Conditional submit button

I was using Gravity forms first on my site I have now switched over to FORMIDABLE, which very cool. I want to hide the submit button, until last field of "Message" is filled out. How can I do this? I tried to customise my form on following link, but since I am rather new […]

Cant add new fields

I have a form that i started 2 days ago, now i cannot add any new fields. The loding icon with the flashing bars continues to shows loading for hours. I have removed the plugin and reinstalled it, this did nothing. At the moment i have a form with only 2 fields, so it should […]


I just created a second Formidable style for a separate form on a site I'm working on. I assigned that style to the new form, which is fine. BUT now my old form is assuming the new form style, which is fairly different. I've triple checked to make sure the old form has the old […]

Limit the number of Checkboxes

Since the ability to create a "ranking question type" isn't available, I was wondering if the more simpler option of just being able to limit the number of checkboxes a user can select. Nothing fancy. Let's just say there are 10 options and I want them to choose up 5, but no more. Is that […]

Pre-sale question before I buy

I need a form system that will help me with the following project. If your system can do it, I will buy tne enterprise version and full support. Thanks! ------------- The goal of the system is to let users submit their scores on dozens of movies, then predict their scores for items they haven't seen […]

Can't filter frm-graph by Email


Hi, Can you please help me figure out how to filter a graph by the email field linked to the form?  Here's the context: Using the instructions on this page, I created a form that allows users to select a region, select a corresponding regional superintendent, then select a Purpose of Visit from a regular […]

Youtube Links not automatically embed

Hi ! When a user adds a youtube links in a text paragraph field and send the form to create a post, the video isn't automatically embed. How can I fix this ? Should I add a particular field instead of just letting them paste the link into the paragraph field ? Thanks for your […]

Change the upload directory to match WordPress

Hello, is it possible to change the upload directory for attachments uploaded on a form? I would like it to match my WordPress directory. In WordPress under "settings -> media" I have checked the box for "Organize my uploads into month- and year-based folders".  If I upload a file from the dashboard it will go into this […]

Ranking Question Type

I would appreciate even the most rudimentary "ranking question type" feature be added to Formidable Pro. Its a survey feature that's been around a long time and its kind of surprising its not something easily done within the Pro version. thanks.

Using a form to add to a custom post

I have Formidable set up to create a custom post under the CPT "Track". The form is displayed on a general page that many users can use to track whatever it is they like. When I submit the form it creates a "track" and I see all the information displayed when I goto it. Is there a way to […]

Limit entries by role, not by user

Hello! First, sorry form my english I look at this methodt: add_action('frm_display_form_action', 'check_entry_count', 8, 3); But in my case I have two users using the same role (approver). I need a way to get a code to limit entries by user role, not by user. The situation : I'm using a form called Approval with […]

Re-send email activation

I'm using the user registration add-on.   Have had several report that they are not getting email confirmation to click to activate account. I don't see a way to re-send the email confirmation.  Is this possible? I see that we can re-send emails in the entry options but it only re-sends the notifications setup, not […]

hold post until payment clear

I'm using the below snippet (which I copied from formidable) in my themes functions php file at the end just before ?>  The form is very basic with one field set to unique,  Name, etc and submit, goes to paypal, shows the post in a view that lists all entries.  That all works, but the holding post […]

[auto_id start=x] not incrementing


Hi I need to auto fill a hidden field with  [auto_id start=x] being x a number. The problem is that the value don't increments with each entry and it is constant. What can be wrong? Thanks