How to build a Business Directory in WordPress

Business directory

Creating a business directory or any other type of listing in WordPress can be tricky. Collecting information with your form builder plugin is one thing, but displaying that data in a useful and unique way is where a lot of plugins fall short. Fortunately, the Pro version of Formidable Forms was built with displaying data […]

New in Formidable Forms 2.0

Formidable Forms 2.0

Version 2.0 of Formidable Forms is amazing in every way. We have so many new features in this release, there is no way to list them all. Since there are so many changes in this version, Jamie wrote a post on things to know before updating. We recommend taking a quick look before updating to […]

3 ways to stop worrying about managing your website

As Steph mentioned in last week's post, we are turning over a new leaf and writing more blog posts. We have been attending some WordPress conferences lately and have really enjoyed hearing others' stories of how they got involved in developing for WordPress. We want to put ourselves 'out there' a bit more rather than […]

Adding progress bar to multi-paged forms

Progress Bar 5

This blog post demonstrates a simple method for adding a progress bar to your multi-paged forms using a third-party plugin found on the WordPress repository. The plugin is called "Progress Bar" and it can be found here: . With this plugin installed and activated, you can add nice looking CSS3 progress bars to your […]

Formidable v1.6


Formidable 1.6 has been released. The newest version of this powerful plugin contains tons of new features and enhancements. Update today and experience the new UI, increased security, and full WordPress 3.3 compatibility. Here are a few of the new features packed into Formidable 1.6 User interface improvements. We have overhauled the UI making 1.6 […]

Add a Color Picker Form Field

Screen Shot 2011-11-04 at 10.32.43 PM

Several Formidable Pro users have requested the ability to add a color picker field into a form. This post explains exactly how to do that. This tutorial and the screenshots displayed are taken from the default 2011 theme. Step 1: Get the files The color picker javascript (jscolor) used in this tutorial can be downloaded […]

MailChimp Add-on Released


We have had a lot of requests for formidable integration with the popular email marketing service, MailChimp. We are happy to announce the release of the MailChimp Add-on Beta for formidable. To learn more about setting up and using this new add-on, click here. This add-on allows users to subscribe to your MailChimp mailing lists […]