Incredible value with superb support

I’ve been using Formidable for over two years now. The product is continuously being developed and improved to add new and valuable features. The flexibility of this plugin is incredible. I keep thinking of more new ways to use it, and it almost always works perfectly. Support is very professional and prompt. This is easily […]

amazing plug great support, Happy customer!

I left a review in my name is Dub Mahadev.

So much better than the other guy!

I just gladly renewed support for a year — something I’m not usually that happy about doing, but truthfully it’s much less than you deserve. I’m doing some work for a client who insists on using Gravity Forms. It’s awful! Things I know I can do quickly and easily in Formidable take hours — or […]

Love this product

I used Formable Pro to create a timesheet application for a construction company. I needed a form tool that could capture Signatures, on a Samsung Tablet. Using WordPress and Formable Pro I created a responsive website that mimicked their physical timesheets and followed their business logic. Once the data is entered it is exported as […]

Can’t believe the power of this plugin

I set out to create a front end form that could be piped to a script then piped to an IDE to build native branded android wordpress apps from the front end. I started to doubt that the necessary fields, commands, permissions, and input data was going to be possible without a ton of user […]

Great product! Wow.

I have only used the product for a couple hours, but so far I am very, very pleased and impressed. The support feels solid as well, given I already received help (and the solution) with one thing I was working on. I really hope you guys continue to develop and create awesome ‘front-end’ features/uses for […]

Great Product, Great Support

I just wanted to publicly thank Jaime, Steph, and Steve, for assisting me in troubleshooting a pesky theme vs plugin conflict.  The three of them were patient, professional, and knowledgeable while providing me with support for Formidable Pro.   Thanks for all of your help! Kudos! John

Great Support even though pre sale

At least i know that this product meets by requirements ..great information support.. cheers

Great product

Hi Friends, I just wanted to say you have a really awesome product! Formidable Pro is incredibly flexible, well thought out and pretty easy to learn. Too often people just gripe and complain, but I wanted to take a few seconds to say “THANK YOU!” Cheers!

OMG, I apologize

So…  There’s a number of things I’m not happy with in Formidable.  Mostly the turtle-slow development cycle.  Of course, after numerous discussions I realize that you spend a lot more time handling support than you’d like to and that takes away from development time. However, despite that issue, you have always been very helpful in […]

Formidable Pro is amazing

I’ve only been using Formidable Pro for a few days now, but am blown away by the versatility and power that you have made available to me through it. This plug-in is a ridiculously good value! Thank you. Best money I have spent in a long time.

Excerpt field

Dear Formidablers, I was just about to ask a question – I must send praise first! By chance I discovered that it is possible to determine the excerpt from a designated field. I had struggled to find a way of displaying excerpts of varying length without changing the post content. Without great success. Now I […]

Should have plunged sooner

Hey Formidable Family, I just wanted to say that since I purchased my single site license, I’ve found myself at my wits end with the many sites I build trying to find workarounds for what can be done quite simply with formidable. I finally made the unlimited upgrade tonight and can’t wait to clean up […]

Well done !

So far this plugin is FAB. It does what it says on the tin. The documentation could be a lot clearer & deeper but if the support staff are able to resolve everything here I give it 5*. Well done !!!!

Great support!

Thanks for providing such helpful support for an excellent product!