Registering Users Not Working

I have been having issues with the registration add-on.  I just downloaded the latest version and I am using it with v2.0b5.  I'm not sure if this is expected behavior or not, but here is my goal. I already have a form that has member has space for member information and I would like to […]

Formidable Bootstrap Changing Nav Menu

I was wondering if there is anyway to include a static function in the plugin so that the bootstrap css does not affect my .nav class. Whenever I activate the plugin, the navigation bar gets messed up.  If not, is there a way to have the plugin use a customized version of bootstrap that I […]

Sanitize PHP Error

I'm using <a href="[siteurl]/regions/[eqw6a9 sanitize=1]">IMAGE</a> to link to a page that we've created. I use the name of post that's created and use sanitize to covert it into the slug needed to navigate to the correct location. When I use sanitize=1 in 2.0b3, I get the following error: Fatal error: Call to undefined method FrmProFieldsHelper::atts_sanitize() […]

Styles Lost On Export

Hi When you export a form with a custom style and move it to another site with the same custom style I think it loses the custom style. I didn't want the style moved, but the style setting should stay the same. (since if I exported the style I would have 2 duplicate styles in […]

BUG: Custom Post Type Taxonomy

I'm using Version 2.0b3 and noticed a possible bug.  I'm creating a post for a custom post type that has it's own custom taxonomy.  When I try to use the custom taxonomy - form actions > create post > Taxonomies / Categories > Select a Taxonomy I select the custom taxonomy - choose a field and […]

URL sanitized strings with apostrophes not working (V2)

I tried the change suggested in this topic: but it doesn't alter anything.   I have the same issue - attempting to generate a link via a title entered in a form - (the title creates a custom post on the site). If the title is: "Ben and Joe's Big Day Out" Sanitize generates […]

Advanced Search - multiple selections in one field breaks search

Hello.  I have a If one entry has multiple selections in one field, search will NOT search against that field.   If either, both, or anything is selected, nothing returns.  However, if only one item is selected in a multi-select field, then I can performa  successful search against that item. How can I fix it?

Handle field that includes the "&" character in a URL

I am using the following URL to populate fields in a form: ?r_name=[112] [113]&r_email=[115] The r_name parameter is made up of the First & Last name. Some entries have the first name using the "&" (i.e. Sally & Mary). The URL populates a "Name" field in a form. Works fine except when the first name […]

why are dynamic default values grayed out?


I was wondering all the options under "dynamic default values" are grayed out and not able to be used?  I have a pro account?  Thanks

Delete entry by prefix option on view don´t work


I used this link to put a del button on a list of entries of a form. I need refresh the list after deleting, then I tryed use the prefix in content field, like that: <div id="prof_[id]"> <tr> <td>[770 show=758] [770 show=759]</td> <td>[770 show=760]</td> <td><button>[deletelink label="Delete" prefix="prof_"]</button></td> </tr> </div> The exclusion works right, but […]

Possible bug in 2.0b3

Screen Shot 2015-01-05 at 5.05.41 AM

I am pretty sure that I ran into a bug in 2.0b3. I can't seem to switch between the visual and text editor. I tested it on a couple of my sites and it appears the same. Also, the buttons for adding media, etc. appears no matter what. There should be a simple enough way […]

Limit form visibility and submission (User Role Editor)

Hello, I've used the User Role Editor plugin to create a New Role.  The 'New Role' is roughly the same as the Subscriber level.  I gave it Level 0 - 3 to set it higher than Subscriber in the hierarchy. I then set a Form to limit form visibility and submission to 'New Role'.  However, everyone can […]

Multilingual addon - visible but can't see the translation on the website

Hello, I've purchased Formidable PRO especially for the multilingual addon in combination with WPML. I've followed all the steps on the instruction page, and was able to see the "Translate Form" button. I've filled in the translations and checked the "Complete" checkboxes corresponding to the fields. Saved the form after this. The translations are not […]

Radio button options not showing in build

Radio options

I can't see or edit the options for radio buttons on the form builder.  It shows up on the front end but just the default values.  Checkbox is also having the same issue.  New install Version 1.07.11 WP 4.1

Bug Report Template


I downloaded the Bug Report from the Demos web page and installed it. It works fine as is, BUT As soon as I update the VIEW Report, it loses its formatting (see attached) even if I have made no changes to the file/code. This is a really useful template, but unless I can get the […]