$frmpro_* globals in 2.0

Trying to get our site ready for 2.0 and will likely have lots of questions as we work through the changes. First up is on the global variables as mentioned in Jamie’s Things to Know post.  She said they were deprecated in 1.07.05 but I could not find any info on it in the change […]

Date, value shown does not save unless checked again in calendar

form field setting

When using the date field in a form it shows the current date, however if you submit the form it just saves the field as null. Is there a way around this? I want the date to be changeable but if the current date is correct and the current date is showing in the form […]

class css


Since the last update, the CLASS CSS have change. the 2/3 , 3/4 and other are not there anymore, see the picture   Is this normal

Question about displaying submissions

Hi! I would like to use formidable forms on our website to allow visitors to sign up for our events. We want to display a list of participants on our website, and I have been reading about setting up ‘views’, but before I purchace formidable forms pro I would like to know this; Our participants will […]

Calculations no longer ignoring non-numerical values

Hi, Since upgrading to Formidable 2, I have noticed that the calculating the total of some radio boxes no longer ignores text values. E.g. If you have a selection of numbers and a N/A, it used to ignore the N/A. An example of my form is here. I was wondering if there was a way […]

PayPal add-on not fully operational in WP 1.4.1 and Formidable Pro 2.0.04

Screen Shot 2015-04-26 at 08.24.30

Hi, I installed v 2.04.02 of Formidable Payment add-on but the links I see in my Form Global and Form page admin are not as complete as the ones shown in the documentation screenshots. My install has the link ‘PayPal’ rather than ‘Payment’ in Global Settings but there are no other references or tabs marked […]

Field options does not stay expanded

In the Build function, the field options (which is expandable and contains conditional logic, etc.) does not stay expanded.  It expands for a second, then collapses.  Some background:  I had Formidable Pro installed on one domain to begin development, and then migrated the entire WP site to another domain with the same hosting company.  I […]

Zapier FastCgi and 1and1 shared hosting

Hi, About using Zapier with Formidable I’m having a persistent issue with FastCgi. I read all the topics related to that issue, added the line in htaccess, but the problem remains. Any suggestion knowing I’m using 1and1 shared hosting ? thank you in advance for your response, as I bought the pro version mainly to be able […]

Style not getting appliead

I created a new style. Everything seems fine. But the form simply will not show in that style. It either shows in default style (in case I change the default style), or it shows in some rudimentary simple style if I create a new style. But not showing the changes I make.

PayPal and Submitter Confirmatin Email

Hi there!  We’ve got a form on http://www.manchesteranimalshelter.org/event/2015-mutt-strut/ that is hooked up to PayPal for registration payment. I’ve also created a registrant notification email that should get delivered from Formidable to the person submitting the form when they hit the submit button.  But it’s not arriving to me when I test the form. Here’s a […]

ftp transfert

Hello, I can’t access one of my site with admin wordpress, only by FTP. I need to transfert some form from that site to another site. is it a way by ftp to move my form ? thanks  

Conditional user meta shortcode shows content that isn’t there

I have several forms that add user meta to a user’s profile over time (Registration-AddOn active). In a custom display, I use conditional statements to show some of these user meta unless they haven’t been entered yet and their corresponding custom field is empty like in this example for the user testuser: [if 125 show=”user_foot_size” […]

Expanding forms

Does Formidable have the facility to expand a form? I have a site with a long page of questions and answers and would prefer for users to click on the question and for the answer to then become available. Is this possible and if so how is it done?

Updating an entry

Hi, I wonder if I can do the following with the pro version. I am  a php programmer building a site to a lawyer that gives services to his clients via his websites. 1. I want to register new users with first name, last name, email and auto generate password. 2. Each new user will see a […]

CSV export is empty except for headers

When I export a CVS file from a well populated form, the only thing in the spreadsheet is the headers. All content is empty. Formidable version is 2.o.04, the latest.