Add-on Updates

Several add-ons have been updated: PayPal, AWeber, and Registration.

PayPal out of Beta

The PayPal add-on is now official. It's been updated to work well with Formidable changes including separate values and redirecting. Fields using separate values can now be used in the conditional logic, and IPN notifications will work correctly with the latest version of Formidable.

AWeber Fixes

The AWeber add-on has had a few fixes as well including a W3 Total Cache conflict resolved, and updating the authentication code on the settings page is supported. All the AWeber class names have been updated to avoid potential conflicts with other plugins.

Registration Updates

  • Added the frmreg_new_role filter on the user role new users will be created with.
  • Only show user meta one time on the profile page if multiple forms are being used for the same user meta.
  • Fixed bug with first and last name display names that was piecing the display name together incorrectly.
About Steph Wells

Steph Wells is the lead developer of the Strategy11 WordPress plugins including Formidable and Display Widgets. She started as a Registered Nurse, and later self-trained on Ruby on Rails and PHP after the first little bundle-of-joy came along in 2007.