Generate link to set post status draft/published

HI there, been a while since I posted on here, still your biggest fan but took a break from the sites, back on with them. On our site we allow users to front end post, we then have a custom display to show their posts title and basic details to edit. On the initial posting […]

how to get select name not value

hi Stephanie have you missed my continual questions 😉 my laptop decided to catch on fire... not sure if this is the right place to post this question as not sure if its FPro related or just php really. in my form i have a select list drop down that is populated from the category, […]

restrict file upload size

hi again sorry, me i am trying to restrict file upload size (ideally also type of file). I have this code in my functions: add_filter('frm_validate_field_entry', 'validate_custom_file_size', 10, 3); function validate_custom_file_size($errors, $field, $value){ if ($field->type == 'file' and (isset($_FILES['file'.$field->id])) and !empty($_FILES['file'.$field->id]['name'])){ //check if the file is too big if ((int)$_FILES['file'.$field->id]['size'] > 5000000){ //change this number to […]

update confirmation message never shows

hi Stephanie, i think this is a little bug, not urgent but thought I would report it, or get a slap if I am doing something wrong. I have a lot of forms on my site, with them all I redirect the user on submission, with a message. What is happening is the confirmation message […]

retrieve form data without custom display

hi Stephanie,   is it possible to get the data from a front end form without the use of a custom display?  Why? I have a form that allows users to put in 'extra contact details' (I dont want them on the user registration form as it would make it too long and also i […]

image deletion on form

hi again i allow users to upload photos to their post via the front end form.  When they edit the post they see the photos under the upload box, is there anyway to get a 'delete this image' link/icon on the image/next to the image for them to remove the uploaded image?  I know they […]

delete images on post deletion

hi team, i use form pro to create front end posts, i allow users to attach images to the post. through the custom display we let people delete their posts. i just noticed that when a user deletes their post it is not deleting the images, is there some way to achieve this? we could […]

emails not in html

hi i am busy trying to push the site live, on my localhost copy the emails i receive from form submissions are in html, and great, but, on the live site, which is an exact copy of my site as i just ftp'ed the lot up the emails i receive are html but dont render […]

ad status editable once published

hi there i am almost there with my site, and i would like to thank you for your superb support along the way, the site is semi live, - i use your great form plugin for testimonials, contact us, blog posting, creating a property ad, editing the entries, simply superb, and if you ever […]

frm_display_form_action - how to handle form edits?

hi there,  been a while since I was last here giving you all hassle so thought it was about time 😉 ok, here is my dilema.  On my site i restrict how many posts can be made by membership level, i have this working, i use this; and my code:   add_action('frm_display_form_action', 'check_entry_count', 8, […]