Slow refresh when building forms

When I am building a form, I copy text from a pdf and paste it into the title of a formidable element. When clicking on the  editable field it takes a few seconds to become editable. When I paste the text, it takes 20 seconds to appear. When I click off of the editable field […]

Conflict with Gravity Forms?

I'm switching over from gravity forms (can't believe I paid for that thing) and I have a crucial form that I've yet to switch over but doesn't seem to be behaving until I disable your plug-in.  Have you encountered this before?  I did also install and disable the Pro PDF  Extended plugin at the same […]

Missing "clear" option for auto-complete drop-down

Making a “state/city dependent dropdown” as described here, , and setting both the city and state fields (in the final form) to be drop-downs with auto-complete enabled, the "state" field gets an "x" to clear the field once an option has been selected, but the "city" field does not.

Email content

When an email is sent, I need all of the form elements to be sent. This includes the HTML, Titles, Subtitles, as well as the form field names and content. Basically, I need the email to look similar to printing the entire form. What is the best way to do this? Here is a good […]

Bootstrap Addon not styling buttons

Screen Shot 2014-02-19 at 21.05.03

Great plugin (I've just made the switch from Gravity Forms as needed the Edit features your plugin so awesomely has)... However, I'm having an issue with the Bootstrap Addon - it's activated and is styling the form fields but not any of the buttons - they remain styled as default (i.e. grey). See attached screen. […]

Data from entries not updated when CSV importing entries

I have a form that has some 'data from entries' fields. I am importing many rows of data from CSV. I have left the 'data from entries' fields empty in the CSV. When I import the CSV I expect the fields to be populated automatically. But this is not happening. I have to open the […]

no "Path to Extra Templates" field in global settings in FP 1.7.5rc1

Hello Working on a new site I thought I try the new 1.7.5.rc1  of FP , And wanted to use a form template from another site of mine. I created the directory " custom-templates" in my wp-content dir  and used ftp to copy the php files to it.  Problem: I can't find an "Path to Extra […]

Search form not working

I have followed the instructions at: and I have my forms and views. This page: should allow the search for "Curves".  It's getting a page not found with the parameter passed. Without the parameter, it gets "no records found" because the filter isn't matched.  It is certainly stumping me. Thanks!

Only receiving some email notifications from form submissions

Hi there, Background: I had originally installed the free version of your plugin  on my wordpress site, but we weren't receiving any email notifications when people submitted a form so I downloaded the paid version. However after that I still wasn't receiving emails so I contacted you about it and you had me do that […]

Multiple Calculations Displayed on One Form

I am creating a form to evaluate the health of a companies marketing.  We ask questions and assign value to each.  I'd like to display scores for three areas: New Business, Recurring Business and Overall.  For some reason I can only get one to display at a time, the one listed first. The form is […]

Deleted all entries

Hi there, All my entries have gone missing and I can't find them. I think we might have accidentally click on delete all. Is there anyway to get that data back please?

Unwanted tags in my Javascript

I am seeing <p> tags in JavaScript that I put into my form content.  So, if I click on the Text tab and put the following into my content: <script type="text/javascript">foo([123],[456])</script> <a href="/bar/">Here</a> This is what appears in the HTML source: <p><script type="text/javascript">foo(82.1, 95.5)</script><br /> <a href="/bar/">Here</a></p> Even worse, this also happens: <script type="text/javascript"> function […]

Filter views with WP-client registration field

Hello again.  I'm using WP-client to manage customer access to my site.  My WP-client user registration form has  a field for customer company which I would like to use to filter my formidable form views.  I currently have my views filtered by User ID but need to find a way to provide my customers  with […]

Math Captcha - Formidable option missing

I installed the BWS Captcha plugin... but when I go to the settings page, there is no option for Formidable as referenced here -

Editors can't edit responses submitted by other users

First of all sorry for my English, I`m Spanish In form options, Editors are allow to edit responses submitted by other users, but when an editor access to a form, he can't view the data introduced by the user who sent the form, all fields are blank. He can view all fields (fields with visibility […]