Just wanted to congratulate you on the new release

It will still be a little time before I can dig into it.  Congrats!!!!

Well Done!

Can I just say job well done. I have used other forms out there from Contact Form 7 to Gravity Forms to Jet Pack and none of them are as easy to use, robust in features, and most importantly to me priced so I am not constantly stuck paying a license fee every year. Keep […]

Formidable + Stripe is AWESOME

I am a long-time user of Formidable Pro. It is a part of every site I design for my clients. The flexibility and power of the plugin is phenomenal and it has been a great catalyst in building creative solutions for many of my projects. Thanks to Stephanie, Steve and the rest of the team! […]

Excellent support from Steph

Just wanted to say thanks to Steph for the FANTASTIC customer support.  I had a tricky problem which she helped me with.  Prompt responses about the issue and no doubt feverish activity behind the scenes to iron out the kinks that I experienced. Great product, even better customer support. Thanks Steph.

Superior Product and Support

I have been using paid and open source plugins for over 5 years and before that more than 10 years as a web site developer and have never experienced service of your quality and responsiveness. For many years I developed custom database applications for small businesses using Microsoft Access. It allowed me (as a non-programmer) to […]

A Must-have Plugin, with AAA+ Support

It is extraordinarily rare to receive such quality (and friendly) customer service in the world of software. This plugin makes WordPress a pleasure to use, and offers premium support at a level unheard of at this price point. Thanks for your phenomenal work!

Update Italian Translation plugin registration

I guys, there find the translation italian plugin registration formidable. I hope this help you, Davide

Formidable earns me work!

After an initial hiccup that turned out to be an email issue and not a formidable problem, I’ve actually landed web design work in large part because of the magic of formidable. I love this plugin…my biggest wish is for some Woo integration down the road.

Kudos to Formidable and Support

I have said it before but I just wanted to say it again… Formidable Pro is an excellent plugin and you can accomplish more than I could have imagined using forms and views. What really is the most impressive part is the support I have received. The support team always responds quickly and either helps […]

renew support – of course!

I recently was prompted to renew my support (I have an unlimited account).  The answer always is “of course!”.  I renewed, its a no brainer, this plugin and the team behind it are invaluable. Thanks Team Formidable Pro for such an amazing offering!!!

New FP Version

Oh, Thank, I was missed out version 2.0 Beta, I was waiting for that. Thank a lot

Great Design – form actions in Formidable Beta v2.0b1

New design of these features is really cool, like the icons. Playing around with Beta. If there’s something specific you need a few tests on let me know, otherwise I’m exploring … Nice work team Formidable Pro! Kevin

Great Support!

Wanted to take a moment to say what a great product and the support behind it is truly amazing! I was nervous to rely heavily on a third party solution for my WP site but with Formidable Pro all my worries are put behind and it is truly a solution I can trust with reliable […]

Just thought I would let you know how awesome Formidable Pro is.

I have been implementing the FP for a number of uses (including mobile) and it always amazes me, that when I reach some sort of roadblock, FP is always one step ahead with a solution. Amazing how thorough your dev team is.  Thank you! Eagerly awaiting 2.0. Jamie

Awesome Plugin

This is a really great plugin, but what is even better is the support and I will gladly pay for one more year of support when that time comes. What I am even more excited about is the version 2 of formidable. I noticed it is coming soon and I was just wondering if you could […]