Copy all entries in a form to another sql table

Hi, I tried to copy all entries in a "quiz" form(i.e. form id 33 per below) to another sql table  in a "action" form (e.g. another form, form id 100)  using the following code add_filter('frm_validate_field_entry', 'copyquizentries', 20, 3); function copyquizentries($errors, $field, $value){ global $wpdb, $frmdb,$frm_entry,$frm_entry_meta;; if ($_POST['item_meta'][1956] = 'startcopy') { // field 1956 is a drop down […]

left justify radio buttons when form is centered


Hi all, probably another dumb question, but when I have global/form styling setting to Center.  This also centers the radio buttons when set to multiple rows.  No matter what css I try I can't get them to justify left.  Any ideas?  Please see attached.   Thanks

need help while working with data from entries field


i had two forms (i attach screens for form no1 --1.jpeg and formno2--2.jpeg) form no 1: it is used to add new ward for an hospital which has "availability" form no 2: this form registers a new patient into the available wards for this i took "data from entries field" to generate  available wards (i […]

How to use shortcodes

Hi I have the following shortcodes in my post content (as formidable pro is creating a post on an entry). [225 sep=" <br>" links=0 ] I am trying to remove the links from the categories, which is does and also add a line break between each category. However, it doesnt add the break, it just displays […]

Created-at in form / formfield

custom display

I don't know how to show the "created-at" and "updated-at" dates on a form that users can update. There is probably a simple and logical way to do that, as usual in Formidable, but I can't figure it out. Can you help me out (again)? Albert

Changing text of "previous" button

Hi, I've been able to succesfully change the text on the "next" button in a page break by clicking on the button and changing the text to "volgende" (Dutch). However, I can't seem to figure out how I can change thet text of the "previous" button as it does not appear in the page break […]

Formidable Pro registration user meta displaying ok in back end but is echoing ID in front end profile?

Hi, I am experiencing a strange issue with Formidable Pro user meta which is showing ok, and as expected in back end WordPress user profiles. But the same information is showing as the element ID in the front end. I am also using a BuddyPress equivalent called WP Symposium which is a much lighter and […]

Insert uploaded image url to custom field

Hi I am using a theme from Themify called Pinboard which don't use the standard wordpress featured image functionality, it rather expect a url in the custom field "post_image". I want to use Formidable Pro's create post functionality to enable front-end create and edit of posts, but need help with getting the image url from […]

want to create pages used in shopping cart

Hello, I want to create two pages like shopping cart has, that is in first page user choose some data from radio button, and insert some more information, & then goes to second page which prints the same data as choosen from first page and some more information. And in second page there is 'continue […]

Search form no longer working

formidable form settings

I have a form I created for an advanced search. It has worked just fine until today. I updated to 1.07.02b1 last night, and now today, when I go to search, I get an error message, "We're sorry. It looks like you've already submitted that." I've attached a pic of my form settings. Any ideas […]

New registration entry from the plugin dashboard

Hi, Nice plug-in, really! But I've a problem similar to this one: issue 1 You answered : "1. This happens if the admin user is selected in the user ID dropdown. This tells the registration add-on to update the admin user's info instead of create a new user." But how can avoid it if […]

Default value in combination with calculation

Hi, I have problem to solve this issue. I have a calculation rule defined for a field which gives a field a default value. However, I want to have the possibiliy to change the value for the source field which is the base for the calculation including the actual field that is calculated. That means […]

Can't create condition logic by date fields

I noticed when trying to add conditional logic to a field that none of the date fields are listed in the drop down. I just wanted to confirm with you that you can't create conditional logic by date fields. Is there a reason for this? Surely they're just single line text fields with date values […]

Can a deleted form and it's form entries be recovered?

Can a deleted form and it's form entries be recovered?

Date Range Issue

I am having an issue creating a custom display showing data within a date range. All my entries except for one are dated in the month of November. The one post is dated August. But I am getting a value of zero when trying to display totals for the last month ***Displays Data Correctly***  ***Returns […]