3rd Party Integration Poll

We are working on prioritizing and filling user requests. We would love to get a better feel for which services have the highest demand for easy integration with Formidable. We have added Zapier integration, and removed all requests that can now be done through them.

Update Stripe integration is now available through a very reliable third-party.

About Steph Wells

Steph Wells is the lead developer of the Strategy11 WordPress plugins including Formidable and Display Widgets. She started as a Registered Nurse, and later self-trained on Ruby on Rails and PHP after the first little bundle-of-joy came along in 2007.


  1. david_formidablepro says:

    My vote would be for a generic easy to use webhook that allows us to connect to *any* external api without a lot of fiddling with code (as is currently required).

  2. I voted for 3rd party integration with Woocommerce,

  3. I have already voted but I'd like to add Marketpress to the list. Powerful, reliable and fully supported.

  4. Just added my vote for WooCommerce. :)

  5. I voted for WooCommerce. :)

  6. Aweber integration is the only thing holding me and several others I know from purchasing. I like your features way more than Gravity, but many of us require Aweber integration. I'm actually surprised it's not built in...

  7. I just voted for Woocommerce but second on my list is Aweber. These two plugins is the highest priority for me,

    Keep up the good work.

  8. If you are going to put gravity forms to rest you have to intergate with email software but also accounting like frshbooks and quickbooks. Be nice to integrate woo commercde as well since they have quickbook intergation but the less funnels the better as far as i'm concerned! Please!!!!! FRESHBOOKS!!!!!

  9. that nifty little graph above is the reason I love formidable pro !!!! AWESOME WORK! i cut the lights on in my office - I hope you can read my above post with all the typos- : )

    Keep up the great work!

  10. Just voted for the WooCommerce integration, any ideas on when these will begin? time frame? road map?


  11. Xero integration would be incredible!

  12. @Gene,
    As far as time frame goes, we don't really have an ETA. We are currently working on version 1.7 of the plugin which is going to have some big enhancements and new features. This will be a pretty big release so it is taking up most of our "development" time. Once we get 1.7 released, there will probably be a bit more time for integrations to be worked on. I know this doesn't really answer your question about timing, but that's about all I can offer at this point in time.

  13. Woocommerce needs the flexibility that Formidable Pro can provide.
    After 1.7 upgrade, please consider it a priority.
    Thanks in advance

  14. Campaign monitor, the second most used Mail/Newsletter software. Often used by businesses and agencies. Big market.

  15. Leads360 integration

  16. Alas Salesforce

  17. antteam says:

    Campaign Monitor please

  18. waynesutton says:

    +10000 for stripe

  19. now that Salesforce owns ExactTarget, it would be great to hook into both, at least from a newsletter signup prospective.

  20. i cant vote again but integration with zapier.com will be great.

  21. I vote for Woocommerce,

  22. Authorize.net please! It has been very difficult to find payment gateways that support Indian Rupee payments and authorize.net will accept payments from India into a U.S account.

  23. Voted for 2checkout.

  24. 1stphotographer says:

    The option is not here but I would definitely hope there is a popup version of the form for capturing leads (like Pippty or OptinMonster)
    Formidable Pro is great, but we need this for it be greatest.

  25. MartinBailey says:

    I vote for Campaign Monitor integration too. If I could add a "Subscribe to our Mailing List?" checkbox on my contact form, I'd build my mailing list three or four times faster than now.

    • Campaign Monitor has been removed from the voting since it can now be done through Zapier.

      • MartinBailey says:

        Thanks for the update Steph. I couldn't get Zapier working when you first announced the integration. I guess I'll have to revisit that.

      • MartinBailey says:

        I just set up Zapier to add subscriber details to Campaign Monitor. Works like a charm now. Thanks!

  26. Integrating with more autoresponders like SendReach and arpReach would be beneficial.

  27. teamspring says:

    It looks like the top 3 desired are: Woo Commerce (by a LOT!), Stripe, and Authorize.net integration. If an integration to Woo is done, the payment gateway integrations would come along with Woo. So please get us Woo.We have a convaluted integration that we use, but an offical one would help SIGNIFICANTLY.

  28. Added our votes for a WooCommerce integration :)

  29. +1 for Freshbooks

  30. I would like to see integration with the MailPoet plugin. Most of the other form plugins have integration with this popular mailinglist plugin.

  31. +1 for WooCommerce
    or Stripe...

  32. ozbassplayer says:

    This thread started in 2012 and now it's 2015. Still no action....
    +1 for WooCommerce

    • Steph Wells says:

      There has been a lot of action on this. A bunch of integrations have been removed from the list of options above after we created add-ons specifically for them or through our Zapier add-on.

  33. everlearn says:

    Woocmmerce integration would make implementation a lot easier!

  34. +1 For woocommerce, would be the best integration. I use woo for everything this would be a bonus.

  35. +1 for Woo commerce. Woo Commerce is very popular, FP should be integrated with it. Thanks

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