Graph shows "No Entroies" instead of empty bar graph

Shortcode: I assume it should show a 0 value (include_zero) for the period, instead of "no entries".  There are no entries for this period.

Change Entry from Draft = NO to YES

Hi, I would like to change a Entry submited from finished (DRAFT = NO) back to Draft state = YES so my user can complete some more details..... How could I do that? I could not find any place to change that Draft Status. Thanks!

Search across multiple fields in advanced search

I'm trying to use a single search field ("Country") to search across multiple fields ("Country", "Country2", "Country3", etc.) in the associated main form. I've read through the documentation, but I don't see this case covered, or I'm not understanding how to set this up. Thanks in advance for your help, --john

Logged-In Form "Sections"

I have a form that can only be accessed by a logged in user. After a form is submitted, can I have the top half of the form only editable by the user who submitted the form?  And the bottom half only editable by an Administrator or other designated Role? This is an employee vacation […]

List multiple uploads

When I use the "File Upload Field" and I upload multiple fields, the standard email confirmation [default-message] display all URLs separated by carriage returns. http://url1 http://url2 http://url3 If I insert manually the field id in a custom message (ex. Files:{25}), all URLs are listed one after the other http://url1 http://url2 http://url3 How do I get […]

Formidable Bootstrap - apply onto to forms?

I love Bootstrap's styling for forms. But when I use the Formidable Bootstrap add on, my theme gets too messed up. Is there any way to apply Bootstrap to only the form itself, please?

Custom validation function with conditional logic fields

Hi, I have a complex form with some conditional logic fields. For example "vat id" for company user type, "age"  for people user type. All fields are required, and the conditional logic validation works perfectly. The problem is inside my custom validation function. I had to validate some fields using some regexp and this fields return always a error […]

Search button unresponsive in Firefox

Having a hard time diagnosing an issue that seems to only happen in Firefox. Steps to reproduce the error: 1. Run a search on the following page: 2. Click the back button in the browser 3. The Search button is deselected and unresponsive to another search, even if you refresh the page. Thanks in […]

Create Post from Form and Display Uploaded File

Screen shot 2014-08-01 at 7.46.47 AM

Hi, I'm trying to set up an archive service. People can upload their papers to the service and when they upload, an automatic post is created displaying their name, the title of their paper, the paper's abstract, and then a link to the file (PDF only) that they uploaded. I have the basic form already […]

Error sending mail to yahoo server


Hi , I am using the Formidable Pro plugin for the Contact form, but I am not able to send the mail to my yahoo account. I have added the SMTP details for sending the mail , using these updated settings I have sent 2 - 3 mails also but after that I am not […]

Field won't accept decimal amounts

Created a form with price, annual price and savings but the fields will not accept decimal values . . . I know this must be a switch or something somewhere but I cannot find it. I enter 89.10 and it tells me to enter a valid value 89 or 90 I have searched your KB […]

Alternative colors on [default-msg] field entries

Hi By default, if we use [default-msg] for the email, the content should contain all filled-field values, plus each row background in different colors. (#eee and #fff alternatively) But after I go to Global setting > Form Styling > Reset to Default, such alternative color background feature has gone, every row in the email become […]

Forms - files upload showing an icon


Hi, As you can see in the attached screenshot, my forms are showing an icon for the file(s) uploaded; how can I get rid of those?

Entry selectors?

Hello there, I am now working on fetching data from the form entries to generate different project pages. If there is only one entry in the form, that works pretty good. If there are multiple entries, by using 418, 'user_id' => 'current'));?> script, it seems like it will fetch all the entries under that field_id. […]

Dropdown retrive some values


Hi, I have 2 forms. Form 1 and Form 2. In Form 1 I have a text field "Nome" and a dropdown "Ciclo" with "1ºCiclo", "2ºCiclo", "3ºCiclo" values. In Form 2 I have a dropdown "Ciclo" with "1ºCiclo", "2ºCiclo", "3ºCiclo" values and a data entry with  values of the Form 1 "Nome". My question is. […]