Passing dynamic values to a new form

I want to have a single form page that accepts meta data from another form.  So I  have many tours, each with an ID and Name, I have a form that appears on all tours, which grabs the ID and Name from the post: [post_meta key=tour_id], and [post_meta key=tour_name] This works.  But now I want […]

Create a confirmation page

I need to create a confirmation page where users can see their entries, then back up and change them before submitting. I read this I understand how to make a second page to a form, and have it populate from the first page, but I don't understand how to link back in a way […]

Registering Users with Formidable Form: Validation and Sanitizing

Hello Stephanie, We would like to use the option that Formidable Pro has to register users on the site through a form. Before we go ahead, we would like to make sure that the plugin is sanitizing and validating the user data before it is inserted into the database. This means basic validation against cross-site […]

pass data to form on a new page

I am trying to have a form submit it's data to another form, and have followed the instructions given here: My redirect code is: [siteurl]/name-of-my-page/?name=[93]&phone=[91]&email=[85] which does generate a URL with the data from the first form, but the URL is not recognized by WordPress, so it does not make it to the second […]

customize email font size

I want to use the default message for the email sent by a form - however I would like to customize the font-size used in that email. I don't see a way to customize this without building my own html email and inserting the many fields of my form into it.  Is there a way […]

Best way to integrate with Google Goals

I want to set up a multi-page form and have it integrated with Google goals.  Google goals can use URLs to keep track of how far someone has made it through a multi-part form.  You track each URL of the form and can figure out how many users made it to the end, and how […]

multiple mailchimp lists not getting updated

I had a form which allowed you to choose 3 or more mailing lists to subscribe to.  The conditional logic in the Mailchimp section was set up so that if you choose list 1, you would subscribe to list one, but you could also subscribe to all lists by checking all buttons. This all seemed […]

Mailchimp double opt-in

I figured out how to set up formidable with conditional statements so that checkboxes from a single form determine which mailchimp list to subscribe the user to.  This works - but it automatically subscribes the email without an opt-in email to confirm who they are.  So I checked the "double opt-in" button in the Formidable […]

mailto not updated in database

I created a form, and the "from/reply to" field was defaulted to my general email setting. Then I changed my general email setting, so I went back into that form, and saw that the email also changed there.  I hit update to ensure that this change would update in the database.  However emails that I […]

Is css put in wp uploads folder to keep it safe from updates?

I noticed that Formidible Pro puts a CSS file in the WordPress "uploads" folder. Should I assume that if I edit this file it will not get overwritten when I update Formidible in the future? I can't find any information on this, so I thought I would ask before I go ahead and confidently edit […]