Date Picker + Hidden Field with Calculate Default Value

I have a form which has a Date Picker field, and a Hidden Field with “Calculate Default Value” checked. When doing so, the Date Picker does no longer appear (the field is there, but the date chooser does not appear on click). I am populating the “Calculate Value” with two keys (as compare to ID) […]

Control characters added when duplicating a HTML field

Capture du 2013-04-12 18:40:08

I duplicated a HTML field in a form (1st attachment). The result was unusable due to the added control characters (2nd attachment). Thank you, Stephen

Insert values into an already submitted form when viewed with custom display

How do I insert a dynamic value (like for example a date or display name) and also new information into a form, which has already been submitted by someone else? I have a setup where I use one form setup only. First, users can fill out parts of the form, then they submit. Then on […]

BUG – Populated Taxonomy Categories Data not accessible for Counts and Charts

Great plugin… well worth the money… I am having a slight issue which I am at this point decidedly dubbing a “Functionality Bug”. I have a form which fields are being dynamically loaded using “Populate _________ with taxonomies from __categories__” Works fine, except… the actual data is not being counted… if I try and display […]

How to allow my clients to cancel subscriptions

Hi, how would I go about allowing my clients to cancel their subscriptions themselves? Is it possible to create a button that has the function of allowing the clients to cancel their subscription? Thanks.

In regards to user change role script not working for subscriptions

Hi, I have implemented the user change role script that was provided in the paypal addons section, but the problem that occurs is that it does not work for subscriptions. For example: I edited the frmpaymentscontroller.php on line 174 $paypal url .= “?cmd=xclick”;      to     $paypal url .= “?cmd=xclick-subscriptions”; The subscription feature […]

I’m not getting email notifications after upgrading from 1.04.0 to 1.06.09

After upgrading, I stopped getting email notifications. I reviewed the FAQ ( I verified points 1-3. WordPress still emails when sending “forgot password” email so it’s able to send. I tried 2 different formidable forms and same problem with both. I don’t want to install other plug-ins if I don’t have to. I downgraded back […]

Forms and attachemnts not ALWAYS delivered

We have formidable for people to upload resumes and then they are emailed o someone in our organization.  Of the 4-5  uploads we get perday. there is always 1 or to that are not sent. what could be happening?  

‘Edit Form’ screen does not completely load long form, or wordpress top admin bar…


I have been building/editing a long application form, and am having an issue with the edit form screen on the backend, where the full form (all fields, form content) does not finish loading, and even the top admin bar of wordpress when on the edit form screen does not appear.  it’s as if it ‘times […]

Form reports no longer display pie charts

I was wondering why the pie charts in the form reports no longer display after the update. I need the graphs to complete reports for work.

Field Options don’t load after first 74 fields

I can create more fields, but css class names, conditional logic, etc do not load.  So while I can create many more fields, their options are lost when I hit update.  The options also do not take effect beyond this 74th field when viewing the form from the front end.   If I go into […]

Can’t remove default entry from checkbox


I have a checkbox wihch is required to be ticked before user can hit submit. The problem is that I cannot remove the initial value, which is a tick.  If I untick it as default in the Edit Form screen, when I hit Update the tick returns.

Do something for the documentation website speed!

Hi, I am a new Pro account subscriber and find Formidable an amazing plugin. The only thing I would like to complain about is the access to the documentation website. It is so slow it becoms unusable. Please do something about it because it is a great pain to search the documentation website, to access […]

Adding date popup to a table column by function or jquery

Hi I know this sounds weird but after having a look at and for some of my forms for convenience I have used the third party plugin formidable plus for tables. A few tables have a column using the date – now I was wanting to have the formidable date popup to use on […]

Aweber first and last name

I have followed this page In my Aweber webform, I use first and last name so I’d like to do the same with FP. However the mapping from Aweber is always Full name, why is this? Please advice. Thank you.