Number Text- format

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First of all, I am sorry to ask a very simple question like this..But I cant fix it and not sure of how to fix it. I have many numerical entries on my form. I had created a number field on a form.. I don’t want it to be a drop down but it is […]

Submit not working on most computers/browsers

I can submit forms on my computer (using Firefox) but they do not submit using Chrome or Safari. Other computers (on same network) cannot submit forms in any browser. The Submit never completes. password: calendar

Allow others to edit submission not working

The admin nor subscribers can edit others links.  I have tried setting it to not only logged in users, but subscriber directly and we still cannot edit other users entries.

Edit Links Not Working in Parent Custom Display

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I have this nested custom display setup that you helped me figure out yesterday. The two child custom displays have Edit Links to their forms working just fine, but the Parent Custom Display won’t give me any edit links. I’ve copied and pasted edit link that do work, put them in there, and they stop […]

“Export to csv” is encoded   I have a problem is the same as shown in the attached link. I went to the file he mentions here and I saw you updated it already. Csv file still contains signs and letters.   Is there another change I can do?

Email notification issue

Recently I stopped receiving Email notifications via my Formidable form on my website. I’m using the most current version of WordPress (3.6) and the theme U-Design 2.0.1. Is there any know issues with WordPress 3.6, U-Design 2.0.1 and Formidable 1.07.0?

Apostrophe in field value

I assumed this is covered somewhere, but I’m unable to find it. When I enter “I’m” or anything with an apostrophe in a single line text input field the value in the custom display shows as I’m. What needs to be done to remove the backslash?

Still Can’t Fill Out Form in FF 24 /

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Updated to latest release of Formidable Pro, and created a new form, inserted shortcode on contact page, and I still cannot type in text fields in Firefox. Please help!

ReCaptcha Theme Conflict

I run this site: As you can see, the reCaptcha in the footer isn’t displaying correctly. Can you help me with the CSS necessary to fix it? Thanks, Ashley

White Screen after Deactivation

When I deactivated Formidable, my WordPress backend went blank and is now inaccessible. This is the second time this has happened. It has happened with two different themes, so the theme isn’t the problem. I also have the Formidable Registration installed (active at the time it went blank), and I had added plugins for confirmation […]

Using frm_date_field_js

Hi, I’m trying to use the frm_date_field_js function like the Example page but looks like is not working. I have the fieldkey correct input, but when I see the form in the back end the dates are not limited in the range I choose! Is there any problem with this function? add_action(‘frm_date_field_js’, ‘limit_my_date_field’); function limit_my_date_field($field_id){ if($field_id […]

Entry created with Incomplete payment

I am using Formidable Pro to register community member for various program. But I have some issues with it. Once member register then they direct to the PayPal payment system. Though they are not paying but their entry shows as registered and paid. That create big confusion and registration have to verify with PayPal account. […]

404 Error Page after adding more than 55 fields

Hi, I need help, I have purchased the Pro version of Formidable forms and I am building very complex form with conditional logic and calculations.  I have tried to repeat the similar project over 3 times, but every time I put in approximately 55 fields, when I want to  save or edit the form the […]

Email sends as a HTML code dump


Very rarely, a form set to send HTML emails starts sending the HTML code in plain text instead. This has only occurred twice in the past year, and seems to only effect some forms. To give an example, the code arrives looking like this: <table cellspacing=’0′ style=’font-size:12px;line-height:135%; border-bottom:1px solid #dddddd;’><tbody> <tr style=’background-color:#eeeeee;’><th valign=’top’ style=’text-align:left;color:#444444;padding:7px 9px;border-top:1px […]

Automatic login not working with confirmation message

Hi, I’m getting the problem described in this topic: Auto log in with the registration plug in is working, but the user is not logged in by the time the confirmation message is displayed? Should that be working, or do I need to redirect to another page instead? Thanks.