concatenate and conditionals

I have 2 questions 1). I have a dropdown for data from entries which shows "last name", but there are several names that are the same so I need to concatenate the lastname shown in the dropdown with firstname or an id 2). is there a way to use conditionals in frm statistics, such as […]

pulling data from other forms

I have 2 forms, one for furniture items (items-form-db)and the second for persons (persons-form-db) The furniture items are assigned to persons by using a dynamic field-from-entries, so when I view a custom display of items I can see the name of the person who was assigned that item.  each item can only be assigned to […]

displaying multiple entries with a common date in one display row

I am creating a sign-up list form from people to volunteer for particular jobs on a particular date.  the form accepts three inputs 1). date - a dropdown list of dates preloaded with dates I care about 2). name-a single line text field 3). job-a drop down selector that allows the person to select one […]

Formidable Support is Fantastic!

I have been working with Formidable for only a week and I am very impressed with the software and fantastically impressed with the support.  You guys are great!

Using data from entries on multi choice checkbox field

I have a form (#1) that includes a multi-select set of checkboxes where a user can chose 0-3 options of the role they are willing to fill on a team.  On a second form (#2) I am trying to use the data-from-entries to display that multi-select field to create a db of their assigned role, […]

external functions

I want to create a couple of external functions for data entries associated with a form.  what is the easiest way to access the meta components of an entry id and update them.

relating two forms & external functions

I would like to create a form and an entry database where fields in form-2 are derived from entries from form-1.  I imagine this as a drop down box on form-2 where the values are pulled from the entries db of form-1 using a definable relationship.  How would I accomplish this?   Also, once entries […]

format column headings when displaying entries

I am using the formresult id=x...] styled short code and need to control the text that is displayed as the column heading.  Is there a mechanism for this?