Formidable Pro Tooltips Revisited

There are a number of internal changes that come along with the release of Formidable Pro 2.0 and higher. The Formidable Pro development team has done a superb job of bringing consistency across the entire platform. One of these changes will impact the way some of your older custom jQuery scripts will function. Specifically, the […]

Shortcodes not executing in Custom HTML

Hi Stephanie, The University of Washington (Seattle) is a huge customer of mine. I built an extensive Formidable Pro front end for one of their data warehouses. All of the forms on the front end use a tabbed interface is Squelch Tabs And Accordions Shortcodes. In Formidable Pro 1.x, I was able to insert shortcodes […]

Date Math

Date math can be difficult to implement in some circumstances. One of my clients recently asked me to create a Probate Timeline calculator for the Estate Administration area of their website. I created a custom Formidable Pro form that allows a user to input 3 dates relative to the process and the form calculates the […]

New Tutorial: Populate DropDown from Any Table

Take advantage of Formidable Pro's excellent API to populate a dynamic dropdown from any table using the $wpdb object.

Easiest Way to Change Width of jQuery.chosen() dropdown

The chosen() plugin determines the size of the searchable dropdowns by reading the select's outerWidth property. Unfortunately, the calculated width is just a little to narrow for a proper display. The easiest way to adjust the width is to change the size of the select field's outerWidth property. The following code will do this for […]

How to Use Scale Styling on Standard Radio Buttons


I really like the appearance of scale buttons on forms asking survey type questions. When Formidable Pr creates a scale, it inserts the frm_scale class into the individual options' wrapping div tags. Unfortunately, scale field option labels are all numeric. You can't have an option with the label N/A for example, which means you have […]

How to Enable Separate Values for Scales Using jQuery

If you want to use separate values for scale fields, you can do so with a little jQuery added to the After Fields box in Customize HTML. The following script adds separate values AND tooltips to each radio button. This code will not work for scale fields that you have configured to display as stars. […]

Found a Great Solution for Nested Tab Forms

I found a great solution for creating nested tab forms in Formidable Pro. Please take a look at this demo page: The tabs are created with the Squelch Tabs and Accordions Shortcodes plugin. I tried several tabs plugins and this worked the best. There are a couple of little tricks that you need to […]

How To Show Tooltips on Individual Checkbox Items

I was searching for a way to do this this morning and found several documented ways to display tooltips for a Checkbox container, but not for each individual item in a checkbox container. So I came up with my own method, which turned out to be amazingly simple, using the jQuery built-in Tooltip Widget. Here's […]

Formidable-Genesis Pagination

If you use Formidable Pro with the Genesis Framework, then you know the delivered custom view pagination is very different from the Genesis pagination. I've created a custom version of the Formidable Pro pagination.php to use the Genesis styles. It may still need a few minor spacing tweaks, but it works fine for the display. […]