Formidable 1.06.03rc1

Plugin: Formidable

  • Updated templates with new styling classes
  • Added Polish translation (Thank you weiser78!)
  • Added type=maximum and type=minimum to the frm-stats shortcode
  • Month and year dropdowns added to custom display calendar, along with a few styling changes
  • Get the custom display calendar month and day names from WordPress
  • Added less_than, and greater_than options to conditional custom display statements. Ex [if 25 less_than="3"]…[/if 25] or [if 25 less_than="-7 days"]…[/if 25]
  • Allow [if created-at less_than='-1 month'] type of statements in the custom display for date fields, created-at, and updated-at
  • Added new styling classes to HTML fields
  • Allow dynamic default values in HTML field type
  • Get post status options from WordPress function instead of a copy
  • Check the default 1 value after submit to make sure it’s still unique
  • If the “round” parameter is used in the frm-stats shortcode, floating zeros will be kept