Formidable Registration Add-on Officially Released

The registration add-on is officially out of beta and ready for prime time. We even slipped in a login widget that can be used like the one at the top of the page on this site. This login form can be inserted with a widget, a shortcode, or of course with PHP directly in the theme.

Login Widget. Customize your login widget to show in one or multiple rows, slide into place like the login form here, use your Formidable styling, and customize labels.

If you want a separate login page where widgets are not used, the shortcode is available with all the same options.
See the knowledge base page for more details.

This version also includes a bug fix to allow the automatic login when a user is first created.

To upgrade, visit the plugins page in your WordPress admin or follow the manual install instructions.

About Steph Wells

Steph Wells is the lead developer of the Strategy11 WordPress plugins including Formidable and Display Widgets. She started as a Registered Nurse, and later self-trained on Ruby on Rails and PHP after the first little bundle-of-joy came along in 2007.


  1. Mark Effinger says:

    To say "awesome" is an understatement, Steph! Thanks a ton - We've created a couple Subscriber sites, and this is sooo much cooler than even a cool styled WP login.

    Rock-on! (and Happy Christmas!).

  2. david_formidablepro says:

    This is great! This plugin was why I bought Pro. Cheers.