stellar support

If you use formidable you probably already know this, but its worth saying again.  Team Formidable provides stellar support! Kevin

Thank You!

Just want to say thank you for all the great help I’ve gotten from Formidable Pro

Wonderful suppor t and customization opportunities

Can’t say enough about this support team. Not only do they provide fast responses, they also help users understand the issue, or point to documentation that will be useful. They don’t just say ‘no’ that is not possible, but ‘way don’t you try it this way.’ True support looking at the underlying question rather than […]

Great Support, the best form plugin

I always get a reply from Jamie within a very short space of time with links to the right posts and personally written answers to my problems. Formidable can do so much. I chose it because it was said that it would work alongside S2Member.  A real bonus was finding ‘FileAway‘ for displaying a library […]

Works Great!

Works Great Out The Box and Great Support. You Guys Rock! I was even able to be a little creative

Great product, great support

First, and to me this is obvious, this is a great product. It makes the few forms I use simple to create and style. Formidable Pro has just the right amount of simplicity and flexibility / power. IMO, this is by far the most important thing. That said, great support is like a cherry on […]

They Think of Everything

Just now, I duplicated a very large form to make some slight changes to it for a different purpose than the original. That process was simple. All the conditional logic was preserved on duplication. The only thing I was dreading was changing the email notification settings, because the form has 9 different notifications, each with […]

A Swiss Army Knife for WordPress

You have created an indispensable tool with Formidable Pro. Extremely flexible way to capture and view data. Support is fantastic. Feature set is well thought-out and documented with helpful, real world examples. Kudos to the developers!

Unbelievable Support

The good news is that Formidable Pro is a great product that is robust and pretty much does whatever you need it to do. The GREAT news is that Formidable Pro is backed by an unbelievable support team. This week I’ve been working with Jamie, who went far beyond the call of duty to make […]

Great Customer Support Waaaaay Above and Beyond

Jamie Thank you so much for helping me through hours of tech support over a period of days. You were extremely patient with me and helped me work through each little issue until we arrived at a solution to my problem. It has been a wonderful experience working with you. You have the best plugin […]

Signature Help

Thank you for the great support Steph!

Excellent support

Hi, I would just like to say that you have been very helpful and the customer support is excellent.   regards  

Conditional Calculations

Just wanted to THANK YOU for this information on this section of your site: It was exactly what I was looking for!

Happy new year

Hi, My very best wishes for 2014!  I just purchased Formidable Pro a few weeks ago, and I love it.  I look forward to using it in this new year. Wim

1000 views and thanks


Hi Formidable team, Last night I reached a point I never thought I’d see – my 1000th view. I’d like to take this opportunity to say Happy New Year and here’s to 1000 more?? Do I get a pin badge? Rich