Give a BIG Thank You to Formidable

I just want to say thank you for all the help the past couple of weeks. Especially to Jamie, Andrew and Steph.  I really appreciate everything you have done. I am extremely happy with Formidable Pro and even more happy with the support. Jay Anderson  

Thank you so much

I've needed a lot of support to move from 'zero understanding' to 'a working knowledge' of FormidablePro. Your support and your way of delivering it has been impeccable and has not even once made me feel uncomfortable.

HTML integration makes it possible to show pictures in form!

Hi there, I just wanted to say THANK YOU for this great and easy plugin. Besides the easy  and logical handling of forms now I am very happy to put also Images now into my forms! Even NextGen-Gallery does work and is used already in order to show customers some additional accessories to pick from if they are […]

Formidable pdf pro extended

Thank you Steph, to solve the problem for formidable pro pdf extended plugin, now it is working with formidable pro 2.0. Thank you so much.

Formidable Forms 2.0 rocks!

The 2.0.3 upgrade is amazing! thank you!!

Great Tool! Outstanding Support!

Dear Formidable Crew,   Every Day, I discover more of your truly formidable Plugin!   Thanks for your work! Tom

Awesome forms building tool - even for non-PHP people

I think Formidable Pro is great and this topic is to comment on the record LINKING functionality of Formidable Pro. Let me start by saying I am NOT a PHP programmer. Many years ago I worked with COBOL. SQL and VBA but have long since forgotten every bit of that stuff. I am in the process of […]

Formidable 2.0.02

Hi again, GREAT JOB ON 2.0! I'm loving it! Thanks! Darryl

Formidable + Stripe

Reports from our members indicate that they like your Stripe plugin and that all the confusion caused by the PayPal experience no longer exists. Just a note to say "Thank You'

Just wanted to congratulate you on the new release

It will still be a little time before I can dig into it.  Congrats!!!!

Well Done!

Can I just say job well done. I have used other forms out there from Contact Form 7 to Gravity Forms to Jet Pack and none of them are as easy to use, robust in features, and most importantly to me priced so I am not constantly stuck paying a license fee every year. Keep […]

Formidable + Stripe is AWESOME

I am a long-time user of Formidable Pro. It is a part of every site I design for my clients. The flexibility and power of the plugin is phenomenal and it has been a great catalyst in building creative solutions for many of my projects. Thanks to Stephanie, Steve and the rest of the team! […]

Excellent support from Steph

Just wanted to say thanks to Steph for the FANTASTIC customer support.  I had a tricky problem which she helped me with.  Prompt responses about the issue and no doubt feverish activity behind the scenes to iron out the kinks that I experienced. Great product, even better customer support. Thanks Steph.

Superior Product and Support

I have been using paid and open source plugins for over 5 years and before that more than 10 years as a web site developer and have never experienced service of your quality and responsiveness. For many years I developed custom database applications for small businesses using Microsoft Access. It allowed me (as a non-programmer) to […]

A Must-have Plugin, with AAA+ Support

It is extraordinarily rare to receive such quality (and friendly) customer service in the world of software. This plugin makes WordPress a pleasure to use, and offers premium support at a level unheard of at this price point. Thanks for your phenomenal work!