Payment via Paypal cancelled – Post still Published

Hi there, I have added the following code to our theme functions.php file but if a Paypal payment is cancelled, the post is still published. I have checked our Paypal account and IPN is enabled, but when I check the folder where the log file is supposed to be saved, there is no file there. […]

How to create a promotion code field

Hi, I would like to know if anyone can offer me help with a problem. I would like to make a simple form with just 3 fields: a promotion code field, an email address field, and a name field. We will be giving out a promotion code to all our clients (they all have the […]

Can’t upload files

Hi, I’ve got some upload files fields (with format restrictions) on one of the page of my form, everything seems to work fine, I can send the form without errors. But then files are just not uploaded. When I consult the backend they are nowhere, not even stored in the entry. Where should I look […]

Conditional logic doesn’t work in Google Chrome

Please try this page, conditional logic doesn’t work on Google Chrome and Internet Explorer (both latest version)

Editing Entry Title Doesn’t Update Pretty Permalink URL

Hi, I’m using formidable to create a custom post type post with the slug automatically generated from the post title.  It works great for the inital submission, but if a user updates the title (it’s an editable form from the logged in author), the slug doesn’t get updated with it. Is there any way to […]

Maintenance Mode

Hi, I’m trying to use FormidablePro to act as a name/email capture on a WP Maintenance Mode page for a site-in-development. It’s all on a local server at the moment. I’ve customised the maintenance-mode page with my own content, and included the php for the form. The form displays ok, though it shows field labels […]

Form results not saving properly – defaulting to first option related to a specific email address

Hello, I’ll do my best to explain this problem we’re running into. Forgive me if this has been addressed earlier – I wasn’t sure what to search for to describe this problem. We have a form that has a drop-down field. That drop down has multiple groups listed that a user can sign up for. […]

Odd Behaviour

Me again.  I’ve now installed FP into the live site… when I was trying to add my license code it threw errors a few times saying it couldn’t communication with your server… so I contacted the hosting chap who’d previously designed this site – he’d set up restrictions such that I have to enter an […]

Hyperlinks giving me wrong variables

In custom displays, I tried to make a hyperlink at ouf this[101 show=”ID”]   [101 show=”ID”] is suppose to show the ID, e.g. 331, so that I can link back to the user. But its giving me the “display name instead.

Multisite issues

Hello, I am having troubles setting up FormidablePro on a WordPress Multisite (in local), and I am wondering if it may be due to a bug. I am using WordPress 3.6, FormidablePro with a valid key, and the Formidable to Mailchimp plugin. On Formidable > Global Settings I do not see all the tabs. More […]

Form Input Not Visible


Hey! Working on this page: (but it is hidden from public view until launch- will have to give you a temp login to look closely). Simple issue (probably just missing something easy)-  the input text will not show up visibly  in the form fields.  I am able to cut and paste the input – […]

Can’t Edit anymore existing forms

screenshot formidable

Hello, I can’t update the existing form. I’ve installed WordPress 3.2.1. These are the forms:

We’re sorry. It looks like you’ve already submitted that.

After upgrading to Pro,  we’re receiving this error “We’re sorry. It looks like you’ve already submitted that.”  Allow Only One Entry for Each ”  is NOT selected I would hate to have to create all the forms over.  Not sure what to do…  Any help would be appreciated. Thanks in advance, SM

Where Filter – Data from entries

Have there been any reports of issues with this? I’ve got a custom display with a data from entry (value = captain) where it is set to filter if “role is equal to captain” and It’s not showing it. This is a rather old form, but I would assume updates wouldn’t affect this. I have […]

Shared data being overwritten

I am sharing a form between two users by using this code in a custom display: page_id=1945 label=”Click here to view /update Step 2 Data – your reflections and preliminary goals”] If both users have this page open and edits and “Updates”,  2nd person to “Update” overwrites the first. I understand that two can’t be editing […]