Copied form does not save conditional logic

I copied a lengthy form to save as backup and also to branch off for another form entirely. To my shock and amazement none of my conditional logic (and there’s a ton) was saved with any of the fields in the new saved form. Is this a bug or expected? If expected, why would you […]

Two Paypal accounts on the same website

Hi, a client of mine needs to receive payments on two different paypal accounts on his website (He sells books and courses and he has two different companies). For what I know, formidable sets the paypal account only globally, and not for a single form. Is there a way to solve this and set the […]

Values Don’t Work On Stats Controller

Hello, I updated Formidable Pro a couple of days ago and now my stats aren’t working properly. <code>FrmProStatisticsController::stats_shortcode(array(‘id’ => 133, ‘type’ => ‘count’, ‘value’ => ‘Hired’, ‘user_id’ => $wp_query->get_queried_object()->ID ))</code> When I omit ‘value’ => ‘Hired’ it works, but doesn’t filter by ‘Hired’. (Note: 133 is a checkboxes field.) Nothing else has changed on my site, […]

Formidable Testimonials plugin

When I try to activate the Formidable Testimonials plugin, I’m getting the following error: Plugin could not be activated because it triggered a fatal error. Fatal error: Call to undefined method FrmProDisplay::create() in…/wp-content/plugins/formidable-testimonials/display_template/tstm_random_listing.php on line 23 I have the latest release of Formidable Pro (formidable-1.06.08) installed and other than the plugin error, everything with Formidable […]

Page Break with “tabbed” post

My designer wanted the form to be within a tab on the page.  The tab is created by the theme and simply uses div’s to create the tabs and a hide/show concept.  The problem I’m running into is I’m using a page break on the form as there is a lot of information to retrieve […]

Updating to WordPress 3.5.1

Formidable Pro doesn’t send email. I have another site still using WordPress 3.4.1 that Formidable Pro is working fine on. Can you help?

Formidable – aweber – s2member

Hello I really could use some advice on the following problem. General Idea of what I want to do. I am trying to provide a free e-book called “Beginners Guide to Small Scale Farming” through my website. To get this free e-book the visitor would have sign-up to my newsletter. My idea how to proceed. […]

Your entry appears to be SPAM

I have had a few (3-4) submitters who’ve entered valid data in all of the fields of the form, but they receive the errors: There was a problem with your submission.  Errors are marked below. Your entry appears to be spam! Although the entry is definitely not spam.  We are using Askimet with our WordPress […]

ReCaptcha not displaying, and yes I do have the keys set up…

…however I am using a “global key” for the domain, on which I have several WP installations in subfolders, and am using the same key for at least one of the other installations.  Could this be the problem? Here is the form:!/contact-2/ Am using Elegant Themes Sky v2.1 WP v3.5.1 Formidable v1.06.08

Conditional logic and date picker not working Can get Formidable’s conditional logic or date picker to work on this site. Disabled every plugin except Formidable and used default theme, nothing works.

Field keys won’t update on a large form

I have a large form containing around 90 fields. Everything is working apart from I can’t update the Field Key for some of the fields near the end of the form. I’ve tried deleting and re-adding the fields, but the issue persists. The only workaround I’ve found is to manually update the field key in […]

Form disappeared from WP admin

Hello, I went to edit a form today and noticed it had disappeared from the WordPress admin, however it’s still visible on the site itself. The 2 other forms I have are visible in both the admin and the site. I haven’t updated the plugin or WordPress, so I don’t know where it’s gone! Would […]

March Calendar – Extra Row

Hi, I just noticed my March calendar has an extra row. Thanks

Form hangs when I go to edit it

When I go in to edit a simple address form, the entire form won’t load, and it hangs about half way through. The form is operating perfectly, and showing all info. in the custom display. I just can’t get into it to add another item.

Create Post Title

This is my form I am setting it to create posts.  The problem I am having is that I want the title of the posts to use info from multiple fields and some custom text.  Here is what I am looking for in the post title. “[firstname][lastname][county][points]point buck taken on [dateofharvest] I’ve been stuck […]