Hi Steph,I came across a plugin (WP Family Tree) to create genealogy and I am just wondering if there is a way to use FPro to input data that will be compatible with this plugin for use on the front end of my site.Kindly get back to me as soon as you can with any […]

Knowledge Base vs Help Desk

Hi Stephanie, can you distinguish for me, two major instances you will use knowledge base as opposed to help desk and vice versa?

Cart66 Integration

Hi Stephanie, I see that Cart66 is integrated with Gravity Form. Can you find out how this integration may be possible with FormidablePro?Thanks.

FPro As Forum

How may I use FPro to add forum to my site?Thanks.

Refer A Friend

Can you tell me how to use Formidable to achieve the following: Allow site visitors to send a particular page, designed as an invitation card (not all pages) to their friends via email and provide the friend the opportunity to accept or decline the invitation (using radio button). I also would like to access all […]

Google Map Capability

Can you add a feature that will enable google map of desired address entered by the form user?