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Display Problem with 1.6.3RC2

2012-02-23 23h36_36

I’ve attached a screen print of what’s happening on one of my customer’s sites with 1.6.3rc2. 1.6.2 looked perfect, but after installing the RC, the screen is messed up.

How do I create a multi-column custom display

I’ve got the basics of creating a custom display, but I want to create one for a customer that shows 3 records across a table row as in this example: Each one of those table cells contains a different record. I know how to show them one record per row vertically, but the horizontal display is beyond me. […]

New Formidable Pro Tutorial

I’ve started to create a series of Formidable Pro tutorials on my website and have just completed the first installment. You can view it here:

Formidable Pro: Guestbook Tutorial Part 2 – The Custom Display

A while ago I posted a tutorial about building a better guestbook with Formidable Pro. This is Part 2 of the tutorial about building a custom display to show your guestbook entries to your users.

Hundreds of Formidable Pro entries in error log

Checking my system error log this morning, I discovered several thousand entries for Formidable Pro errors created within the last month starting on June 6. The entries are there for all of my blog sites. [06-Jun-2012 13:15:29] WordPress database error Multiple primary key defined for query ALTER TABLE wp_frm_fields ADD PRIMARY KEY  (`id`) made by […]

Update to 1.06.07 upgrade message

Since updating to 1.06.07, the following message will not go away: Your Formidable Pro installation isn’t quite complete yet. Automatically Upgrade to Enable Formidable Pro

Search For and Display Results with Formidable Pro

My latest tutorial: Search For and Display Results with Formidable Pro. I’m proud of this one. It came out great!  

Formidable-Genesis Pagination

If you use Formidable Pro with the Genesis Framework, then you know the delivered custom view pagination is very different from the Genesis pagination. I’ve created a custom version of the Formidable Pro pagination.php to use the Genesis styles. It may still need a few minor spacing tweaks, but it works fine for the display. […]

How To Show Tooltips on Individual Checkbox Items

I was searching for a way to do this this morning and found several documented ways to display tooltips for a Checkbox container, but not for each individual item in a checkbox container. So I came up with my own method, which turned out to be amazingly simple, using the jQuery built-in Tooltip Widget. Here’s […]