the background is white so I need black coloured labelling, how do I go about doing this as the form styling is global? Thanks, K

Translate Save Draft

Where do I enter the translation for Save Draft? There is a spot in the form’s translation screen for Submit. I have the save draft in the Customize HTML section “Submit Button”: [if save_draft][draft_label][/if save_draft]