Error Message not properly formatting in Custom HTML

I create Form I go to “Customize HTML” I edit one of the fields so the code looks similar to the following: [if error]<div class=”lp_frm_error”>[error] Crazy Errors</div>[/if error]   However, when the form displays the error due to a required field not being filled out, instead of showing the error div I have above, it […]

Formidable missing after upgrade

Please help, I just paid for PRO upgrade, I followed the instructions, it got stuck and when I refreshed, the formidable tab on admin menu is missing. I tried to reinstall the plugin but it says it’s not allowed because there is already a formidable folder in the plugins folder.

custom html after feilds box removed html by mistake

I removed the teh html in teh after fields box found in custom html settings for the forms this seem tobe a global setting as all my forms now have this code missing how do I restore the default settings so the code for the after feild will be set back to default   thank […]

User Registration form submitted by administrator issue

Hi Stephanie, thanks for the great plugin. I have a problem with the registration plugin that I can’t solve. I use formidable pro registration plugin + s2members (for roles). I created  one form that only administrators can see, through which register users and associating some informations inserted into the form and the user role. This […]

Paypal approval before listing in directory

Hi I am trying to set up Formidable for a job listing directory on our site. I’m just in testing mode ATM but I’ve linked to Paypal & set up payments, but if the lister cancels the payment before completion the listing still appears in the directory. From my reading of your knowledge base, this can […]

Search Entries not showing any results

Screen Shot 2013-09-30 at 5.24.56 PM

Hello, When I attempt to search the entries for and specific month, or date, and change the ‘-All Fields-‘ to the Start Date field I created, I get no results at all, even though I have dozens with the month I am searching. Yet other field options seem to work.   For example, if I […]

Save Data / Accidental Close / Warning Message

I am wondering if there is some setting or plugin or anything at all that can counteract an accidental browser closure or page reload, refresh, forward, backward etc. from losing all the information on a form as it’s being filled out.  Maybe a warning message that can pop up to stop a person from leaving […]

Exporting data to CSV File

I got this error when I was trying to export my data to a CSV file.  Has anyone seen this and know how to fix it. Please help. Fatal error: Allowed memory size of 268435456 bytes exhausted (tried to allocate 42 bytes) in /home/suppo123/public_html/ on line 260

Conditional Logic on page vs widget

Hello, I have a form with some conditions (some fields to be showed based on other fields). In the widget area it work ok, but same form is not working as it should on page content. I assume is related to the theme I used. Can you help? Please check here:

Horizontal ordering, not vertical

I get dizzy reading left to right checkboxes. I can guess that FP might be building the forms as it goes along rather than calculating the needed fields and then building them with the idea that lists can be read vertically rather than horizontally, e.g. rows vs. columns. Abba         Dabba Babba […]

Date selector: Only allow dates from tomorrow onwards

We use the date selector to allow people to choose a delivery date, but we cant deliver to people “today” it has to be from tomorrow onwards. How can this be done?

Problem with Paid Memberships Pro

Please note that Paid Memberships Pro overrides the sender name of any formidable form, even if the Paid Memberships Pro is disabled. We had lots of troubles trying to understand why all emails were sent from “WordPress” while formidable that the proper settings. We ended up removing Paid Memberships Pro as we were not using […]

Data from entry – Checkboxes – Conditonals

field options

I have a data from entry field with checkboxes on a multi-paged form. When I go to edit this form the values saved in the checkboxes is removed (all checkboxes are empty). This field is conditionally shown based on responses to two prior fields. Why are the checkboxes not showing the saved values?

CSS margin error


I came across a small CSS problem today. I am not really sure if it’s my site or the original css, but there might be an error in the formidablepro.css [ver=1.07.01] – Line 121 .frm_form_field.frm_left_third, .frm_form_field.frm_first_third, .frm_form_field.frm_third, .frm_form_field.frm_left_two_thirds, .frm_form_field.frm_first_two_thirds {     margin-right: 5%; } I think this margin should be 3% – as the column overlaps […]

ERROR: There was a 403 error: Forbidden

Bildschirmfoto 2013-09-24 um 11.24.18

After installing Formidable forms plugin, I keyed in my license key and clicked save license. The error “ERROR: There was a 403 error: Forbidden” pops up. Please help.