No place to enter license key in general settings


Purchased the single license but when I go to enter it on the general tab as suggested there is no place to enter it. I reinstalled it 2 times and the same… what to do as it tells me I need to upgrade if I want the features and I have paid for it but […]

Error Messages Not Displaying Below Fields

Hi All, When I submit a form with missing or bad data in the fields, I do not see any error messages below the fields. I’ve tried it in Chrome, Firefox and IE with the same results. What the heck am I missing? Thanks, Lou

“There was a problem with your submission. Errors are marked below.:

12-24-2013 6-53-39 PM

I have the Pro version. I created a form (with a few heading sections and 1 page break). When I submit it, it just returns “There was a problem with your submission. Errors are marked below.” But: It’s not showing me where the issue is There is no issue with the data entered since the […]

Export and Import Entry with Data from Entries field

Hi, I have a simple form with a textbox and a checkbox, where the values in the checkbox come from Data from Entries field. There are six values that can be checked. When I do the following steps, I encounter a problem at the end: 1. I enter data in the text field and select all […]

View not displaying any entries

I created a simple form and added a few entries.  I then created a view to show all entries but I try to view the view it returns a 404 error page not found.  Any idea what I am missing? Thanks Mike

my site just lost pro options

My site just lost pro options and been using it for 8 months how do I get it back

After update to Version 1.07.03, becoming a non-licensed version


After updated (Version 1.07.03), becoming a non-licensed version & nowhere to enter license code?

Radio button conditional logic is broken since the update

All my conditional logic form that are hidden are now visible since the update. Before I was loading the page, some fields were hidden and were displayed only if the user selected some options. Now all the fields are loaded and visible. They disapear after the user selected the other options… Can I do anything […]

Linking to Specific Pages in a Multi-page Form

I currently have a multi-page form on my website that’s about 15 pages long. Is it possible to link to specific pages within the form? Thanks, Ben

Check box and radio buttons layout

Hello, after the change of the theme template to a new one…. doesn’t work correctly the css layout of checkbox options and radio buttons For example 1. Although i put checkbox otions  in two columns… they appear in one column 2. When i choose single row for radio buttons… they appear all the otions first […]

Placeholder text not working as expected

Hi Not sure why however my placeholder text doesnt seem to be clearing as expected when I click in the field. Any ideas, suggestions, fixes appreciated.

saved template does not include Submit button

I created a form. Then created a template from it. Then exported template, renamed it, then reloaded template via the external template folder. Then I included a tag for the template on a page. Upon test, fields all show. Submit button is missing. Why?  

frm_js is not defined

Screen Shot 2013-12-17 at 11.27.20

Having problems in latest WordPress/with latest 1.07.02 Uncaught ReferenceError: frm_js is not defined VM2262 formidable.min.js:22 Anyone else having issues?

The Formidable plugin on WordPress is GONE

What happened?  It’s not in the repository and not online –

Insert Fields IDs list not showing all Field IDs

Screen Shot 2013-12-14 at 4.57.15 PM

Formidable -> Settings -> Customization -> I have more fields than the window will show in the form builder and there doesn’t seem to be a scroll to let me see the new fields I have added so that I can get their ID number.  Any other way to see what automatically assigned number has […]