Formidable v1.6 Beta

The long awaited version 1.6 is now ready for beta testers. As always, it can be downloaded from the regular downloads page, however beta versions are not available via automatic update.

The main changes include:

  • User Interface improvements.
  • Extended the conditional field logic in the field options for each field.
  • Added graphs for fields over time. Here are a couple of examples until this feature is more fully documented:
    [ frm-graph id=20 x_axis=25 data_type=total type=line ]

    You can add multiple fields with id2=25 (up to id4 at the moment). Here’s an example:
    [ frm-graph id=20 id2=25 data_type=total ]

  • Allow a taxonomy/category to be selected for data from entries fields. This makes cascading category fields possible. All categories that should not show up in the choices should be excluded in the Field Options.
  • Improved field calculations to extract a price from the end of an option (i.e. “Car $2500″, “Dog $200″).

See full changelog.

Please post any issues in the Help Desk.


  1. Hi,
    i have installed 1.05.05 PRO version.
    If i would to upgrade to 1.6 how i can do? Need reinstall? I have a lot of forms…..can i save them?