Two values for Data From Entries field

I have a form2 that has a data from entries dropdown to get a name from form1. There is a second field in the form2 for Birth Year. Is there a way to have that field populate with the contents from the Birth Date field in form1 that matches the name that was pulled over from form1?

Thanks again

Awesome support helped me work out the kinks … now it’s smooth sailing, thanks for a great product!

order forms

Hi, I wonder, as I can get some order forms, I explain better. would draft a set of forms for the service contract, and I need to enter enough text on them, when I include text in any field, I have no chance of scoring, or enumerate the text, since it prevents me settings, put […]

After form submission: Redirect to URL + Display a Message

Is it possible both actions to be executed after form submission – the user to be redirected to a URL and a message to be displayed on top of the page.

Method to calculate elapsed time in days?

Hi, If I have 2 date fields that user enters the dates in, e.g. start date and end date, is there a way to calculate elapsed time, and display it in a text field? Assuming this is possible, is there a way to display custom text e.g. “N/A” in the elapsed time field if one of these 2 date […]

email parameter with shorcode

hello for my website I put up pages for partners. For each page I integrated a Formidable form for direct contact between our clients and the partner. the form is the same for all partners but I wish parametrer the mail destination that should not be mine but that of the partner address. Is it […]

CRUD cycle all in views

Just wrapping my head around the plugin — I would like to know if the following be accomplished just in Views, I want to avoid creating pages with shortcodes (I assume it will be less management) My end goal is: 1. list of client names 2. click client name to view detail form 3. click edit […]

Is there an easy way to create an email verification field

I’d like users to verify that their email is correct. This a built in option on Gravity Forms, but I can’t see how to set that up on Formidable.

Post Entry ID in second form

Hi Stephanie, I’m not sure if this questions falls within your support. I would like to update a ‘second’ form with the entry id of the ‘first’ form. With the code beneath field 5078 stays empty. add_action(‘frm_after_create_entry’, ‘test’, 30, 2); function test($entry_id, $form_id){ if ( $form_id == 22 && $_POST['item_meta'][4739] == ‘BS-1′ && $_POST['item_meta'][4741] == […]

How can I change the value of a form field from within my code?

I have a form (form id=25) and I have a field (field id=477) and I have an entry (entry id=7447) What PHP code would let me change the value of that field in that entry? Something along the lines of “entry[7447]->field[477] = “No”;” Thanks!

Remove / from date on a View

HI, how can I remove the “/” from a date field on a view. Original value on view: 23/10/2014 Expected value on view: 23102014

Comments for each dynamic view

hello I have my website where they post jobs my ideal is that every time you come to see each offer as dynamic ahy same below information display the comments but I want the comment to look specifically for the offer and does not mix in the other .

creacion de perfil de usuario

hi i want to create a profile where the picture of the person who registers appears. Additional to this that under a counter saying how many projects published in a form and had few qualifications to appear by users. same and there you can edit your profile. Can you help me.  

Set Dropdown Value Based on user_id

I have a hidden user_id field that’s updated as soon as the form is loaded. I also have a dropdown field with a business name. I would like to set the business name automatically when, the form loads, according to the logged in user_id by way of a SWITCH but I can’t figure out which hook […]

Styling CHOSEN

twitter bootstrap 3 - Chosen.js styling not conforming to Bootstrap3 styles - Stack Overflow

Hi, I want to style chosen with this but it doesn’t work. Please help, I apply the style to my custom.css but it style showing the predefined style.