Formidable Add-ons


Use a Formidable form to efficiently register users for your site and edit profiles. This add-on allows you to easily reference user meta and auto-populate forms with their information.

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Use Formidable Pro to collect PayPal payments from your users. You can send users and a payment amount directly to PayPal after submitting a formidable form.

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Math Captcha

Require users to perform a simple calculation before submitting a form in order to prevent spam. This add-on extends the Captcha plugin by BestWebSoft to work with Formidable.

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Subscribe your users to a MailChimp mailing list when they submit your forms and automatically update their information when the Formidable entries are updated.

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Subscribe your users to an AWeber mailing list when they submit your forms. AWeber is a powerful email marketing service that allows you to manage your email lists and campaigns.

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Add your users to your Highrise CRM account when they submit a form. This customer relationship management tool helps you create a page for every user to track their form submissions and entries.

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User Tracking

Track which pages a user visits prior to submitting a form.

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Formidable API

Send your entry results to any other site that has a Rest API. This includes the option of sending entries from one Formidable site to another.

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Add signature fields to your form. The user may write their signature with a trackpad/mouse or just type it.

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Allow your users to text their votes for your polls created by Formidable Pro, or send SMS notifications when entries are submitted or updated.

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Populate fields with Countries, States/Provinces, U.S. Counties, and U.S. Cities. This data can then be used in dependent Data from Entries fields.

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WordPress Multilingual

Translate your forms into multiple languages using the Formidable-integrated WPML plugin.

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Upload Importer

Simultaneously import files into a Formidable form as well as your site’s media library.

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Instantly add Bootstrap styling to all your Formidable forms.
Requires Formidable v1.07.02+



Connect with hundreds of different applications through Zapier. You can do anything from inserting a new row in a Google docs spreadsheet, posting on Twitter, or adding a new Dropbox file – all through a Formidable form.



Third-Party Add-ons and Integrations

Formidable + Stripe

Collect payments through Stripe without sending users away from your site.

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Affiliate WP

A complete affiliate management system that integrates directly with your Formidable forms

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Formidable Pro PDF Extended

Easily generate PDFs with data captured in a Formidable form.

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Formidable Tooltips

Instantly add tooltips to your form fields.

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Formidable Mailpoet

Subscribe your users to a MailPoet mailing list when they subscribe to your forms.

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Formidable MyCred

Add and deduct from MyCRED currency types.

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Formidable Plus

This add-on provides a new field type which allows you to present fields in a table. This is very useful if you need to capture data in a tabular form.

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Formidable Autoresponder

Turn Formidable's notifications into powerful autoresponders. Schedule when you want to send out the email notification, based on time passed since the entry was created or updated. Or use one of the entry's fields to schedule the email.

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Sprout Apps

Create dynamic invoices from form submissions.

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Set a location for entries in a specific form, find entries with a nearby location, get directions, place the entry's location on a map, and even get the distance to it. You can also show all entries on one map and define the pin content for each entry.

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Formidable Customizations

Easily add a compendium of useful customizations to Formidable Pro which includes password confirmation, limiting field characters, and field input masks.

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WordPress Newsletter

Gather unlimited email subscribers organized into multiple mailing lists with this plugin. This add-on integrates WordPress Newsletter with Formidable Pro.

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Formidable Kinetic

Dynamically display any Formidable Form and form fields. One page. One shortcode. Infinite possibilities.

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Easy, non-instrusive SPAM protection that tricks robots into filling out an invisible form field.

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Email Shortcodes

Create email shortcodes for any number of email addresses which you can use in your Formidable Email Notification Settings or anywhere else on your site. Change them globally from one location.

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Formidable Pro 2 PDF

Map Formidable form fields to PDF form fields. Then - with one simple shortcode - display a download link or button on any post, page, form, or view to the filled-in PDF on your web user’s PC or mobile device.

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A/B Tests

Randomly dislpay one of the specified forms each time the page is shown and view results to determine which version is "winning" the A/B test.

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Stop spam bots in your forms with this invisible spam protection created by Cleantalk.

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Formidable Geocoder integrates Google maps with Formidable Pro. Add an interactive map to your form which allows geocoding on the fly.

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